MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A Minneapolis girl, who has inspired many since WCCO told her story earlier this month, has some good news.

Eight-year-old Gracie Joles was diagnosed with a rare, inoperable brain tumor in her brain stem. Her parents, Liz Flores and David Joles, are both photographers at the Star Tribune and are taking pictures to document their daughter’s brave fight.

Gracie went through intense radiation after doctors determined her tumor was growing rapidly. But her latest MRI last week showed the radiation is working.

gracie1 Good News For Gracie Joles, The Young Girl With Brain Cancer

(credit: Liz Flores)

Her doctor says her tumor has stopped growing. These photos show the moments Gracie learned the good news.

First by hugging her doctor …

gracie 6 Good News For Gracie Joles, The Young Girl With Brain Cancer

(credit: Liz Flores)

… and then her dad.

gracie 4 Good News For Gracie Joles, The Young Girl With Brain Cancer

(credit: Liz Flores)

Doctors need more time to tell if radiation cured the tumor, but as you can see Gracie and her family are celebrating the wonderful news.

gracie 3 Good News For Gracie Joles, The Young Girl With Brain Cancer

(credit: Liz Flores)

She also found out the Make-A-Wish Foundation will grant her wish this summer.

Gracie will get to meet her idol, pop star Katy Perry.

Comments (16)
  1. Sue P. says:

    We can use more good news like this
    Now, about the gross “Related Stories” list above (?)
    Does that really need to be posted here?
    Prayers for Gracie & family

    1. St Paul says:

      Agree Sue!!! The story is so wonderful and then you see the related stories bit. Please take it off ASAP. Thanks for listening to us viewers!! Way to go Gracie!!! Have fun meeting Katy!!!

  2. Laura says:

    Go Gracie! Congratulations and I pray the next news you hear is you are cancer free, for you and your parents. Thanks so much for sharing your story. My Dad is going through chemo right now for stage 3 colon cancer, and he has 2 more treatments and hopefully, he will be finished with this.

    1. cat_h1_m23 says:

      Laura I just wanted to share with you that my husband of almost exactly 1 year is a stage 3 colon cancer survivor…3 precious years now! I, too, am fighting the battle of cancer, breast cancer, which we discovered only 4 months after we were married. We cherish every moment of every person we are blessed to have in our lives. Just as I’m sure your father does with you! Have faith, stay positive…our best wishes and prayers to all who have to deal with these life challenges.

  3. Forgiven says:

    Great to hear Gracie is doing well.

    I am praying for Gracie, try listeing to KTIS 98.5 and hear the real news.

    Sorry, but seeing an 8 year old who’s “idol” is Katy Perry makes me a little sad.

    Laura, keep up the good fight, I have a good feeling about your dad.

  4. NeverTakeThingsForGranted says:

    Thank you for your Prayers and concern but I must say, Gracie listened to Katy Perry’s song Firework everyday during radiation treatment. It helped her get thru something any 8 year old shouldn’t have to go thru. Don’t judge who her “idol” may be when in her world, her heart, its what She needed to get thru it, not “you”.
    As our world struggles endlessly it seems, here is ones Family who’s struggle just got a lot lighter. I don’t know about you, but that sounds like real news to me.
    God Bless you Gracie we Love You!!

    1. Stacie says:

      @NeverTakeThingsForGranted: Completely agree with you! Way to go Gracie, keep fighting the good fight. Prayers and good wishes to you and your family.

  5. Dave Seavy says:

    Gracie – you are a true inspiration for your bravery, your positive attitude, and including your doctor in your hugs. You and your doctors deserve so much credit. Best of luck to you and God be with you always.

  6. Nancy Aleshire says:

    At least her idol is not Charlie Sheen. Gracie, I am praying for you babe. You are a beautiful, loving little girl.

  7. Joyce says:

    An idol was just a simple word an 8 yr old child used. My granddaughters go from Annie to Bieber–they hear adults ask what their IDOL is and they just go with ‘at the moment’ what it is. The problem is when ADULTS have idols, which are truely not realistic. And they know better.

    Gracie, the blessing be be with, you are in our prayers.

  8. kerry berg griess says:


    your grandma carol told me about your tumor and i have been thinking of you so much. this is WONDERFUL news! you and all of your family are in my prayers. years ago when my mother was sick, your grandma and dad were the first people to arrive at the hospital to stand by me. i know that you are surrounded by love and there is never too much of it.

    you are a hero to many with your sparkling eyes. you picked a perfect song of “firework” and i hope that you do get to meet katy perry.

    live well and love lots.
    kerry berg griess

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