Police: Man Left Baby Home Alone To Go Drinking

VADNAIS HEIGHTS, Minn. (WCCO) — A 24-year-old Vadnais Heights father faces several charges after police say he left his 10-month-old son home alone to go out drinking.

John Clifton Vail has been charged with neglect of a child, fleeing a police officer and driving while impaired for an incident that occurred on Monday morning.

Authorities say around 1:45 a.m., a Stillwater Police officer tried to pull over a vehicle on Water Street after noticing the driver had a brake light that was out. Police say the driver pulled over but when the officer approached his vehicle, he sped off, running a red light before driving into a snow bank.

The driver then left his vehicle and ran toward an alley on the north side of the Brick Alley building near Main and Nelson streets. Police say the driver, identified as Vail, was drunk, emotional and belligerent when officers caught up to him.

Vail told police he was a “bad father” and that he left his child at home alone, according to the charges. He gave an officer the keys to his home, where police found a 10-month-old baby boy asleep in a crib. No one else was present at the residence.

Vail was also arrested on Feb. 16, 2006 for driving under the influence.

  • Andrew

    Hire a photographer! What is with these random stock photos?!!

    What does the dead-beat look like?

    • BKinMN

      No need to hire a photographer. The county jail will take care of the picture, when they book him.

      • jimmy

        Another famiy value conservative.

    • The Soothsayer

      Why didn’t he just leave his GIANT CHIN home to care for the li’l rascal?

    • Link

      Are you getting the story, it is not about the Photo it is about keeping a child safe, free from harm.

  • Scott

    I am sure they are going to hire photographers to tail all the police in the area to take photos of every traffic stop hoping the driver is intoxicated.

    • Andrew

      I don’t really even mean for this particular story. The perfect example is when they used a stock photo of a bunch of baseball bats for the story about the woman getting beaten to death with a bat a few weeks ago. Just dumb.

      • Scott

        Yeah, I agree with that, they probably use the same photo for a Twins story

  • Babbie

    At least he knows he’s a bad father. Now lets remove him from being a parent and away from the streets. I wouldn’t want a car showing up through my house.

  • Bryson Powers

    Nobody would babysit? Why do nitwits like this have kids anyway?

  • Sarah in Outstate MN

    Many people work very hard at being good parents. We know we still aren’t perfect and could have more patience, etc…, but very few of us leave a 10 month old child alone to go and get drunk. It is very discouraging to learn of these stories. Where was the mom? Probably working two jobs to support this bums drinking habit.

    • Link

      Loving every minute of this comment, Where is the mom, was there any other family member available to take care of this child. I am a very good parent, I know where they are at all times and if they are from my sight I know who is taking care of them !!!!!

    • Kim

      Actually the mom was at Regions undergoing chemotherapy…I’m their neighbor….it’s really sad….he could have called us and we could have watched him.

  • justchecking

    this is pure stupidty. he failed to learn much from his parents and failed to teach himself anything so he just drinks. good god. now please social services, this is your time to really get involved and take the baby into custody and place hopefully into a better home.

  • Family Friend

    I know this family, the baby is very responsible for his age.

    • trisha

      How “responsible” can a 10-month old BABY be??!

  • WHAT?????

    Well he already has a part time job to support his fathers drinking habit.

  • Doug

    One way to save the 3.00/Hr for a babysitter……now he will have a chips petition to deal with…..and hopefully it is a serious wake up call…..24??…he has his whole life ahead of him……..man up dude

  • justchecking

    He will have a child indangerment charge, dwi charge, CHIPS is where the baby will end up in which is a legal process through court to decide the childs fate. It is also the ‘fostercare’ system. once in most never get out until 18. he lost his son and the mother probably will not secure the baby either. Go Foster Care!! Your tax dollars @ work. this time for a good reason. (baby sitting where I am is more like 5 to 8hr)

    • great way to not fret - stay in

      Babysitting here is also spendy – $8 and up. Neighbor wantes $15 as that’s going rate for her.
      We stay in now. To much $$$ to go out

  • Mel

    This is how those babies died in Texas or Florida, can’t remember. The daycare provider went to the store, meanwhile the house caught fire and I think 4 children died.

  • Carmen Quarford

    He needs help. Who on earth would do that.

  • David G

    “Vail was also arrested on Feb. 16, 2006 for driving under the influence” five years ago the boy was 19 he couldn’t drink legal so why is he driving now he should have been in jail already and he should NEVER have been given a drivers licence. AND What girl dropped her pants to let a drunk’n convicted dude poke her…dopes all around I feel sorry for the baby.

  • they trying to make silly bacon and instead

    A drunk girl – and maybe not a bright girl. lol
    Only one to feel for is the baby. He’ll feel after some time locked up and bubba boy showing him all the love and such.
    But the “mom” – that’s a deal in itself

  • Lellwood

    Before you automatically judge get the facts straight. His WIFE is in the hospital with Kidney failure. Its in the pioneer press its actually in a lot of articles. SO stop judging her. Alcohol changes people for the worst. Yes what he did was VERY wrong and deserves whats coming but you guys need to get a life and stop bashing the family because right now they are the ones that are suffering

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