ST. CLOUD, Minn. (AP) — A St. Cloud family will have to give up their potbellied pig Looie, as the City Council has decided to uphold the ban on the animals.

KNSI-AM Radio in St. Cloud reports that Cindy Boettcher and her family asked the council to reverse an ordinance that doesn’t allow potbellied pigs in residential areas. The family has 30 days to find a new home for Looie, who twice escaped from his cage and was found wandering the neighborhood.

The Boettchers say they didn’t know pigs weren’t allowed when they purchased Looie two years ago. They are only allowed in areas of the city designated as rural and agricultural.

The council’s decision was informed by the city’s health director, who recommended against changing the ordinance.

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Comments (5)
  1. SIlly says:

    How do you think that a your area would approve pigs as pets in your residential home!?!??!

    Probably would’ve been fine if the pig never escaped. But someone probably reported it for nuisance.

  2. Animal Lover says:

    It’s a small to medium sized pet, just because the breed is a pot belly pig St. Cloud is saying it’s a farm animal? I don’t think the family is going to be eating it any time soon!!! I think St. Cloud needs to re-look at this and maybe the family can build a better enclosure for the pet. If the family has to part with it, I hope they find someone close by so they can visit it on a regular basis. Good luck Boettchers .

  3. Nancy Aleshire says:

    Saint Cloud has much greater problems with racism than having pot bellied pigs living there. We used to live there (actually Waite Park) back in the mid nineties. It reminded me of Kansas, but the people in Kansas are a lot more decent. Let the pig live there in peace.

  4. Potbellied supporter. says:

    Potbellied pigs are not farm animals, but domestic pets. The Citys Health Director is clearly uneducated on miniture potbellied pigs. They are quiet, clean and loving. They do not have odor issues and are easily potty trained. It is sad that the City Council would take such uninformed advice. I bet my potbellied pig is cleaner, more educated and smells better than the health inspector of St Cloud.

  5. lynn says:

    How ignorant of the City of St Cloud to pass such an ordinance! The Health Director needs to research pigs- pigs as pets too! Pigs in general are super intelligent, very clean and become emotionally attached to us- they are stressed
    if they have to live in an uncleaned environment, and that usually depends on the people who control their surroundings. Our pet pigs become so emotionally attached, if separated can get depressed and die of a broken heart. Do you, Health Director, want to be responsible for that? Looie has a family- and the city of St Cloud is taking him away from them…why? Plain Ignorance. You need to reverse the ordinance, this is 2011, do the research. There are many beautiful cities who welcome potbellys…Red Wing MN has a few and they bring smiles to many faces!!

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