MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Police say glare ice is to blame after two deputy squad cars were hit at the scene of another crash in Rice County.

The Rice County Sheriff’s Office said a deputy went into the median and rolled her squad, after hitting the ice on Interstate 35, while responding to a crash. A second deputy arrived on scene to help and was hit by another driver who lost control.

The second deputy was not inside his squad when it was rear-ended.

The squad that rolled is likely totaled, according to authorities. The deputy inside the rolled squad was transported to the hospital but is expected to be OK.

At this time, police say it isn’t clear if the driver who hit the squad will be ticketed.

Comments (19)
  1. ThomasD says:

    Hard to see how they could tag the driver that hit the squad since they were out of control due to ive – just like the deputy when she took the spill.
    Move on ………..

  2. FredW says:

    Will the deputy, who was driving too fast under the icy conditions, be ticketed?????

  3. jdm says:

    The state & many local units of govt.are using much less sand. In the Metro area it is using about a third of the sand it used 3 years ago. Saving money and don’t want to clean it out of storm pipes in the spring for recycling. I’ve seen people slide through intersections and a car did a 270 degree spin on 94 on what looked safe.

    How about public safety first guys??!!??

    1. insignificant says:

      yeah,and the last few winters before this one have been so mild the shoula had quite a stock pile,eh?

  4. donjuan says:

    Who cares about a ticket 2 less squad cars off the street

  5. LillyD says:

    The driver who hit the squad was in voilation of Tedd Foss law requiring you to move over and slow down for an emergency vehicle. The first deputy was responding to a critical incident, I am sure you would want her to get there as fast as she could if you had been ejected from your vehicle rather than taking her time.

    Be considerate they put their lives on the line every day.

    1. nick says:

      Wow, i just cant find anything that says that the other driver didn’t move over for the squad? And i don’t see anything saying that the crash had a victim ejected from the vehicle? Please respond to help with my confusion!! Thanks!

      1. Wallys sipping a java says:

        Me neither – but I did see the words slippery and icey 😉

  6. northern minnesota says:

    Sounds like the lady deputy needs to learn how to drive.

  7. Jeanie says:

    This is to Donjuan: When you are in need of a deputy, whether it be an accident, domestic, robbery or whatever, remember —— squads may not respond as you wanted 2 less squads & now there aren’t enough to answer your call!!!!!!
    I say “Bless all officers & keep them safe!!!” They put their lives on the line every day for all of us, including donjuan!!!

  8. Darren says:

    Better to get there slowly and safely then not to get there at all. SOunds like the deputy was going too fast for the conditions. As was the car that hit the second deputies car.

    1. Waldo oh Waldo says:

      sounds to me like she just hit a stretch that was icey. Driver #2 the same.
      The roads out state are hit-miss in a heart beat.

      No ticket issued so appears they felt none deserved. That’s what the reporter doesn’t seem to get 😦
      They call these things accidents. Accidents. No harm – no foul

  9. Tom L says:

    You can always tell who the morons are on here that have had bad experiences with the CJ system because they’ve done something stupid and got caught. Yeah, its the cops fault…They make dumb non-sensical comments when a copper makes the news because of something like this.

    Heres a tip…when you non-coppers see the very noticeable pretty and blinking flashing multi-colored lights…good indication for you to slow down or take an alternate route if possible.

  10. Bill says:

    Deputies were responding to a one vehicle roll over with one ejected at the time she rolled her squad. You won’t hear that from the news, that was the radio traffic from dispatch (heard on scanner) The squad that got rear ended had all emergency lights on and was on the side of the road closest to the rolled squad. There was either inattentive driving on the drivers behalf or they lost control and slid into the car. Either way when you see emergency lights on the road just move over, we all make mistakes when driving and NO one is perfect.

    1. Simon says:

      Wonder if deputy will get a ticket for no seatbelt if she got ejected from vehicle. I know I get a ticket for not wearing a seatbelt! Interesting. Needless tax dollars wasted for medical expenses now though for treatment when all you have to do is CLICK IT!

      1. just me says:

        Deputy rolled on her way to the accident of the person who was ejected, full story @ http://www.faribault.com/news.php?viewStory=105881

  11. Really? says:

    And two squad were not hit. One rolled all by itself, and one got hit. Just another sensationalized headline to get you to read an incorrect story that doesn’t give all the facts. I love the comments about the deputy that rolled her car. I guarantee if she was on her way to your accident, you’d be the first and loudest complaining about “what took her so long!” Maybe she’s new and does need more experience in emergency driving. I bet she learned a lesson the hard way and it won’t happen again!

  12. just me says:

    the accident is detailed on the Faribault Daily News web site. Tell the correct story, I pray for everyone involved, My friend was the one who was ejected, She is doing good! http://www.faribault.com/news.php?viewStory=105881 … .click on the link for full story

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