MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO/AP) — Minnesota’s state demographer says new census figures show the state’s Hispanic population jumping 74.5 percent in the past decade, mirroring a national trend.

State Demographer Tom Gillaspy says the 250,258 Hispanics reported in the 2010 Census account for 4.7 percent of state’s current population of 5.3 million. That’s up from about 3 percent in 2000.

Similar increases have been reported around the Midwest. The Hispanic population jumped 74 percent in Wisconsin, 84 percent in Iowa and 59 percent in Kansas.

Despite the increase, Minnesota’s population remains about 83 percent white, down from 88 percent in 2000. Out of the growth in population in Minnesota over the last 10 years, more than 80 percent was minorities.

Demographers say the Hispanic population is growing both because it is younger and has more women of child-bearing age and because Hispanics are immigrating into the state.

WCCO’s Adam Carter Interviews Tom Gillaspy

Continuing a long trend, populations in suburban counties increased over the last year. That will mean changes in Minnesota’s Congressional Districts.

Gillaspy says the 6th and 2nd Districts (Bachman’s and Kline’s respectively) saw big increases in their populations. Conversely, the urban 4th and 5th Districts (McCollum’s and Ellison’s) saw drops in population.

By law, Congressional Districts need to be about equal in population.

“Congressman Bachman’s district is about 96,000 people too large,” said Gillaspy. “So it’s going to have to get a lot smaller.”

Gillaspy says that means when the State Legislature redraws the districts, some will look dramatically different.

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Comments (56)
  1. Yep says:

    NO WAY, how did that happen. I did not think the INS were that quick on the naturalization process. To allow that many legal immigrants to enter the country, dang makes a person proud to know they are doing such a bang up job.

    1. Jose says:

      Where were you during this last 10 years? There are no legal inmigrants, they were Hispanic newborns.

  2. Helper says:

    Hey Genius,

    It’s called making babies. So silly you republicans!

  3. sick of them says:

    They all live in Willmar, MN!

    1. Jose says:

      Now…we are starting to leave in Eden Prairie as well.

    2. Jose says:

      Now..we live in Eden Prairie as well

  4. Jon Wilson says:

    Are YOU kidding me? Grow up! The Hispanic population many new skills to our communities of Minnesota and the country. If it wasn’t for immigrants in our country throughout our history, we wouldn’t have the greatest country in the world!! So get off your nativist view soapbox and your little bubble of racism and actually go out and speak to the many wonderful Latino’s we have in our cities! You will be amazed!

    1. fitswell says:

      you love them, go live with them in there dirt houses.

      1. Senora Gringa says:

        LOL, you’re so funny. My Hispanic husband owns a home in Eden Prairie.

      2. Jose says:

        A white nice woman was cleaning my house and bathrooms. The workd changed!

    2. Cracker says:

      What skills would that be?

      1. How About Them Apples says:

        Slave Labor

  5. Kevin says:

    Yup…and your paying for those babies freakin moron! Enough is enough! NO MORE IMMIGRATION!!!! Seal the border and bus them the hel* out of here!!!

    1. fitswell says:

      right on Kenin

    2. Jose says:

      We are here, I am sorry for you…we are 50 million and growing!

  6. Farm Boy says:

    No $hit can’t tell !!!!!!!

  7. Farm Boy says:

    I am with you Kevin !!!!!!!

  8. Windom B says:

    200,000 babies born every day… 7 billion people in the world to date, the earth can handle 1.7 billion for long term…. we are all in trouble. white black hispanic unless we do something in genral about controling our population. At this rate in 2050 there will be over 11 billion and the earth can NOT hold that many, no one cares nobody talks about ….

    1. Courage says:

      Windom B, calm down. God controls population. So don’t stress yourself about population control. Do you think God made this earth without enough resources for all? The truth is a select few vampire Zionist control the resources and oppress man. This is the day of the anti-christ and we are all victims, except those lost souls that work for him. So trust in God and guard you soul. If you want in then you have to sell it. There are less babies born to European people and nations, is that your true concern?

      1. Look at all the stupidity!!! says:

        Courage, are you starting a cult? Kind of what that sounds like is the ranting of someone who wants everyone to drink the punch and wait for the comet.

  9. merks says:

    If people want to come here legally more power to them! What the census doesn’t show is how many are illegal?

  10. Sick says:

    I think by skills you mean their 7th grade education, living off hard working american tax payers and their ability to reproduce every year from age 14+.

  11. Sarah says:

    Wow, unbelievable ignorance. The latinos I know personally are all college educated and work good full time jobs supporting themselves and their family. The ones that are new to this country work jobs many Americans don’t want such as food service because of the low pay. I for one am glad the U.S. didn’t shut its borders as you suggest many years ago since all my grandparents or great-grandparents were immigrants from different countries and most likely poor to boot. But like immigrants today, they assimilated, got educated and their children and grandchildren are contributing members of society today. So get a clue! Regarding the comment on population, it’s Africa and India where were are seeing exploding population. Not here or Europe. What we do see here is due to immigration mostly.

    1. How About Them Apples says:

      I have no problem with immigration, it’s illegal immigration that’s the problem.
      It’s a slap in the face to anyone who came here legally. Send them back the same way they got here, one at a time.

      1. courage says:

        So what was legal about old Chris, his crew, and those who followed coming here and killing off natives for the land? I understand the process of legal immigration but that option for some mysterious reason??? is not available to all. We need to deal with the root of the problem and not only address the symptoms.

      2. Jose says:

        You don’t have to worry anymore about illegals. This bad economy will stop inmigration in the future if we keep this trend. If you check the Census, the majority of the growth in the Hispanic Community are Hispanic newborn babies.

    2. johnnycmoun says:

      whatever taco

    3. Jose says:

      I am latino, Engineer, MBA, speak five languages, worked in a top 5 Fortune Company, paid a lot of taxes to support education of white, latinos, African American, etc and very proud to live in this country.

  12. married to the truth says:

    74%? Wrong try closer to 80% Forget about all of those that live under trailer houses and on farms? I have no problem what so ever with immigration. I like the different cultures and different people. It is good variety and healthy to have it. What I don’t like are all of the river jumping, leeching, criminals from Mexico. Other places are just as bad but the story is about lations so I will stay on point. The “your an immigrant” line is nonsense! Yes I a technically am but my great grand parents built this county and the tradition has not stopped! They also did it LEGALLY! Bottom line is if you are illegal you have to go. I like different cultures but i do not like liers, fakes, and cheats. All three of those are associated strongly with the illegal latinos.

    1. Jose says:

      Did you receive a speed ticket? If yes, you did something illegal and didn’t follow the rules in this country. You could kill somebody with your behavior. How many people in this country got speed tickets?

  13. Bob says:

    Look at MN most wanted…..coincidence I think not…..

  14. Senora Gringa says:

    All Hispanics are illegal or at the least, immigrants. Guess what? That isn’t even close to the truth. All Hispanics are uneducated. Again, untrue.

    I have one daughter with a Master’s degree, one in college for nursing and another that’s about to enter the Air Force.

    Open your minds, people. Why is Anderson American but Garcia not? Chances are, no one the Garcia lineage had to come over on a boat.

    1. lib says:

      Who paid for their education? I have no problem with imigration, but it must be legal, believe it or not we have rights too, and knowing who is in our country and how they came here is one of them! When a war breaks out ant that 74% heads to the front line for this country, maybe then you can be grandfathered in, otherwise, go back to your great country and fix the problems there, don’t come here and create problems for us. the unemployment rate is 12% in this state, if illegals left, we wouldn’t have that issue.

      1. Courage says:

        SO sad. All of us are in this same stinking ship. How about asking this government to stop sending welfare to those killer Zionists?! Do you know they receive more US aid than ANYONE else!? No, you won’t speak about that because most Americans don’t know about the unwavering support given to the dirty Zionist pseudo Jews. They own the media, they won’t let that be known. I LOVE the fact Mexicans and all other people of color are here! Yippe! People are sick of white men and their destruction that is spread all over the world and you want everyone else to pay for the wars you fight for Zionists. You want to make sure Mexicans are helping you support your wickedness. You can’t tax them like you want and that’s the problem. And the fact is, they pay taxes, even if it is under false names. Too bad, they’re here and have been in this continent before you set foot on this land! If it weren’t for the red, black and brown man white men would have died off long ago.

      2. Senora Gringa says:

        See, now – no where in my post do I say we came here from another country. Given that, why is the bulk of your comments about immigration?

        My family has been here since the 1850s, when they migrated from IRELAND. Yeah, I’m a northern European lady.

        My husband’s family has always been in the U.S. even before mine was even thinking about coming over. Wow, fancy that. An American taking away a job from an American.

        I think the fact you presume we’re immigrants says it all.

    2. Cache says:

      No…they slipped and slid across the Rio Grande in the dark of the night!

    3. Cache says:

      No…they slipped and slid across the Rio Grande in the dark of the night!

    4. courage says:

      Thank you Senora Gringa! So t rue.

    5. jose says:

      Spaniards came to this country 500 years ago, centuries before than any European. Did you guys visit San Antonio and the Spanish churches? Hispanics like Garcia feel very proud of being American and that last name came on a boat 500 years ago, a couple of centuries before the Mayflower.

  15. proudSomalian says:

    Legaly or Illegaly, We are here to stay. GET USED TO IT!

    1. paap says:

      You aren’t one of the somolians who stabbed a man at an apartment complex in Hopkins the other night are you?

    2. johnnycmoun says:

      you kicked my dog you pakistani! or smelly somolli

  16. Courage says:

    Yeah! Happy to hear it. Keep having those beautiful babies. VIVA LA RAZA. Ameicans can be so hypocritical. You claim you don’t want them here then as soon as you need work done you’re looking for one! Imagine if all Mexicans went back! No thank you. They been in this continent longer than Europeans yet they have the nerve to say they don’t want them here! So sick of white racists. YOU go back to your Caucus mountains. How bout that. Sounds just as ridiculous as when you say this to them doesn’t it?! Just accept white man that your days are numbered. You can’t rule forever, no nation does.

    1. Ignorance must be bliss says:

      Courage (and all you other idiots)
      That is the right idea, fight racism with racism. No irony there huh? Some people just don’t get it do they? If you want to stop the stupid people from being racist you kind of have to take it like anything else and lead by example. That means that if someone yells at you to get out of the country and you yell the same thing back it just becomes a yelling match. This has got to stop somewhere so how about ALL of you ignorant idiots shut up and just live your own life and stop worrying about someone else before even carrying what the next guy is doing.

      Reminds me of the kids in grade school, my dad can beat up your dad.

      1. jose says:

        Go back to England!!! Ja Ja

    2. DUH says:

      When did “white man” become a nation?

    3. sad says:

      Courage, what do you have against people coming here legally, that is all that most people are concerned with. We need to protect our boarders from terrorisim and we need to protect our economy from a constant drain that illegal immigration imposes on the taxpayers of this country.

  17. Arnold says:

    They can only help at the ballot box. The existing crew voted in Franken, Crazy Eyes, and Amy. Lets give some new blood a chance to vote in some creditable politicians.

  18. WHO WHAT WHERE? says:

    Excuse me, your hovercraft is filled with eels.

  19. Bob says:

    There are no mexicans that are college educated! Lol

    1. Jose says:

      There are one million Hispanics with Master or Doctoral degrees

  20. Chris K says:

    Haters all over here

  21. Chris K says:

    Pawlenty’s dream realized…Minnesota is almost the same as Mississippi!

  22. Mel says:

    If you are a citizen and contribute to society, welcome! I’ve been to Mexico City and it was amazing to take in their culture; beautiful people, wonderful food and entertainment. I can also appreciate why someone from Mexico would want to come here. Mexico City had 3 million people living in the city dump! But, when I read reports of Mexicans firing their weapons at US ranchers who unfortunately live on the border, this is why there are immigration laws! But, are they being upheld? No! So I guess we American citizens have to resign ourselves to turn a blind eye, even though we are not sure of the intent of those coming across the border. Enforce the laws, and if you don’t like the laws elect candidates who will change the laws. But for those of you who stand behind those who break the law and live here illegally, just realize that your bleeding heart is welcoming criminals with the capability to cause wide spread damage. And yes, I know some citizens are criminals too, but statistics show the majority of criminals that are incarcerated in California are illegal immigrants.

    1. jose says:

      …Majority of criminals that are in jail in Minnesota are whites

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