By Dennis Douda, WCCO-TV

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — New research shows that there are 7 percent fewer pack-a-day smokers in America than 50 years ago. And according to the Minnesota Adult Tobacco Survey, since 1999 the number of smokers has fallen by more than 27 percent.

One other interesting fact, more than half of adult smokers have tried to quit in the past year, but it’s not as easy as it sounds.

“It’s really the addiction that keeps them smoking,” said Dr. Taylor Hays.

Hays, the Associate Director of the Nicotine Dependence Center at Mayo Clinic, has great compassion for smokers.

“I wish there was a silver bullet. I don’t have one,” said Hays.

He applauds new data showing declining smoking rates. He credits public smoking bans, higher tobacco taxes and changing social norms and said he’s genuinely excited to see evidence that it’s making a real difference in Americans’ health.

One example is in California, where a 20-year-long tobacco control program has reduced smoking prevalence to about 14 percent.

“They are now seeing a much lower rate of serious diseases, especially lung cancer and cardiovascular disease like heart attacks and strokes,” said Hays.

Want to quit? Hays says three simple steps are your best path to success: Get motivated, get a plan which should include medications and counseling, and set a quit date and stick with it.

“The most important thing is to be motivated to change,” he said.

Hays said getting free of nicotine’s grip takes time. Their in-house residential dependence center is an 8-day program. Really getting off the cigarettes may take you 8 to 12 weeks and even then, be ready for setbacks.

“Urges to smoke are still going to happen to them as they go along, but they have to make a few changes. Sometimes it’s as simple as moving the chair out of the living room where they always sit and smoke or taking the dog for a walk rather than turning on the coffee pot and then sitting down for their first cigarette,” he said.

You may have to quit more than once. Fewer than one-out-of-four people can stay off the smokes for a full year.

Mayo’s residence program has about a 50 percent success rate, but Hayes said there’s always hope.

To find help quitting, QUITPLAN, Mayo Clinic, and

Comments (6)
  1. Renee Brown says:

    Quitting smoking is the hardest thing long time smokers will ever do. Yes, there is tools available, some are better than others like AirE8 Electronic Cigarettes. Smokers must use ‘will power’ no matter what the tool is…patches provide the nicotine but ignore the habit. Electronic cigarettes provide both and are non-tobacco with no 1st, 2nd, or 3rd hand smoke. Smokers enjoy all the smoking pleasures without the nasty effects on themselves and others. Doctors are recommending their patients who smoke come to AirE8 to help them at least cut down on traditional cigarettes. E-Cigs really are the best alternative available where the smoker does not have inner turmoil constantly wanting a real cigarette. For more info visit

  2. Nancy Aleshire says:

    Why are these tobacco cessation products (gum, patches, pills) so costly? They should be more affordable or even subsidized or free for the poor to encourage them to give up such a disgusting, filthy habit.

  3. Human Bean says:

    Funny how tobacco is still legal, even though it has No redeeming value…..

  4. Nicole says:

    I just quit smoking in December…I used the patches to quit. I had heard that the e-cig should not be used when trying to quit, since you are still pretty much smoking. The patches worked great for me, but I know everyone is different when it comes to what they need for quitting. It takes someone on average 8 times to finally become sucessfull at quiting completely. I am hoping I am not one of those odds, since this would be only my third time trying to quit….I am saying the third times the charm!

  5. Grama says:

    After smoking for 35 years I quit 15 years ago with the help of Michael Kelley a Minneapolis hypnotist, it was a breeze with his support and professional reprogramming my brains thoughts. I highly recommend his individual service over the group type which I also tried without success. Yes, it is costly bottom line it worked and I have never had one craving.

  6. Renee Brown says:

    I gained 100 pounds when I quit in 1999. For three years I used patches and hypnosis. Neither helped me with my hand to mouth habit. Ecigs have proven to be a godsend for me, as I have not gained any weight…I breathe easier with not tar/tobacco or other carcinogens. Everyone is different with different needs and wants. It is so nice to know that those of us with the “habit” problem finally have an option with AirE8 Ecigs. Please call if you have any other questions 651-636-3204.

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