Man Says Sweat Lodge Left Lingering Health Issues

CAMP VERDE, Ariz. (AP) — A man who says he has lingering health effects from an Arizona sweat lodge ceremony that turned deadly will resume testimony Wednesday in a self-help author’s manslaughter trial.

Stephen Ray told jurors a day earlier that he tried to crawl out of the heated structure in October 2009 but woke up to find himself in a hospital. He says he now has no sense of taste or smell, ringing in his ears, and trouble sleeping and recognizing people he knows.

James Arthur Ray led the ceremony that resulted in the deaths of three people. He has pleaded not guilty to manslaughter charges.

Stephen Ray is unrelated. He says he set aside his unease over sweat lodges because he trusted James Arthur Ray and believed he would keep the participants safe.

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  • Gomer'sPile in the USA

    more than anything I smell the lawsuit as the reason he’s testifying.
    Hell – they all planned to be safe. It just didn’t play out that way

  • Yakaru

    Gomer’sPile, Loyal to the bitter end. Your master could easily have been facing 6 or 7 counts of reckless manslaughter. He should also be facing a negligent homicide and and related charges for the earlier death which he covered up, by lying to police, lying to participants, and lying to his own students and staff members.

    The truth is slowly coming out about his actions. I suggest you inform yourself before defending your master in public.

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