By Susie Jones, NewsRadio 830 WCCO

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The Minnesota Department of Public Safety says the scam involves someone making a fake call to a grandparent and pretending to be in trouble.

NewsRadio 830 WCCO’s Susie Jones Reports

Jim Arlt is with the departments Alcohol and Gambling Enforcement division. He said grandparents need to exercise caution if they receive a call from an alleged “grandchild” requesting money for an urgent situation.

Arlt said typically in the scam, the caller will claim they need funds wired immediately to cover the cost of a vehicle crash, an arrest or medical needs.

The caller also urges the grandparent not to tell their parents, but Arlt said that’s the first thing you should do.

Arlt offers tips to grandparents and family members on how to avoid being taken by the popular “grandchild-in-trouble” scheme.

  • Make sure of the caller’s identity
  • Verify the location of the family member by calling another family member
  • Resist the pressure to act quickly
Comments (8)
  1. K says:

    This is nothing new in Minnesota–it has been going on for months!

    1. LJ says:

      Yes, but it is good to have a reminder from time to time so people stay vigilant and inform the others that are unaware.

  2. Mr Unbelievable says:

    The real scam is perpetrated by actual grandchildren conning their poor grandparents with a contrived story. What is this world coming to?

    1. So Um.... says:

      So um…you know its not the “actual grandchildren” right!?! Its just some random person PRETENDING to be the grandchild. All i’m sayin….WOW….

  3. Don_J says:

    WOW… I didn’t know there was a “listing” for “Grand Parents” out there… and Grand Parents, if you do not know your grand child’s voice…

    1. MA says:

      It is easy for the criminals to find out info through facebook, chatrooms etc. and when they call, they are hysterical, crying and sometimes screaming into the phone, would you be able to recognize your grand childs voice in that situation?

  4. JB says:

    Real life call a friend received started out, “HI, grandma.” To which “grandma” replied, “Josh is that you?” Reply back was, “Oh, yeah, it’s me, Josh. I’m in Canada and need you to wire me some money to get back home.” The suspicious grandma replied, “Josh, when is your birthday?” Not having any idea when Josh’s birthday was, the caller responded, “Don’t you believe it’s me grandma?” “No I don’t.” Grandma replied, hung up and called Josh’s mom and found out the real Josh was at school, not in Canada.

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