1 Dead, 10 Sent To Hospital After Mass Overdose

By Esme Murphy, WCCO-TV

BLAINE, Minn. (WCCO) — One person is dead and 10 more are hospitalized, including two in critical condition after a mass overdose, according to police.

Blaine Police responded to a residence on the 9500 block of Monroe Street NE, just after midnight on Thursday for a medical situation involving an alleged overdose of synthetic drugs. Police say the substance ingested was legal.

Authorities say several teens and young adults ingested what is thought to be the designer drug known as “2 C-E,” which is a reported hallucinogenic. There is a controlled hallucinogen called “2 C-B” and chemists reportedly alter it slightly to make it “2 C-E,” which also makes it legal.

“Just because you have an assumption that it’s legal and you can buy it online, in no way is it safe, as witnessed by the events this morning. One person is dead, 10 people are hospitalized,” said Paul Sommer of the Anoka County Sheriff’s Office.

The teens allegedly took the substance at a spring break party at the home of one of the boys, who is now hospitalized.

Authorities say other victims fled the residence and were suffering the effects of the overdose at separate locations.

In total, 11 people were transported to area hospitals. A 19-year-old teenager died.

Officials say the drug was ordered over the Internet and resulted in medical distress after being ingested.

The exact compound of the drug has not been confirmed and investigators say further tests are being performed at the BCA Lab.

The case continues to be under investigation. Police are warning parents to be aware of the dangers of these drugs.

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  • Dee

    And from your comment, looks like someone was accidentally passed up.

    • yesssirrrreeeee Dee

      LMAO … great one there Dee.
      Factual too. ;-)

    • Student

      RIP Trevor.

      ^have a heart “DEE”

  • Jesse

    A pharmaceutical drug is also considered synthetic. And those are surely not made by men in their basements.

    • sumday

      yes but they pay taxes so it makes it all ok. Love how they hipe all this up- oh my god a kid OD on something legal (better hurry up and ban it!) but they never seem to make the connection that alcohol n cigg’s are just as legal and kill pl everyday- I’m sure someone in the USA (probably a teen as well) drank themself to death last night- funny how people will accept the death risk when it is alcohol or cigg’s but anything else will need a quick ban with jail time.

  • BBB

    Sure thing – and the home brewed beer can go to hell too.
    Things happen I guess

  • Sue

    The teen that was on life support just died. Half of the kids were sent to Unity and the other half to Mercy. This is so sad.

  • jc's been there and known it

    I get high with a lil’ help from my friends
    I might die with a lil’ help from my friends

    Sometimes one nees to question what ones friend is up to.
    And never go first on anything

  • Wesly

    Methadone is a synthetic drug, as is LSD. For reference.

    • sumday

      so are most of your prescriptions (as well as many over the counter meds)- just for some more references.

      • lulz

        lsd semi synthetic lol its only converted lsa and way harder to kill ur self with lsd.

  • Christine Wollersheim

    These are kids.. Someones child.. Compassion people.. Give it a try..

    • Me

      Like compassion for their friends and families who have now lost a someone they love…
      And I dunno, but I personally don’t think that someone deserves death because they tried a drug.

    • Jim

      totally agree with you Matt.
      Yes, it’s sad for their families, but let’s not forget it’s the families and friends that failed to educate and raise them properly so they wouldn’t use drugs in this manner.
      Me, have a word with God, see if He’ll decrease the penalty for drug over-dose. Heck, if you over-dose on water you will die, so I think it’s fair. You wouldn’t kill yourself with water, would you?

    • Me too

      Matt, I’m guessing you are not a parent? Ever made a mistake in life? We are talking about someone’s child here.

    • Motherofrag

      There are mistakes, and then there is just plain stupidity. This falls under stupidity. A mistake would be not knowing what the drug was and mistakenly taking it for your own prescription. This was an on-purpose. It’s what happens when parents don’t supervise their children or their children’s activities. Yes, it’s sad. I feel for the parents, being one myself. But both the parents and kids need to step up and take their medicine for such a stupid act. IF one of my children did this, I’d come right out and say it was a stupid thing for him or her to do. Would I be crushed, hell yes. But I make no excuses nor do I candy-coat life.

    • JT

      Did it say anything about the teens being black. red, yellow or white? I just read the story and it doesn’t say what race they were! Go back to the hills in Tennessee you stupid hillbilly!! You wouldn’t know compassion if it bit you in the @$$!! Oh yeah, And I’m a Caucasian just to let you know!!!

      • Renee

        This is the ignorance of our world! I live in TN and trust me you Yankee a$$ I am smarter than you. You just proved how ignorant you really are. Grow up these kids messed up and they are now paying for the mistake of trusting someone who obviuosly has taken this drug proir to this situation. Drugs dont care what ethic nationality you are it’s the individual and since the parents didnt educate the kids about drugs things like this happen but to say what you said is down right IGNORANT!!!! I am embarassed that you are caucasian!!!!!

    • Kristin

      I did educate my son forwards and backwards about the use of drugs and would have NEVER thought that he would’ve tried mixing marijuana and alcohol, which caused him to pass out and be taken to the hospital within the first month of going away to college. My son is not dumb, he is an honor student who was just been notified that he made the Dean’s List (within the same semester as his drug/alcohol experiment). I had to face the fact that sometimes, no matter how you have prepared your child, they will still see fit to make their own mistakes. Luckily my son recovered quickly and has vowed to never abuse drugs and alcohol again. Unfortunately for the teen who has passed away, he/she will not get that same chance. Those of you who are ignorant as to how the teen brain works, you need get some education yourself and grow up too.

      • Josh

        It’s been my experience that the people who are the most critical, have the most skeletons in their closet.

    • Afriend

      I agree. They are kids.

  • BSC

    You know I really don’t like how some of you people can just give teens crap like this, yeah they didn’t do the right thing but I mean give em a break. What teens need now days is parents who are good influences and care about what their kids are doing. I just graduated from high school last year and over my 4 years of high school we had 5-6 deaths that were either, suicide, overdose, and cancer. That was not easy for any of us that graduated last year to go through that! Those situations can be prevented if someone did care enough to check on their friend or kid. I’ve seen this happen too much and it’s about time parents step up to the plate and help their kids through their hard times in life which happen to be when they are teens!

    There’s my two cents on this, so please stop giving kids as much crap as you are!

    • vicki

      BSC, let me tell you something sweetie, I have a 16 year old son who has tried drugs and it is a fight everyday to make sure he stays clean. You really think parents don’t care? That is a bunch of B/S!!! I am doing everything in my power to straighten my son out. The problem is the law does nothing when these teens get caught with drugs. Parents can only do so much.

      Also, I was a teen and so was every other adult out here. We all no what it is like to deal with peer pressure and teen life. It is called taking responsibility for your actions and make smart choices. We all know and they all know drugs are not good for you and they can kill you. I have seen several of my brothers go to prison because of drugs, but the funny thing is I don’t do drugs. I made the choice not to do them.

      I don’t feel sorry for these kids, I feel sorry for the parents, because I know what it is like to fight with everything I have to stop my child from doing drugs, but the law does nothing to help us.

      Also, I have a baby brother die from cancer, so do not act like someone in your school dying is so heartbreaking for you. You have no idea what it is like to lose someone you love to such a terrible disease. He fought for his life and died fighting, while these dumb a** kids are killing themselves.

      GROW UP

  • sue

    They are on Spring break

  • Ralph Spoilsport

    No one should stay up to midnight.

    • motherofrag

      If these kids truly had no idea what they were putting into their bodies, why the hell did they do it to begin with? I wouldn’t take something from even a friend just because they said I’d like it. They knew. Don’t be ignorant. Students can argue all they want about how it’s just a mistake, but students are still too young to understand – too young to understand that they aren’t invincible and that they must think before they act. Mental maturity doesn’t settle in until the age of 25 for pretty much everyone without abnormal gene mutation. Don’t argue with adults. We’ve been through enough to know when to call something stupid or not. And no, I never did drugs in school. I had no time for it. I had no desire for it. The kids having these Pharm parties were of no interest to me. I valued my brain cells and listened to those who came to our classes and talked about abusing prescription drugs. Guess these were in the back getting high during that assembly. It all chalks up to them making a very STUPID decision that they must now pay the concequences for. Which is why you have to ask yourself if the consequences, no matter how small, are worth it. I said no. Anyone else out there can, too.

      • Kristin

        @ motherofrag: You have contradicted yourself at least 4 times in this paragraph. This includes asking why these kids did what they did and then answering your own question. Please get your head out of the closet.

    • Ralph says dumb Ralph, dumb

      Ralph – some folks like you should never get up

  • Student

    Agreed 100% with the compassion statement. “PLS” they weren’t in school because we’re on spring break. These kids go to my school and they aren’t bad kids. Forreal, have a little sympathy. I’m sure you weren’t an angel in high school. Sure, these kids messed up. But we ALL make mistakes. Judgments shouldn’t be passed. They’re in critical condition for God’s sake. Ever think some of them didn’t even know what was going into their bodies? You just never know what happened unless you were there. Which I’m sure you weren’t. So quit judging and shut your mouth.

    • sunbear

      What school did these kids go to?

      • Jesse

        Most went to spring lake park

    • Me

      What ‘Student’ said.
      Compassion folks. This is truly sad, not something to make light of, and now people are losing their friends or family members. Everyone makes mistakes, including you guys making comments about the gene pool getting cleaned up or Darwinism at work.
      Have a heart.

    • Another student

      Does it really matter if they were on spring break? So you talk about not passing judgements, but you tell “PLS” they you’re sure he wasn’t an angel in school. I think I smell a double standard there.
      It’s sad what happened, but after all, it was their decision to put that stuff in them. Would you just swallow something because your friend tells you to? I the answer is yes, then suffer the consequences.
      Every action has risks involved and these kids are old enough to reason.

      • MAD MOM

        What if it was put in your drink without knowing? Suffer the consequences!!!! Old enough to reason, The human Brain (frontal lobes) have not completely developed (judgement center). I am so sick of hearing comments from the worlds most unethical uneducated people who think they know every thing that goes on. Here is a thought SHUT UP!!!! To the Parents friends and loved one We are sorry for what you are going through. END OF STORY

      • Me

        No one is saying it’s not their own fault…
        And spring break was mentioned because someone was wondering why they weren’t in school.
        And pointing out that these people being so judgmental about these kids making a mistake, when it’s just a fact that everyone makes mistakes, isn’t a double standard…That’s not even close to what a double standard actually is.

  • jess

    It is many school’s spring break this week.

    I think the majority of you are being too judgemental. Although I’m sure you’ve never tried an illegal drug or drank too much? Instead of attacking these kids for their actions, the past, we should be looking into why they felt the need for this type of emotional escape. They need to be supported, especially now that they have lost a friend.

    • Seattle sun

      Who says it was an emotional escape, the things my friends and I did weren’t for escape, they were once in a while actions that we though would be fun, and for the most part were. We had good parents, got good grades and did normal kids stuff. Breaking the rules is typically normal kids stuff, not necessarily ’emotional escape’. Sometimes stupid is as stupid does.

  • Momma of 2

    Kids will be kids. I’m sure many of you commenting on this very story have done things in your life that maybe weren’t the smartest or best decisions in judgement.

    Hopefully they will learn a lesson and know now why it’s so dangerous to be using “illegal/synthetic” drugs. This is a tragic story that has a terrible ending. You people shouldn’t be so quick to judge or comment like you are. A child died here – have a heart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Me

      Once again, I don’t think anyone’s saying it wasn’t their own fault for making the decision to do it in the first place.
      The point here is kids are dying, and let’s be compassionate for the sake of the friends and families, who are now the ones paying for it.

    • @daddy of 4 (right)

      Bogus daddy of 4 – a sick f&%k you truly are.

    • mommy of 2

      Daddy of 4, I feel sorry for your kids!

  • NIck

    RIP Trevor.

  • Momma of 2

    It was MIDNIGHT … No one is in school at that time!!!!!!

    • Sticky

      Yeah Midnight tonight!!!

  • Kim

    I know the teen that died…very sad. He has a 6 month old child that will never know his father…how about some compassion!!

    • bogiebj

      So he has made 2 really bad decisions in his short life. Impregnating a woman at 18yrs old or younger, and ingesting a drug.
      The compassion lies with the families of these people, not the decision makers.

      • LIESA

        WELL SAID

    • seattelsun

      So he was already a kid with poor choice making skills? II don’t know him, but I’m sorry he’s gone, and I’m sorry his child is fatherless now, but I’m really sorry for his parents and family, and really wish at 17-18-19, he’d have been making better choices, since he already had one that would have depended on him for the next 20 years.

  • Momma of 2

    Stupid and ignorant comment!!!

    • Jennine

      I agree. Stupid people.

  • Melissa Teig

    Oh my gosh!!! This worries me because I live in blaine and I have lots of friends that are 19 years old…I hope everyone else is okay..man, if they go to my school, its gonna be a sad, sad day on monday…

    • Rachel Robinson Hadley

      do you know trevor r…. my cousin…

      • SHERRY P


      • Angela Benson, Managing Editor

        Rachel, I’m sorry for your loss. We are staying on this story tonight. If you would like to talk about your Cousin or share a photo, please email WCCO at tips@wcco.com

    • seattlesun

      I only wish these were the problems I was facing in my life right now……..must be rough.

  • Melissa Teig

    Since they live in Blaine, they probably go to Blaine high school and that’s where I go. We’ve been on spring break since friday of last week and won’t be back till monday..


    If you read the new article, it says the drugs were “legal” drugs. Prayers going out to the famileis.

  • Valarie

    All ya all need to read the article again – LEGAL – synthetic drug. Kids are experimenting, we may have not all experimented, but we know people who have and it is very sad. I have a 16 y/o and cringe thinking what her and her friends may try =( very sad day for many families and friends.

    • daddy of 4

      Just make sure you make your kid watch the news when this story comes up. Kids that are raised up correctly won’t just “try” things for the sake of it, especially when they know it could kill them.

      • PhillyFaithy

        you are only kidding yourself…..some of the kids that try the most are raised by the strictest of standards. I spent 8 years monitoring kids at spring break and I can tell you that when they are together enmass they may be likely to try just about anything….even your kids daddy

      • Grizz

        Please daddy of 4, don’t live in a glass house or fairyland.
        My Dad was a minister, my Mom a teacher. Strict but fair, more love extended than one could imagine to us all. 6 siblings and all but me straight as an arrow.
        I was wild, I experimented and indulged in everything. And indeed I knew it could kill me as it did so to 2 friends. Young – wild – immature maybe. Lived life on the edge.
        That was me then. Today I am retired, 20 years in military, an engineer by education. Back then I was maybe an enginner too – training in the wrong stuff I guess.
        I couldn’t ask for better parents …. and I was raised correctly. I choose otherwise. Sometimes we do stupid things regardless

      • your time will come

        you are ingnorant if you think kids don’t have a mind of their own, and arrogant it you think you know how to “raise kids correctly”’ AS#HOLE!

      • PatPaulsonCallsAgain

        daddy of 4 is 15 years old folks. excuse his immatureity please. no – on second thought let the punk have it. lol

      • Chris

        Daddy of 4 … What color is the sky in your world?

      • Kristin

        @ daddy of 4: Please see my post above regarding my son’s mistake. Kids do it all of the time, good kids, bad kids, creative kids, loving kids, intelligent kids…….

      • tina

        sure they do where the hell have u been?? wats wrong with u your kids never made a bad choice????

  • parent of Coon Rapids HS boy

    My heart is broken for the parents, family and friends of these young kids.
    PLEASE Think about what can happen to you when you choose to do drugs.
    Stop and think about it , it is not worth it.

    • T

      Grizz, you hit my life on the head exactly. I am now an accountant for 28 years, gainfully employed. My parents were wonderful people. I made stupid mistakes(LSD, Cocaine, Heroin). It could happen to anyone people.

  • Pete

    Lots of people who’ve made really dumb choices turn out to be brilliant, enriched individuals who share much good with those around them. No one is “just dumb” and no one deserves to suffer like these kids and their families.

  • KLS

    There’s one good thing about being OTD, All we ever had were cigarettes and booze. But being teens we were still stupid.

  • Grizz

    Wow – I been there-done that in my youth with chemicals. And sadly I lost 2 friends. I’m talking in the early 60’s for reference.

    I can say for certainty that, other than maybe a red-neck hick from the woods that never had brushed his teeth, there wasn’t a soul back then that would make the nasty, hateful, vile comments that some of you make here. They make have detested us hippie types and wondered why we were messing around with drugs and alcohol like we were but they kept it amoungst themselves.
    We don’t need to wonder what happened to America – you are proof of the “why” it has decayed. I hope you never had ir have kids – truly do.

    Often, way to often, bad things can happen to very good people.
    Thoughts and paryers go out to all involved. Tragic

    • Motherofrag

      Yes, bad things can happen to good people. Good call! But to say that experiementing with mind-altering drugs is okay or to condone it in any way isn’t any better. The redneck hicks were doing the moonshine and weed. We all know it! These types of forums are the new coffee shop talk. People don’t go outside anymore to talk to their neighbors or townsfolk at the local co-op restaurant. That’s where most of this would’ve taken place. Now we have this wonderful Internet where all of us use our freedom of speech to spew our points of view. We all have a right to our opinions. None of us has to agree with other’s opinions. But if people are looking to talk about issues, this is where it gets done nowadays. I said before that what they did was stupid. They knowingly did something wrong and consequences must be paid. Is it good that one is dead and the others seriously ill. By all means, NO! It’s down right tragic. But it was those kids’ willing decision to do it and now this is how they are paying for illegal drug use. Just like your 2 friends. It’s very sad, and I’m sorry to hear it. Pros and Cons have to be weighed with any choice with which we are faced. Do drugs: risk death. Don’t do drugs: keep your brain cells. It was a choice.

      • Frances les deuce

        or eat yourself to death. Or smoke yourself to death.
        We all have choices to make and I bet to the person we all have made bad ones at times too.
        They all can cause death. Some just are luckier than others.
        No glass house here and I have done bad choices. The difference is I am still here to write about it.
        Very sorry for you loss Rachel

    • Charlie

      Grizz, Well said and we agree… thanks for talking some sense.

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