By Esme Murphy

By Esme Murphy, WCCO-TV

BLAINE, Minn. (WCCO) — One person is dead and 10 more are hospitalized, including two in critical condition after a mass overdose, according to police.

Blaine Police responded to a residence on the 9500 block of Monroe Street NE, just after midnight on Thursday for a medical situation involving an alleged overdose of synthetic drugs. Police say the substance ingested was legal.

Authorities say several teens and young adults ingested what is thought to be the designer drug known as “2 C-E,” which is a reported hallucinogenic. There is a controlled hallucinogen called “2 C-B” and chemists reportedly alter it slightly to make it “2 C-E,” which also makes it legal.

“Just because you have an assumption that it’s legal and you can buy it online, in no way is it safe, as witnessed by the events this morning. One person is dead, 10 people are hospitalized,” said Paul Sommer of the Anoka County Sheriff’s Office.

The teens allegedly took the substance at a spring break party at the home of one of the boys, who is now hospitalized.

Authorities say other victims fled the residence and were suffering the effects of the overdose at separate locations.

In total, 11 people were transported to area hospitals. A 19-year-old teenager died.

Officials say the drug was ordered over the Internet and resulted in medical distress after being ingested.

The exact compound of the drug has not been confirmed and investigators say further tests are being performed at the BCA Lab.

The case continues to be under investigation. Police are warning parents to be aware of the dangers of these drugs.

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  1. Dee says:

    And from your comment, looks like someone was accidentally passed up.

    1. yesssirrrreeeee Dee says:

      LMAO … great one there Dee.
      Factual too. 😉

    2. Student says:

      RIP Trevor.

      ^have a heart “DEE”

  2. Jesse says:

    A pharmaceutical drug is also considered synthetic. And those are surely not made by men in their basements.

    1. sumday says:

      yes but they pay taxes so it makes it all ok. Love how they hipe all this up- oh my god a kid OD on something legal (better hurry up and ban it!) but they never seem to make the connection that alcohol n cigg’s are just as legal and kill pl everyday- I’m sure someone in the USA (probably a teen as well) drank themself to death last night- funny how people will accept the death risk when it is alcohol or cigg’s but anything else will need a quick ban with jail time.

  3. BBB says:

    Sure thing – and the home brewed beer can go to hell too.
    Things happen I guess

  4. Sue says:

    The teen that was on life support just died. Half of the kids were sent to Unity and the other half to Mercy. This is so sad.

  5. jc's been there and known it says:

    I get high with a lil’ help from my friends
    I might die with a lil’ help from my friends

    Sometimes one nees to question what ones friend is up to.
    And never go first on anything

  6. Wesly says:

    Methadone is a synthetic drug, as is LSD. For reference.

    1. sumday says:

      so are most of your prescriptions (as well as many over the counter meds)- just for some more references.

      1. lulz says:

        lsd semi synthetic lol its only converted lsa and way harder to kill ur self with lsd.

  7. Christine Wollersheim says:

    These are kids.. Someones child.. Compassion people.. Give it a try..

    1. Me says:

      Like compassion for their friends and families who have now lost a someone they love…
      And I dunno, but I personally don’t think that someone deserves death because they tried a drug.

    2. Jim says:

      totally agree with you Matt.
      Yes, it’s sad for their families, but let’s not forget it’s the families and friends that failed to educate and raise them properly so they wouldn’t use drugs in this manner.
      Me, have a word with God, see if He’ll decrease the penalty for drug over-dose. Heck, if you over-dose on water you will die, so I think it’s fair. You wouldn’t kill yourself with water, would you?

    3. Me too says:

      Matt, I’m guessing you are not a parent? Ever made a mistake in life? We are talking about someone’s child here.

    4. Motherofrag says:

      There are mistakes, and then there is just plain stupidity. This falls under stupidity. A mistake would be not knowing what the drug was and mistakenly taking it for your own prescription. This was an on-purpose. It’s what happens when parents don’t supervise their children or their children’s activities. Yes, it’s sad. I feel for the parents, being one myself. But both the parents and kids need to step up and take their medicine for such a stupid act. IF one of my children did this, I’d come right out and say it was a stupid thing for him or her to do. Would I be crushed, hell yes. But I make no excuses nor do I candy-coat life.

    5. JT says:

      Did it say anything about the teens being black. red, yellow or white? I just read the story and it doesn’t say what race they were! Go back to the hills in Tennessee you stupid hillbilly!! You wouldn’t know compassion if it bit you in the @$$!! Oh yeah, And I’m a Caucasian just to let you know!!!

      1. Renee says:

        This is the ignorance of our world! I live in TN and trust me you Yankee a$$ I am smarter than you. You just proved how ignorant you really are. Grow up these kids messed up and they are now paying for the mistake of trusting someone who obviuosly has taken this drug proir to this situation. Drugs dont care what ethic nationality you are it’s the individual and since the parents didnt educate the kids about drugs things like this happen but to say what you said is down right IGNORANT!!!! I am embarassed that you are caucasian!!!!!

    6. Kristin says:

      I did educate my son forwards and backwards about the use of drugs and would have NEVER thought that he would’ve tried mixing marijuana and alcohol, which caused him to pass out and be taken to the hospital within the first month of going away to college. My son is not dumb, he is an honor student who was just been notified that he made the Dean’s List (within the same semester as his drug/alcohol experiment). I had to face the fact that sometimes, no matter how you have prepared your child, they will still see fit to make their own mistakes. Luckily my son recovered quickly and has vowed to never abuse drugs and alcohol again. Unfortunately for the teen who has passed away, he/she will not get that same chance. Those of you who are ignorant as to how the teen brain works, you need get some education yourself and grow up too.

      1. Josh says:

        It’s been my experience that the people who are the most critical, have the most skeletons in their closet.

    7. Afriend says:

      I agree. They are kids.

  8. BSC says:

    You know I really don’t like how some of you people can just give teens crap like this, yeah they didn’t do the right thing but I mean give em a break. What teens need now days is parents who are good influences and care about what their kids are doing. I just graduated from high school last year and over my 4 years of high school we had 5-6 deaths that were either, suicide, overdose, and cancer. That was not easy for any of us that graduated last year to go through that! Those situations can be prevented if someone did care enough to check on their friend or kid. I’ve seen this happen too much and it’s about time parents step up to the plate and help their kids through their hard times in life which happen to be when they are teens!

    There’s my two cents on this, so please stop giving kids as much crap as you are!

    1. vicki says:

      BSC, let me tell you something sweetie, I have a 16 year old son who has tried drugs and it is a fight everyday to make sure he stays clean. You really think parents don’t care? That is a bunch of B/S!!! I am doing everything in my power to straighten my son out. The problem is the law does nothing when these teens get caught with drugs. Parents can only do so much.

      Also, I was a teen and so was every other adult out here. We all no what it is like to deal with peer pressure and teen life. It is called taking responsibility for your actions and make smart choices. We all know and they all know drugs are not good for you and they can kill you. I have seen several of my brothers go to prison because of drugs, but the funny thing is I don’t do drugs. I made the choice not to do them.

      I don’t feel sorry for these kids, I feel sorry for the parents, because I know what it is like to fight with everything I have to stop my child from doing drugs, but the law does nothing to help us.

      Also, I have a baby brother die from cancer, so do not act like someone in your school dying is so heartbreaking for you. You have no idea what it is like to lose someone you love to such a terrible disease. He fought for his life and died fighting, while these dumb a** kids are killing themselves.

      GROW UP

  9. sue says:

    They are on Spring break

  10. Ralph Spoilsport says:

    No one should stay up to midnight.

    1. motherofrag says:

      If these kids truly had no idea what they were putting into their bodies, why the hell did they do it to begin with? I wouldn’t take something from even a friend just because they said I’d like it. They knew. Don’t be ignorant. Students can argue all they want about how it’s just a mistake, but students are still too young to understand – too young to understand that they aren’t invincible and that they must think before they act. Mental maturity doesn’t settle in until the age of 25 for pretty much everyone without abnormal gene mutation. Don’t argue with adults. We’ve been through enough to know when to call something stupid or not. And no, I never did drugs in school. I had no time for it. I had no desire for it. The kids having these Pharm parties were of no interest to me. I valued my brain cells and listened to those who came to our classes and talked about abusing prescription drugs. Guess these were in the back getting high during that assembly. It all chalks up to them making a very STUPID decision that they must now pay the concequences for. Which is why you have to ask yourself if the consequences, no matter how small, are worth it. I said no. Anyone else out there can, too.

      1. Kristin says:

        @ motherofrag: You have contradicted yourself at least 4 times in this paragraph. This includes asking why these kids did what they did and then answering your own question. Please get your head out of the closet.

    2. Ralph says dumb Ralph, dumb says:

      Ralph – some folks like you should never get up

  11. Student says:

    Agreed 100% with the compassion statement. “PLS” they weren’t in school because we’re on spring break. These kids go to my school and they aren’t bad kids. Forreal, have a little sympathy. I’m sure you weren’t an angel in high school. Sure, these kids messed up. But we ALL make mistakes. Judgments shouldn’t be passed. They’re in critical condition for God’s sake. Ever think some of them didn’t even know what was going into their bodies? You just never know what happened unless you were there. Which I’m sure you weren’t. So quit judging and shut your mouth.

    1. Me says:

      What ‘Student’ said.
      Compassion folks. This is truly sad, not something to make light of, and now people are losing their friends or family members. Everyone makes mistakes, including you guys making comments about the gene pool getting cleaned up or Darwinism at work.
      Have a heart.

    2. Another student says:

      Does it really matter if they were on spring break? So you talk about not passing judgements, but you tell “PLS” they you’re sure he wasn’t an angel in school. I think I smell a double standard there.
      It’s sad what happened, but after all, it was their decision to put that stuff in them. Would you just swallow something because your friend tells you to? I the answer is yes, then suffer the consequences.
      Every action has risks involved and these kids are old enough to reason.

      1. Me says:

        No one is saying it’s not their own fault…
        And spring break was mentioned because someone was wondering why they weren’t in school.
        And pointing out that these people being so judgmental about these kids making a mistake, when it’s just a fact that everyone makes mistakes, isn’t a double standard…That’s not even close to what a double standard actually is.

      2. MAD MOM says:

        What if it was put in your drink without knowing? Suffer the consequences!!!! Old enough to reason, The human Brain (frontal lobes) have not completely developed (judgement center). I am so sick of hearing comments from the worlds most unethical uneducated people who think they know every thing that goes on. Here is a thought SHUT UP!!!! To the Parents friends and loved one We are sorry for what you are going through. END OF STORY

    3. sunbear says:

      What school did these kids go to?

      1. Jesse says:

        Most went to spring lake park

  12. jess says:

    It is many school’s spring break this week.

    I think the majority of you are being too judgemental. Although I’m sure you’ve never tried an illegal drug or drank too much? Instead of attacking these kids for their actions, the past, we should be looking into why they felt the need for this type of emotional escape. They need to be supported, especially now that they have lost a friend.

    1. Seattle sun says:

      Who says it was an emotional escape, the things my friends and I did weren’t for escape, they were once in a while actions that we though would be fun, and for the most part were. We had good parents, got good grades and did normal kids stuff. Breaking the rules is typically normal kids stuff, not necessarily ’emotional escape’. Sometimes stupid is as stupid does.

  13. Momma of 2 says:

    Kids will be kids. I’m sure many of you commenting on this very story have done things in your life that maybe weren’t the smartest or best decisions in judgement.

    Hopefully they will learn a lesson and know now why it’s so dangerous to be using “illegal/synthetic” drugs. This is a tragic story that has a terrible ending. You people shouldn’t be so quick to judge or comment like you are. A child died here – have a heart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Me says:

      Once again, I don’t think anyone’s saying it wasn’t their own fault for making the decision to do it in the first place.
      The point here is kids are dying, and let’s be compassionate for the sake of the friends and families, who are now the ones paying for it.

    2. @daddy of 4 (right) says:

      Bogus daddy of 4 – a sick f&%k you truly are.

    3. mommy of 2 says:

      Daddy of 4, I feel sorry for your kids!

  14. Momma of 2 says:

    It was MIDNIGHT … No one is in school at that time!!!!!!

    1. Sticky says:

      Yeah Midnight tonight!!!

  15. Kim says:

    I know the teen that died…very sad. He has a 6 month old child that will never know his father…how about some compassion!!

    1. bogiebj says:

      So he has made 2 really bad decisions in his short life. Impregnating a woman at 18yrs old or younger, and ingesting a drug.
      The compassion lies with the families of these people, not the decision makers.

    2. seattelsun says:

      So he was already a kid with poor choice making skills? II don’t know him, but I’m sorry he’s gone, and I’m sorry his child is fatherless now, but I’m really sorry for his parents and family, and really wish at 17-18-19, he’d have been making better choices, since he already had one that would have depended on him for the next 20 years.

  16. Momma of 2 says:

    Stupid and ignorant comment!!!

    1. Jennine says:

      I agree. Stupid people.

  17. Melissa Teig says:

    Oh my gosh!!! This worries me because I live in blaine and I have lots of friends that are 19 years old…I hope everyone else is, if they go to my school, its gonna be a sad, sad day on monday…

    1. Rachel Robinson Hadley says:

      do you know trevor r…. my cousin…

      1. Angela Benson, Managing Editor says:

        Rachel, I’m sorry for your loss. We are staying on this story tonight. If you would like to talk about your Cousin or share a photo, please email WCCO at

      2. SHERRY P says:


    2. seattlesun says:

      I only wish these were the problems I was facing in my life right now……..must be rough.

  18. Melissa Teig says:

    Since they live in Blaine, they probably go to Blaine high school and that’s where I go. We’ve been on spring break since friday of last week and won’t be back till monday..

  19. WOWWSA says:

    If you read the new article, it says the drugs were “legal” drugs. Prayers going out to the famileis.

  20. Valarie says:

    All ya all need to read the article again – LEGAL – synthetic drug. Kids are experimenting, we may have not all experimented, but we know people who have and it is very sad. I have a 16 y/o and cringe thinking what her and her friends may try =( very sad day for many families and friends.

    1. daddy of 4 says:

      Just make sure you make your kid watch the news when this story comes up. Kids that are raised up correctly won’t just “try” things for the sake of it, especially when they know it could kill them.

      1. Grizz says:

        Please daddy of 4, don’t live in a glass house or fairyland.
        My Dad was a minister, my Mom a teacher. Strict but fair, more love extended than one could imagine to us all. 6 siblings and all but me straight as an arrow.
        I was wild, I experimented and indulged in everything. And indeed I knew it could kill me as it did so to 2 friends. Young – wild – immature maybe. Lived life on the edge.
        That was me then. Today I am retired, 20 years in military, an engineer by education. Back then I was maybe an enginner too – training in the wrong stuff I guess.
        I couldn’t ask for better parents …. and I was raised correctly. I choose otherwise. Sometimes we do stupid things regardless

      2. your time will come says:

        you are ingnorant if you think kids don’t have a mind of their own, and arrogant it you think you know how to “raise kids correctly”’ AS#HOLE!

      3. PatPaulsonCallsAgain says:

        daddy of 4 is 15 years old folks. excuse his immatureity please. no – on second thought let the punk have it. lol

      4. Chris says:

        Daddy of 4 … What color is the sky in your world?

      5. PhillyFaithy says:

        you are only kidding yourself…..some of the kids that try the most are raised by the strictest of standards. I spent 8 years monitoring kids at spring break and I can tell you that when they are together enmass they may be likely to try just about anything….even your kids daddy

      6. Kristin says:

        @ daddy of 4: Please see my post above regarding my son’s mistake. Kids do it all of the time, good kids, bad kids, creative kids, loving kids, intelligent kids…….

      7. tina says:

        sure they do where the hell have u been?? wats wrong with u your kids never made a bad choice????

  21. parent of Coon Rapids HS boy says:

    My heart is broken for the parents, family and friends of these young kids.
    PLEASE Think about what can happen to you when you choose to do drugs.
    Stop and think about it , it is not worth it.

    1. T says:

      Grizz, you hit my life on the head exactly. I am now an accountant for 28 years, gainfully employed. My parents were wonderful people. I made stupid mistakes(LSD, Cocaine, Heroin). It could happen to anyone people.

  22. Pete says:

    Lots of people who’ve made really dumb choices turn out to be brilliant, enriched individuals who share much good with those around them. No one is “just dumb” and no one deserves to suffer like these kids and their families.

  23. KLS says:

    There’s one good thing about being OTD, All we ever had were cigarettes and booze. But being teens we were still stupid.

  24. Grizz says:

    Wow – I been there-done that in my youth with chemicals. And sadly I lost 2 friends. I’m talking in the early 60’s for reference.

    I can say for certainty that, other than maybe a red-neck hick from the woods that never had brushed his teeth, there wasn’t a soul back then that would make the nasty, hateful, vile comments that some of you make here. They make have detested us hippie types and wondered why we were messing around with drugs and alcohol like we were but they kept it amoungst themselves.
    We don’t need to wonder what happened to America – you are proof of the “why” it has decayed. I hope you never had ir have kids – truly do.

    Often, way to often, bad things can happen to very good people.
    Thoughts and paryers go out to all involved. Tragic

    1. Motherofrag says:

      Yes, bad things can happen to good people. Good call! But to say that experiementing with mind-altering drugs is okay or to condone it in any way isn’t any better. The redneck hicks were doing the moonshine and weed. We all know it! These types of forums are the new coffee shop talk. People don’t go outside anymore to talk to their neighbors or townsfolk at the local co-op restaurant. That’s where most of this would’ve taken place. Now we have this wonderful Internet where all of us use our freedom of speech to spew our points of view. We all have a right to our opinions. None of us has to agree with other’s opinions. But if people are looking to talk about issues, this is where it gets done nowadays. I said before that what they did was stupid. They knowingly did something wrong and consequences must be paid. Is it good that one is dead and the others seriously ill. By all means, NO! It’s down right tragic. But it was those kids’ willing decision to do it and now this is how they are paying for illegal drug use. Just like your 2 friends. It’s very sad, and I’m sorry to hear it. Pros and Cons have to be weighed with any choice with which we are faced. Do drugs: risk death. Don’t do drugs: keep your brain cells. It was a choice.

      1. Frances les deuce says:

        or eat yourself to death. Or smoke yourself to death.
        We all have choices to make and I bet to the person we all have made bad ones at times too.
        They all can cause death. Some just are luckier than others.
        No glass house here and I have done bad choices. The difference is I am still here to write about it.
        Very sorry for you loss Rachel

    2. Charlie says:

      Grizz, Well said and we agree… thanks for talking some sense.

  25. SG says:

    Applause to the few that picked up that this was a LEGAL drug.

    In no way am I condoning what these kids did. One question that does need to be asked is “Where were the parents?” I’m not condeming the parents or kids. I’m a single parent workig two jobs and frequently have to leave my teen at home unsupervised. In that situation, freiends are not allowed over if I’m not there and the neighbors know to call me or check in if they see anything that might not be on the up and up.

    Another thing that should be mentioned is that too often, just because a drug is LEGAL people (espeecially teens and young adults) assume that it is safe. Look at how may abuse legal prescription drugs and the harmful affects they have.

    Any drug legal or illegal can have harmful results if not taken properly.

    This is definitely a case of too easy access over the internet.

  26. Jimmy says:

    “Legal” as in: A chemical compound that is unique and/or too new for it to be on anyone’s banned substance list.

    Not “legal” as in: Aspirin

    Please people

  27. paab says:

    Someone wrote that one of the young men who died at 19 also had a child? What has happened to our society, if he is too young to make an informed decision on a drug he would put in his body he is too young to be having sex. We as a society expect adult thinking responses from children. If we put as much emphasis on not using drugs and not having early sex as we do on not smoking, perhaps this boy would be in College instead of the morgue. What a heartbreaking tragedy.

    1. Rachel Robinson Hadley says:

      yes my cousin had a child. he’s not to young. he just turned 19. at least he wasn’t 16 like the other people in the world.

      1. motherofrag says:

        Sorry to hear about your cousin, Rachel. It’s too bad he didn’t make better choices in life. I hope your family will be able to take care of his child and explain why legal and illegal drugs can be very harmful, enough for this kid to lose a parent. Take a negative and turn it into a positive for this child. That’s my best advice at this time. Again, I am sorry about your loss.

  28. Gizzards and stuffing and then we have a billy says:

    billy – can ya do me a favor and walk across the street near me plzzzzzzz. thanks

  29. Bob says:

    These children didn’t make a mistake. They made a decision. I doubt they didn’t know about the warnings on taking drugs. May God have mercy and bless them and their families.

  30. Rachel Robinson Hadley says:

    THIS WAS MY COUSIN!!!!! YOU GUYS ARE SO COLD HEARTED! my god! show some respect! my cousin was an amazing kid! yes he did something stupid. he didn’t desrve to go!

    WASTE OF LIVES?! WHO THE HELL ARE YOU TO SAY THAT! YOU DONT EVEN KNOW THE KID!!!!!! GOD YOU GUYS NEED TO GET A HEART. i hope you all go to hell for how your acting.

    1. Howard to Rachel says:

      Rachel – more likely than not we have maybe 2-3 people here playing a mighty sick game. Take heart and realize that most people have a heart, a real one, and feel some of your pain. This board just has a few sick, likely unemployed, definitely bitter and mentally ill people who have such shallow lives they have nothing better to do.

      Best of wishes to you and your family.
      Very sorry for you loss

      1. To Rachel: says:

        Yep. Some people out in this world have nothing better to do than drag other people down and sit on a high, moral soap box. It’s absolutely terrible that you lost your cousin! It wouldn’t matter to me if it was from this instance, alcohol, natural causes, what have you!!! I have only tried to make the point that none of us is without fault somewhere in our lives. Someone may do drugs, some others may be adulterers, others may have gambling addictions….but many forget the common phrase: Those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. Ignore all these posts from people who feel they just need to have something posted on the Internet. Go be with your family and take time to heal. There will always be judgmental people. There will always be stone-throwers. Feel bad for them because they lack sensitivity. Many people out there have heard the story, and instead of being on here, they are praying and offering their time and support elsewhere. People all have the right to an opinion. You and I don’t have to agree with those opinions. In fact, to all those out there who think that these kids DESERVED it will some day be eating their words when a loved one of theirs experiences this same thing. Let Karma give them just deserts. My heart goes out to you and your family. Sorry his life had to end so tragically.

    2. Libby says:

      Ignore them all! While everyone in this world is entitled to his or her opinion, it doesn’t mean we have to agree with that opinion. What most of these posters have forgotten is this: Those in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. In other words, many of the posters have possibly engaged in adultery, alcoholism, gambling addictions, theft, etc., feeling it gives them a right to condemn a fellow ‘sinner.’ Well, it doesn’t. My best suggestion would be to stop reading these posts, go be with your family, and mourn together. And keep in mind that those who aren’t on here posting such hateful statements are praying for your family and are looking for ways to help. My sympathy goes out to you and your family. Don’t let these people bring your down. Shrug them off, as they are insignificant to you. Take care!

  31. Gayle says:

    daddy of 4 – pretty cold of you to say they can pay for their actions…the artical said the drug was legal , they bought if off the internet…just because you were LUCKY and survived the stupid things you did as a teenager! My heart goes out to the familys of these kids…how horrible! Whoever sold the stuff hopefully will be prosecuted!!

  32. James says:

    The drug in question was legal, according to the story.

    1. Lila says:

      Legal or not, it wasn’t a good idea. Did you know most of the drugs made for us aren’t safe? We assume they are because our beloved FDA says they are. Ever follow the money? Who do you think helps fund the FDA?

    2. John says:

      Don’t worry its only thurs afternoon. this won’t happen till midnight

    3. learn how to tell time says:

      @John, you do realize that Thursday at midnight comes before Thursday afternoon. Let’s think….12 am or 3 pm, which comes first???

    4. catagious says:

      Doesn’t mean it’s safe.

  33. Gayle says:

    billy you’re a jerk! like you’ve never done anything stupid…must be nice being perfect!!

    1. x says:

      and you obviously are young and stupid and have never lost anyone close to you….

  34. Momo says:

    The act itself was a stupid decision. That doesn’t make those involved stupid people. In your case, I’d say you can’t fix ignorant.

  35. karen says:

    What is sad is how so many in this generation have no moral compass. You will lack compassion when you have been taught by society and many schools that life has no value. I feel sorry for those who are so judgmental because they haven’t got a clue how empty and souless they really are. One day your words and judgments will come back to haunt you…you reap what you sow. I pray for those who are grieving.

  36. Mother of 5 says:

    Dont pass judgement on the Parents! Kids from all differnt housholds make bad choices.You all that have no heart are telling me you never messed up in your life, your heartless. Your telling me you have always made good choices never made a bad one! I am guessing you too have experimented with chemicals that are legal or not. Does that make you stupid then or do you have bad parents? Did your parents or your friends parents always know where you were? What did you really do on your school breaks? Yep thought so so now you can shut up.
    Step outside of the box and look at it from a teenagers view. It was a bad choice that turned out bad. Now their families have to deal with the consequences. The rest of the kids I hope are okay. so they can tell their story and the price they paid for thinking even if it says “legal” it still is a basement made chemical.
    My heart goes out to these families and i dont pass judgement on them.

    1. Father of 5 says:

      MOTHER OF 5. OK, you call it a bad choice. I call it stupidity. Whats the difference. You are passing judgement on those who commented on there (bad choice) stupidity. They were also drinking and that is a bad choice also right Mother. We need to be tough with these kids and quit being politically correct. Also I would like to ask you how these kids that left the party got home. They drove. So now that’s the 3rd bad choice they made. When do we decide enough is enough and call them stupid idiots and arrest those that broke the law. And by the way I have the right to my own opinion.

  37. A Friend Who Lost A Friend says:

    blah blah blah . ppl are ridiculous . no one knows what was going on in these teens head when they took this drug , or whatever it is . which no one really knows EXACTLY what it is , since it is stilll being tested in the lab . and were YOU there ? were YOU one of them who overdosed ? no one needs to call them dumb or stupid or anything else . EVERYONE makes mistakes , they didnt know this was gonna happen , they just thought they were gonna halucenate foor a bit . so stop with the negativity and take it off of here and into your own lives . no one wants to hear it .

    and to the family and friends , and also the teens in the hospital , you are all in my prayers and thoughts and i hope the best for all of you !!

    and to the one who died , you were a good person bud 🙂 all the good times back in highschool ! you will be missed dearly , RIP .

    1. Momo says:

      People aren’t stupid. But sometimes the decisions people make are stupid. This would be an example of that. I’m sorry you lost a friend. No, none of us were there. Had we been, we’d’ve probably stopped them. Drugs, both illegal and legal, shouldn’t be messed with. Let’s use this as an example for others to make better decisions rather than a bashing session against these people’s characters.

  38. Momo says:

    My cousin died of acute alcohol poisoning at the age of 43. He wasn’t stupid. He was severly depressed with no local access to mental health care. The nearest place offering mental health services was over an hour away. Did you want him driving drunk that far to his appointments? I sure didn’t. It’s not God’s plan to kill off people for making bad choices. Better go back and educate yourself in religion a little more. It’s just life. Life happens. Crap happens. And bad, stupid decisions often end in tragedy. That doesn’t negate the sadness or loss. It doesn’t negate the impact on families and classmates. It merely sets an example to others that this wasn’t a smart thing to do and that they shouldn’t do it. Let’s learn from this instead of bashing. But I do agree that the news will show us just what website supplied the drugs, how the drugs are made, and where you can get the supplies at your local Walmart. Gotta love our media!!!

  39. George says:

    Totally agree with GRIZZ. When I go to the Comment section of an article I hope to find constructive criticism by concerned and caring people. Most of the time I do; however, there’s also that group of negative name-callers who seem to argue for the sake of arguing. I’d like to believe that they are simply some screw-off who’s trying to stir up controversy at any expense, but am starting to believe that they are for real. And that kinda scares me. Without compassion and the desire to solve our differences, our country is in deep shit. So many young people are confused by what they see and hear from the older generations. So much so that they believe the world’s going to self-destruct anyhow, so why care. I wish there was a way that those of who feel we do care could join forces and pass the good things on to our
    young people.

  40. Phoung says:

    Kids these days..why don’t they just smoke good regular weed

    1. Lila says:

      Good, regular weed is actually better than smoking legal cigarettes. None of the chemicals in weed that cause all this cancer and COPD. Let’s put Marlboro and Camel on the illegal list and let the weed farmers profit!!

  41. mother of 3 says:

    This is a tragedy. I’m so sorry for everyone involved. And I’m sorry that this early into the story so many people are going out of their way to make such harsh judegements and even go so far as to say hateful things. I am a mother of three, and it just feels like at this moment nothing but sincere condolences are in order. Right now there is tragedy in some of our fellow-Minnesotans homes. I’m sure none of this makes any sense yet — and may never. Let’s show our fellow community members how we stand by them in times of need.

  42. mom of three teenagers says:

    To Rachel: My sincere sympathies for your loss.
    To Everyone Else: These 11 young people were decided to try a LEGAL drug. Smart? No, not really. Should we condemn them? No! It is not our place to judge. They made a horrible mistake. We all make mistakes. That is why the word ‘forgiveness’ exists.

    1. Momo says:

      I agree. It was a horrible choice. But it was no mistake. The drugs weren’t confused for something else. The drugs were purchased for the sole purpose of getting high. When an act is performed knowingly, we can call it on purpose. It was a stupid choice. It was the wrong choice. But I don’t judge them for making a bad choice. I would merely like to see this type of situation used to better educate children about just how dangerous even the ‘legal’ drugs are. It’s really sad.

  43. Diana says:

    I’m really sad this happened and very truly sorry to everyone who is affected by this tragedy. my heart goes out to you.

  44. U getting ready bandit? says:

    Gods plan IMHO Bandit is for you to choke on your vile and depart this earth. There – and I feel a whole lot better now. lmao at you, you sad excuse for a human

    1. Libby says:

      Bandit did get one thing right. The news will tell us which Internet site this drug was ordered from, what the ingredients were, and which Walmart stores carry the supplies. They have a knack for that. But to think this was God’s plan is ludicrous and ignorant. You have very limited knowledge of God and I recommend reading up on religions from around the world. You’ll find a lot of similarities when it comes to compassion and mercy.

  45. Diana says:

    I’m really sad that this happened. I am truly very sorry for everyone that is affected by this. My heart goes out to you.

  46. Student says:

    Why should everyone feel bad for a bunch of kids who made a stupid choice? they knew what they were doing ! it’s not like someone forced them to take the drugs ! they need to learn from they’re mistake and not have people baby them ! how are they supposed to learn then?

    1. Great comments Student .... lol says:

      Maybe you need to spend some time in class, learn to spell, and maybe even learn about empathy. If that is possible. For some it just is not.

      1. Student says:

        thanks !!!! and I’m pretty sure i didn’t spell a single word wrong in that comment. People like you make it seem like doing drugs is okay! So maybe you should go find a hobby, and not make stupid comments that make you sound like an idiot (:

      1. LIESA says:


    2. Mike says:

      If you think they haven’t learned something from this then your an idiot.

  47. snowman says:

    this state is sure full of ignorant RUBES!!

    1. haha says:

      you’re ignorant!

  48. yupp. says:

    I have little sympathy for them. It was their choice to do the drugs! and they knew what they were getting theirselves into , and if they didn’t then they’re just plain stupid! nobody forced them to do it !

  49. Concerned says:

    Reply to Bandit.
    You were hugely mistaken when you said, “It was just gods plan.” It is never God’s plan for people to die in such a way or so young. God gave people a free will and we all live with the consequences of our choices. God also gives us the opportunity to learn from our own mistakes and the mistakes of others. Let’s top judging and condemning those involved and the parents. As was previously mentioned, children can grow up in the most loving and nurturing of circumstances, but it is the choice of each and every individual how he or she will behave. No parent can dictate that, especially in those who are 16 and over.
    Let’s stop judging, lest we be judged. Let’s stop the words of hate, lest we teach the young children and adults around us to hate as well. We need to pray for the families of those who died and for the individuals and their families who remain in the hospital.

  50. BBrooks says:

    Have to ask this question – when did the USA become the country of so many idiots?

    Sorry for your loss Rachel 😦

    1. Alan says:

      When you are faceless and nameless you can get the inner jerk out of people. Just read when the political stuff hits. Is this what we have become. a bunch of mean spirited people. The nice people on the boards seems limited

  51. Booya! says:

    So if you run a red light because you are running late and don’t want to wait for the next one, and you kill someone and cause yourself to become wheelchair dependent, I don’t want to hear you whine and complain about your situation. Plain and simple. You would deserve what happened at that point. And from below, it looks like Gizzard is willing to help hurry this along!

  52. Jake says:

    A quick Wiki search turned up some good info. This DOPE has virtually been BANNED all across Europe and in many other countries. Yes, in minimal amounts, it may be relatively harmless, but all of us adults know what happens when you greatly exceed a safe amount of any drug, legal or not. Even alcohol can be overdosed and cause death. Just because a drug is legal doesn’t mean that it’s safe. All of these designers of synthetic DOPE who deal in death, who think that it is OK to produce it because a government hasn’t figured out it’s chemical makeup yet should be vigorously prosecuted. They aren’t ‘inventors’ or ‘geniuses’. They don’t do it to help humanity, they do it to destroy it and profit from it. Hard to feel sorry for these teens, who never took the word ‘consequences’ seriously. LSD, meth, X, K2, these are all synthetic drugs of death.

  53. Chuck says:

    and we really do not need to hear from you either… Thanks you stone hearted simplistic fool!

  54. kjogf says:

    i know trevor and he has a one year old son that now has no father. =/

    1. Jake says:

      So I guess that trevor cared more about getting high than he did about
      properly raising a son. Hopefully, his son will get a better set of parents
      who really know HOW to raise a child, and have a better chance at a
      successful life. Hate to break it down in such stark terms, but this is
      reality. Those who thumb their nose at it risk a great deal.

  55. Thomas says:

    i know you probably aren’t interested in becoming educated on this matter, but i am going to use your ignorance as an example so that others might understand.

    designer drugs are not random chemical concoctions synthesized by amateurs in dark dusty basements. many of today’s thousands of legal or gray area compounds require sophisticated laboratory equipment and extensive knowledge of organic chemistry to create.

    i would like to add that this series of overdoses is almost certainly not the result of 2c-e or 2c-i, as neither of those compounds have an established LD50, and there are recorded 900mg doses with zero negative physiological effects. these kids did not ingest either of the two substances. i suspect that what may have happened was a mislabeling of the product during the packaging process at the shipper. this has happened before and people have died before. i am guessing that it was probably 2-ct-7.

    this is why you never ingest a powder that you haven’t reagent tested yourself.

    1. better to be cautious says:

      Codeine is one example of a drug that is legal and routinely prescribed for pain; however, most coroners want this drug banned from public use because it is a dangerous respiratory depressant known to stop someone’s breathing when asleep.

    2. Emily says:

      Thomas, Spot on. Nice to hear from someone that’s in the business and has an obvious role in chemistry.

  56. togojo says:

    Please shut down the comments section, these judgemental people should not be heard!!!!!!!!! BTW I went to the strib and no comments were being accepted

    1. Jake says:

      So WHAT. The strib thinks that they are ‘above board’ for not allowing comments, and I find it disturbing. When there is no judgement allowed, ANYTHING that is potentially harmful is then considered to be ‘acceptable’. What RUBBISH.

      1. togojo says:

        No Jake it’s called being respectful, because some just can’t help but be harmful…

  57. Billy says:

    I truly think its funny at how some ingest drugs like candy :))

    How ignorant can these stupid teenagers be, i have to laugh =))

  58. 57nomad says:

    better we all say a prayer for the living, the dead, and their families. save the finger pointing and the recriminations. this is a tragedy and i’ll think i’ll take a harder look at my own life before i start looking to judge others. i cannot even begin to imagine the pain their parents are enduring at this moment.

  59. togojo says:

    Billy go back to the rock you crawled out from, and beat yourself repeatedly on the head with it, your comments are not humorous, you are not funny, and may you make a poor choice and feel the crush of KARMA!

  60. Dave says:

    wow Just after midnight thursday? Now they can stop it before it happens

    1. Captain Obvious says:

      Just after midnight means the start of a new day. So yes it was just after midnight, and yes, it was on Thursday. Dir-da-dir.

      1. Becky says:

        This is the third comment I’ve read where someone jokes about it being in the future. Do people not realize when a new day starts? It shouldn’t be that difficult.

  61. Jeni says:

    First off I must say my heart goes out to the families of these kids. It is a sad day when any life is lost no matter the reason.

    Second- I have now lost 2 of my dear friends in the past year and a half to overdoses. Yes they both knew what could happen and they both thought they knew what they were doing. Obviously they went too far but that doesn’t make it hurt any less.
    These kids using this LEGAL synthetic crap May have thought the same thing. Possibly first timers. Just like cocaine or heroin… First time could be the last time resulting in death. None of us are perfect. None of us have a clean past. It’s time to TEACH the younger generation and use our own mistakes as examples instead of relying on tv, movies, and peers to do it for us.

  62. Sparky says:

    Where I’m from we stick together and console one another and are there for one another. We don’t slap each other in the face, point fingers, blame, kick a person when he or she is down, or make rude and unacceptable comments when someone gets hurt or dies. If you have nothing nice to say then don’t say it at all.
    We all need to give our total support to these kids, family, and friends.
    And they call this state “Minnesota Nice”. Well I beg to differ.

    1. Jake says:

      All I can say is this: “CONSEQUENCES”.

      1. togojo says:

        Jake, all I can say is KARMA

  63. 57nomad says:

    I see a lot of comments on here about the nature of drugs. Here’s a few facts. First the definition:

    A drug is any substance that enhances, mimics, or suppresses, or inhibits the activity of a neurotransmitter. Here are some examples of common drugs, some legal and available to anyone, some proscribed and illegal.

    Caffeine: This is a drug that is available to anyone, infants included. Caffeine is an indirect glutamate agonist (in biochemistry the word agonist means a substance that is a ‘helper’). Glutamate is an excitatory neurotransmitter and caffeine enhances its effect.

    Alcohol: Alcohol is a GABA agonist. GABA is an inhibitory neurotransmitter and alcohol enhances its effect. Since GABA is involved in those neural pathways that are involved in circulation and respiration there is the potential for a lethal overdose.

    Amphetamines: Amphetamines are epinephrine (adrenaline) agonists.
    They cause quick and severe dependency. Epinephrine is a neurotransmitter that is involved with circulation and amphetamines are lethal is sufficient quantities.

    Marijuana: Marijuana is an anandamide agonist. Anandamide is not involved with respiration or circulation and there is no known lethal dose.

    Psychedelic drugs: Psychedelic drugs are serotonin (2HT) agonists. Serotonin is not involved with respiration and there is no known lethal dose. Deaths associated with psychedelic drugs are attributable to adulteration with other drugs. They may not be beneficial to mental health but do not cause dependency. They have a significant effect on mood and perception due to enhancing or mimicking the effect of serotonin at the synapse. They may cause reactions that are similar to psychotic episodes.

    Nicotine: Nicotine is an acetycholine agonist. It causes quick and severe dependency. It is extremely deadly but deaths due to nicotine overdose are rare because of the difficulty in ingesting it in sufficient quantity. However nicotine dependency is a significant indirect cause of death due to it mechanism of ingestion.

    The two most dangerous drugs, by far, are alcohol and nicotine.

  64. SG says:

    Lets keep in mind taht this is a tragic event. Its very likely that these kids were not fully aware of the danger they were putting themselves in since this was a LEGAL drug. LEGAL does not equal safe.

    Yes, they made the decision and some of them probably did give into peer pressure but did they deserve what happened. No.

    The loss of a life is completely senseless and who knows if there will be permanet injury for the survivors. We should all try to learn a lesson from this, educate ourselves, teach our children to make good choices and not put themselves in a situation like this.

    Pray for the kids and their families. They have a long road ahead of them.

  65. tom says:

    No matter how you spell it, It still spells STUPID

    1. Sparky says:

      Again there’s that “Minnesota Nice” kicking in.

  66. Elle says:

    My heartbreaks for this young man’s family and friends. I pray for the others that are sick, I really hope they pull threw this. Truly a sad sad story, may God comfort the families and friends whose loved ones are affected.

  67. Mel says:

    Most of us did some stupid things when we were younger. Most of us survived, but not because we were so bright. There are parents going through their worst nightmare come true. There’s a principle called sowing and reaping, or some call it Karma, but either way if you sow judgement, you will reap it. If you sow mercy and compassion, then when YOU need it most, you will reap it. I choose to sow compassion and mercy. My thoughts and prayers are with these families, and I pray the other remaining kids will survive.

  68. Escapee says:

    I was molested on a daily basis by my step dad, all through high school. He threatened to turn it all around on me if I told anyone. I needed an escape. I took anything I could get my hands on. Once a friend told me she had stolen diet pills from a woman she babysat for. We didn’t know exactly what they were, but I probably took over 100 of them in 4 days. I ended up having my stomach pumped and the doctor said if I had been allowed to fall asleep, I would have died. Mothers, its up to you to keep your daughters safe. If anything seems out of place talk to them and most of all believe in them. I never told my mom because I didn’t want to hurt her. My whole adult life has been affected by the trauma of this abuse. He died a few years ago, and honestly, I’m glad.

  69. US_Marine says:

    You people make me sick. Blame the parents? The kid that passed was my next door neighbor growing up and he was 19. If this young adult was your child would you be saying the same thing? Probably not. And not knowing what they put in their bodies? Tell mr the ingredients of the last soda you put into your body. All they know is that it makes them happy and it’s completely legal.

    1. Mother of 5 says:

      Your right if the shoe was on the other foot and it was their child they would have a different point of view.

  70. GrandmaJ says:

    Thing is, other kids will look at this and think they are too smart to take the wrong mixture of drugs. The cycle continues over and over. It is the parents who will carry the WHAT IF with THEM the rest of their lives. Their dead child or brain damaged kids won’t have a say what goes on for the rest of their lives.

  71. Mother of 5 says:

    Father of 5~I am not saying that their choice is okay! I just dont think passing judgement on the parents and how they were raised was right.
    Did you read the police report or something you seem to have a lot of information on what these kids did. They dont say anything about their grades, what type of person they were, if they were athletes or not. My comment was out of anger to those who were insensitive. I cant imagine losing a child no matter how it happened. Everyone does have a right to their opinion I do believe that, i also believe if you have nothing nice to say then dont say anything at all. Especially when their are people that have lost a loved one.
    It was a bad choice~now lets move on you smart ones that think it is easy to be a teen might want to do some research!!!
    Daddy of 5 have you always made the right decsion and never did anything that was a bad choice. Just saying!

  72. Samantha J Huset says:

    Some of you people make me sick to my stomach. Trevor was a good person and did not deserve this fate. To those who aren’t offering condolences and just making crude comments that are not needed, especially in a time of mourning for this young man, keep your opinons to yourself, cause you will have plenty of time to share them in hell with the rest of the inconsiderate people out there. Rest in peace Trevor , you are sorely missed . ❤

  73. Rachel says:

    R.I.P Trevor , gone but NEVER forgotten ❤

  74. Chris K says:

    Wow The internet turns some of you into tough guys.

  75. Chris K says:

    I will just stick with cannabis. Safe and sound since man found it before Christ

    1. mom says:

      you think it is safe…what if someone laces it on you?

  76. Donna says:

    I can not believe what I am reading!!!!! Many of you are just plain heartless.
    I am so sorry for your loss Rachel. Trevor will never be forgotten!

  77. Hope says:

    I will keep praying to GOD for the kids , family and friends . Its sad and its something that cant take back .. I have 3 boys 2 of them teens and To see the look on there faces was WOW i think many will look at this and know what the out come will be ….. even as teens they were upset that others would say things like some of the things said on here .. I will pray for u just as much as I do 4 the others . May GOD help us all teach the kids the right paths to take . I dont think what u r saying is any less wrong then what they did

  78. sam i'm... says:

    lol, this is what happens when parents failed there…it’s good to be dead anyways, what a wasted…that ought to teach others…god has plan for…..

  79. come on says:

    He or she who has never made a poor choice, stand up and be counted!!! If you are standing i venture then to say you are delusional. We have all had errors in judgement when we are young and some keep making them throughout their lives. Whatever you opinion, it is still tragic. If we are older we have seen people we know that have made costly errors in life. We may have considered their choices poor and may believe they were avoidable however they are tragic non the less. Compassion is a trait that says you, no matter how you feel about the choices, you are still able as a “human” being to feel the pain that others have to endure as result of somebody they love and care for made a “fatal” error in judgement. NO MATTER WHAT KIND OF PARENT YOU HAVE, NOBODY CAN MAKE YOU DO ANYTHING NOR CAN YOU AVOID YOUR CHILD FROM MAKING A POOR CHOICE. If you have never had a child make a poor choice you either have not been aware of their choices because no ill came of it or you are just plain lucky.

  80. Jessica Wickman says:

    1. NO drug MADE for you is good. MADE consists of manufacturing, processing, add chemicals, stuff of that nature. At least with weed your just growin it, giving it water and light, then smoking it…

    2. TRUTH IS NO ONE HAS EVER OVERDOSED ON MARIJUANA EVER.. Its physically impossible..the worst that happens is you pass out, and wake up the next morning, no hangover, no alcohol poisoning..

    so lets leave the stuff on the counters that is KILLING PEOPLE and make the stuff which is LEGAL medically in some states, that hasn’t killed people ILLEGAL Theres a reason every RX medication commercial has a laundry list of side effects to cure ONE issue MOMENTARILY. PLEASE make some sense of that?

    1. REST IN PEACE says:

      @Jessica!! Hey you forgot about that other side effect. Yea some may pass out. But dont forget about them pesky munchies. lol Do I wanna drink alcohol, do prescription drugs in which I could die from or worse kill someone? Or do I wanna sit back, catch a buzz on the PEACE pipe, get the munchies and have a good night sleep? I will take the PEACE pipe EVERY TIME!!! Why is alcohol legal? and why was this other drug legal? My heart truly goes out to all involved


  81. Sheila says:

    Let he without sin cast the first stone. I cant believe how rightous people want to be instead of being caring and comforting. Only God has the right to judge someone death. My heart goes out to all the familys and the kids.

  82. Richard says:

    Another victim of Obama’s drug war. People wouldn’t be pursuing mystery chemicals on the internet if safer natural substances (e.g. marijuana, psilocybin) were not illegal. I don’t condone giving drugs (including the legal drug C2H6O that many of us use) to children. But for adults: the government needs to keep it’s laws off our bodies. The drug war harms more people than it protects.

  83. Evangelist Ken says:

    My deepest sympathy to the family and friends of the young person who died from the overdose.

    I also pray for the medical team on behalf of the others who are currently hospitalized.

    By the grace of God I am still on this earth. I too, like most people did some very foolish things when I was younger. I cannot judge someone else-but I can only offer them hope and my prayers.

    We are all just promised our next breath. None of us know the day nor the hour in which we will depart this earth.

    Certainly it is sad that in this world we have to have such things as mind altering drugs in order to perhaps escape troubles. Many young people, as well as adults find themselves unable to cope with life’s challenges. Many suffer from lonliness. They turn to drugs, alcohol, or perhaps food to help smother the pain.

    Indeed we are blessed to have brilliant minds of Scientists to help make our lives better in many ways. Certainly there is only so much that modern medicine can do too.

    We live in a sinful world. There is so much suffering in the world. The good news is that Jesus took all the sin upon Himself on the cross. He paid the penalty that should be ours.

    May you receive His peace today; the peace that surpasses all understanding!

    1. not above, not below, I am the influence says:

      Please save your prayers. No one is listening. No one can hear what you say to yourself.

      “Certainly it is sad that in this world we have to have such things as mind altering drugs in order to perhaps escape troubles”

      Almost all of the troubles we have in this society can be traced right back to Christianity. The fear of being, which is the basis for Christianity, has bled its way into government(or more realistically, it founded it). Yes alot of people do use mind altering drugs to escape, who doesn’t want to escape stupidity, fascism, nationalism, religion and all the plagues it has visited upon the people it claims to protect.

      “Many young people, as well as adults find themselves unable to cope with life’s challenges. Many suffer from lonliness. They turn to drugs, alcohol, or perhaps food to help smother the pain.”

      Is this not the reason you turned to religion? The number one reason people on this planet believe in god is………. BECAUSE THEY WANT TO. Either they lack the fortitude or are just to stupid to deal on their own. So easy it must be to put all the bad on the devil. Man and his ego and his undying need to protect it created religion to have something to place the guilt on. Drugs as a crutch? Religion as a crutch. It is people like you that make this world unbearable to the point that a teenager would willingly kill himself.

      Please people, don’t believe, this ideology is killing the planet.

      “We live in a sinful world. There is so much suffering in the world. The good news is that Jesus took all the sin upon Himself on the cross. He paid the penalty that should be ours.”

      There is no such thing as Sin. The Christians fear of being pushes their morals on the world. Thus making drugs bad, making them illegal, creating criminals from thin air. There is a lot of suffering in the world, most of which is one group not agreeing with another’s way of being, because they are afraid of it. Fear is what keeps your dumb ass religion on its feet.

      If you want to ban a book man, why don’t you ban the one that has killed the most people, brought upon the most suffering, wasted the most life, the bible.

  84. red says:

    This story broke my heart when I heard this kid had a baby of son of his own. Itis so said he and his friend mad some poor choices and it seeks as as though his friends were either too scared or MESSED UP themselves to bring him IN the hospital to get him some care sooner. RIP

  85. soledman says:

    don’t feel bad for these people at all. play with fire, you get burned.

  86. gentlerain says:

    Stupid is as stupid does!!!!!!

  87. tina says:

    they are teenagers……..and wat did u do as a teenager?give ur parents a hard time, talk back and i bet u made ur mistakes. some teenagers think they are invincible i did and teenagers are going to test u and themselves and teenagers are going to make mistakes…….thats wat teenagers parents all we can do is teach them right from wrong, teach them manners and respect and pray that their mistakes or poor judgement or bad decision wont cost them their life. mistakes are meant to be learned from. always have a good and honest relationship with ur kids, u want them to feel like they can tell u anything.
    as a mom of 4 boys, i taught my kids that if they made a mess or broke something and DIDNT tell me they would be in trouble, that admitted is half forgiven and if they tell me about the spilled milk i couldnt help them clean it up if i didnt kno about worked cause anytime there was a mess they would run to tell me to help them clean it up.the point is if ur children are afraid to tell u they wont tell u and sometimes it doesnt end well.

  88. Anonymous says:

    Kids are going to try recreational drugs, regardless of whether they were raised with good influences or not. It’s a lot like sexual education, since kids are going to do it, why not educate them on the substances correctly?

    The kids who took the drugs were told they were taking 2cb, which is difficult to OD on. When in fact what they were taking was 2ce, while being a very similar compound has a 500 mg overdose.

    This is very tragic and could have been avoided.

  89. a kid says:

    did anyone stop and think how hard it must be in this day and age to be a teenager?
    back then we had smokes,booze,pot,lsd,cocaine but now there are sooooo many more drugs nowadays,designer drugs legal drugs.put urself in their shoes . it aint easy being a kid

  90. john says:

    impudent strumpets. He died due to natural selection.

  91. declan says:

    the drug is not to blame here, it is the user. 2c-e is a very popular drug, and this is the first reported death i have read about related to it. for this to have happened they must have been taking huge doses, much bigger than what is recommended. if the people who overdosed had just done a simple google search, they could have found a recommended dosage range, and avoided all of this.
    @ kristin, you’re an idiot, mixing weed with alcohol isnt going to cause any complications, it just means you’re going to be high when you pass out because of the alcohol.

  92. Disgusted says:

    As others have noted it would be very surprising if this actually was 2c-e. But regardless a lot of the blame for these deaths falls on the back of our now 40 year old war on our own citizens. Making safe substances and PLANTS(LSD, mushrooms, peyote, marijuana, etc.) illegal is what has driven the creation of these new synthesized drugs. These kids probably would have never resorted to ingesting a white powder they ordered from the internet and which was probably mislabeled as something else if they could have simply eaten a few mushrooms for the evening.

  93. LIESA says:


  94. Brenda says:

    Problem is that the drug they ingested is “legal.” If only our country would wake up and protect our children from dangerous drugs and stop the false propaganda/crusade against marijuana. Teens are going to smoke it whether it is legal or not. When they realize that marijuana isn’t as bad as everyone tells them it is, they think that other drugs,legal or not, aren’t that dangerous either. As a parent I constantly talk to my teens about drugs and that they should educate themselves before making rash decisions. I speak honestly with them about marijuana and about my past use but express my disapproval of dangerous drugs that can kill or make you mentally unstable. God bless those affected by this tragic event.

  95. Jack Sol says:

    Did America just forget that we kill kids/adults with alcohol constantly, yet it’s embraced as a substance culturally? Without intensive research, 2c-e cannot be banned and I could argue a so called “emergency ban” is not even in line with the Controlled Substances Act. Nevermind how wrong the scheduling is on cannabis, but really this drug demonizing is getting ridiculous! Two kids died, tragic yes. My aunt died from too much alcohol. Alcohol is legal and doesn’t seem to face much opposition, so why should this chemical?

  96. Joseph says:

    I’d like to point out that thousands of people die every single year from overdosing on alcohol, many of them teenagers. This drug is actually relatively safe. The real tragedy here is people taking drugs without knowing much about them.

  97. not above, not below, I am the influence says:

    I read so many of these comments… It sounds like maybe 1% of you actually know 1 actual fact about this topic. 2c-e’s LD50 is unknown but is most likely in the 500mg+ range, and more likely twice that high(but like i said, no one knows, least of all me). That is over 15 times the dose needed for a STRONG trip. This “just say no” bulls$&% IS WHAT KILLS YOUR KIDS. Human beings for thousands of years have felt compelled to delve into the psychedelic realm, and will continue to do so. If you condemn every drug, legal or not, and tell your children to not do them, they are of course going to wonder and become curious. Just as the DARE program has been proven to increase drug use in its students. You wet their appetite and give them absolutely no knowledge on the subject. Then they go out and do like these ill informed souls did, take WAY to much, and die(im of course assuming overdose, they could have just as easily been sold something that was not 2c-e). I’m terribly sorry i cannot relate to you parents, it must really be hard to be a parent, but if you are going to treat your kid to knowledge on a need to know basis, this will happen. I cannot feel bad about this, not in the least. What does hurt me, is knowing that this will further hurt the knowledgeable, researched and responsible, lifelong psychedelic community, who are already needlessly stigmatized as it is.

    Ive done 2c-3, I’ve done LSD, I’ve done mushrooms, I’ve smoked weed, I’ve smoked Salvia, I’ve done MDMA, I’ve drank Ayahuasca. Guess what. I had a really great time, and all these things have greatly improved my spiritual and mental life. I’ve never been hurt, I’ve never been hospitalized, I’ve never hurt anyone, they have never been a detriment to me, and they certainly never made me less intelligent. But you don’t hear about that on the news do you. For once people, why don’t you stop believing the news, stop watching TV. Base your conclusions on actual facts rather than scare tactics.

    The news/television/news sites are not tools of enlightenment, THEY are the real bad drugs, it is a manufactured data stream with a message that is whatever the dealer wants it to be. You cannot look to the news for fact. The basic fact of the matter is… drugs are good and bad. The ones that promote certain community values are kept legal, one perfect example…. Caffeine, bad for you, deaths are attributed to it, but it keeps you producing, therefore it is acceptable. Cannabis, no deaths attributed to its use, non toxic, just as bad lung wise as smoking anything(i recommend a vaporizer, negates negative effects of smoking), it promotes a less goal oriented, less consumption driven, more introspective and peaceful existence, therefore it is shunned by the government. Responsible people on psychedelics and weed, aren’t going to work in your offices, we aren’t going to kill for peace, we aren’t going to blindly accept outside authority over our lives, and we ARE NOT GOING AWAY.

    You people, you are the morons that keep this system alive, the system that is cutting the earth from beneath our feet, the system that sterilizes living thought the system that dehumanizes us. Turning us into fuel for the machine. Wake the hell up people.

  98. not above, not below, I am the influence says:

    And seriously, if you use a base form alkaloid you get off the internet, without a way to test its authenticity… Your haste and disregard for your own safety is what killed you.

  99. Just that says:

    I don’t know these children lets keep that in mind they are children! They make mistakes being a parent and growing up where my parents did watch me and having nurses, cops, faith, and numerous other reasons in my familly not to do drugs I still tried them. Regardless of how close my parents watched me or how much my mom or dad yes both my parents were in my life married not from a broken home no reason to try or do drugs. Parents never divorced… but there is no way to tell who will try them and who will not…All it takes it 2 seconds for a parent to turn there back and a child can do anything that they want to do if they are going to.
    As parents all we can do is give our children the tools to make the right decisions and hope for the best!
    This is not in anyway the parents fault they did not wake up and say I hope my kids do drugs today….
    Every parent that I know hopes that their child does better for themselves then what they have accomplished we call it the American Dream.
    I know that I thank my lucky stars EVERYDAY that I am where I am today and that I did not suffer any long term damage from my childhood mistakes.
    Parents cannot watch their children 24/7
    There is a wise old saying it takes parents to have a child and a village to raise one…
    Maybe we all need to take an inventory in our own lives before we judge others!!!

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