Father, 19, Dies In Mass Overdose, Others Hospitalized

BLAINE (WCCO) — One person is dead and 10 more are hospitalized, including two in critical condition after a mass overdose, according to police.

Blaine Police responded to a residence on the 9500 block of Monroe Street NE just after midnight on Thursday for a medical situation involving an alleged overdose of synthetic drugs. Police say the substance ingested was legal.

Authorities say several teens and young adults ingested what is thought to be the designer drug known as “2 C-E,” which is a reported hallucinogenic. There is a controlled hallucinogen called “2 C-B” and chemists reportedly alter it slightly to make it “2 C-E,” which also makes it legal.

Officials say the drug was ordered over the Internet.

“Just because you have an assumption that it’s legal and you can buy it online, in no way is it safe, as witnessed by the events this morning,” said Paul Sommer of the Anoka County Sheriff’s Office.

The teens allegedly took the substance at a spring break party at the home of one of the boys, who is now hospitalized.

Trevor Robinson, 19, died when he overdosed on the drug.

“I definitely believe he could still be here,” said his brother, John, who blamed Trevor’s friends for his death.

Trevor was hitting his head against the wall after taking the drug. Some of the people at the party snorted it, while others dissolved it in liquid and drank it.

Trevor needed help immediately and the people at the party tried to calm him down.

“Apparently, they knocked him out or something and then they waited a long time. He wasn’t breathing, and then they dropped him off in the front of the hospital. Just dropped him off in the parking lot and drove off,” John said.

John said medical staff found him and tried resuscitating him, but couldn’t.

Trevor was a proud father with a newborn, who was also working and going to college.

“He cared for that kid as much as anything in the world. It was just sad for it to happen,” said friend Nick Hockert, who gathered with other friends outside the home where the mass overdose happened.

Authorities say some of the victims fled the residence and were suffering the effects of the overdose at separate locations.

The exact compound of the drug has not been confirmed and investigators say further tests are being performed at the BCA Lab.

The case continues to be under investigation. Police are warning parents to be aware of the dangers of these drugs and what happened to these young victims, especially Trevor.

He was on life support before dying, leaving behind a baby boy and brother.

“The time I spent with him just wasn’t enough,” said John. “He’s 19. I wanted to grow up with him.”

  • Singer

    Why is this drug legal!?!?!

    We need to prevent these sort of things from happening. I think the teens and young adults should be charged.

  • joeblau

    Great friends.

  • Skeezer

    Fantastic friends

  • coldheart

    Brand new father using illegal street drugs? Hmmmm…….


      It was not illegal street drugs……The drugs taken were LEGAL……

      • karen

        But he, all of them, took a drug to get high on. That is where they went wrong. DO NOT TAKE A DRUG THAT YUOR DOCTOR DOES NOT GIVE YOU.

      • Jake

        nice lecture Karen – Kids do stupid stuff all of the time – and this one payed with his life.

      • laura

        just because something is legal doesn’t mean it is ok to take. Look at cigaretts or alcohol they are legal but they can still kill you. It is very sad that this young man di. Kids do stupid things, but to be so careless is not stupid it is being selfish. His baby will never know his father because of this stupid thing his dad did. Maybe instead of trying a “legal “drug to get high he should have been taking care of his baby. Kids need to realize they arent invincable and God doesn’t spear them from death just because they are being stupid. It is times when teens are trying or doing stupid things that the end result is usually death.. Ie drinking too much, drinking and driving, driving too fast. Stupidity is not an excuse for carelessness.

      • Kids are Stupid

        Legal or not, grow up and stop taking stupid ass drugs like this. Go buy beer, go get some weed. Why take something that is made of draino? Kids are just stupid these days. really, you need to get THAT high to enjoy life? Guess what, there will be more Trevors out there dying because stupid kids take stupid things.


    Steve, you are heartless

    • lyndie


  • tim w

    its my guess that at least one of those kids comes from a home where the parents are complete morons. and using drugs themselves. i guarantee it. it shows just how incredibly stupid teenaged kids really are and that we as parents need to teach these idiots how to live like regular human beings. instead of ruining their lives by showing them that doing drugs and alcohol is the way to celebrate special occasions. `ALL of the parents of these stupid kids are directly responsible and should be held accountable regardless of whether they were 15, 16 17 or 18 and older. ya gotta feel for the kids family and his new born child. but ya cant have much sympathy for the mindless actions of these kids. Heres a thought, every one of these kids parents homes should be searched for evidence of drug use and then promptly arrest these parents.

    • Jessi

      The article states that the young man leaves behind a son and a brother. The fact that no parents are mentioned is pretty telling. It’s possible he no longer has any parents and, being 19, no guardianship of any kind.

    • Lynn Snyder-Needles

      I think your theory that kids who use drugs are raised by parents who use drugs insensitive and feel it jumps to incorrect conclusions and minimalizes the struggle of many parents of addicts. I am a nurse and see plenty of addicts who were not raised by addicts. In addition, I don’t use drugs of any kind including nicotine or caffeine, I don’t drink alcohol, yet my daughter died of a drug overdose last month. Your comments could be perceived as very offensive to parents of overdose victims who are already upset, and have a tendency to second guess how they raised their children, and are already judged by people who think they didn’t care about their children, or were bad parents. The fact is, some children and adolescents experiment with drugs, abuse drugs, or have addictions without ever witnessing drug use in their homes. Frequently these parents do everything they can to help their children including spending their life savings sending their children to rehab after rehab, spend sleepless nights worrying or out looking for their child, doing everything in their power to help, and sometimes the outcome is still tragic.

  • Saddened

    This is a real tragedy… It seems like there are a lot of these synthetic drugs popping up and the side effects are not well understood. I wish they’d just legalize weed!

    • Brett

      idiotic comment what the hell does legalizing weed have to do with this? You can get weed anywhere anyway so if they wanted that they could have had it

  • tim w

    the thing that kills me is that when something like this happens you start to see these “RIP” tributes from the friends of these kids. but you never see ANY of these kids having the wherewithall to STOP their friends from doing it in the first place. this whole ” its too bad trevor had to die so lets gather outside the house and cry about it” thing makes me want to puke. suddenly its ” woe is me ” instead of ” why didnt we stop him from doing it” and then all the friends create this greiveing click of people that try to make it all about them as if it was an accident that it happened when it was something that they all contributed to.

  • Brett

    well i get upset when his brother blames others for his own stupidity. yes its sad that this had to happen but hey man it was HIS CHOICE to take it. And then the statement about how he loved his son more than anything well i guess not as much as taking drugs

  • Take it to the Bank

    Although his friends were cowards for leaving him there to die, there is nobody to blame but this young man himself. Unless someone was holding him down and forcing him to ingest the drugs, HE, himself, made the choice to take them. He was clearly only thinking selfishly of himself and not his son when he was doing drugs (illegal or legal it doesn’t matter). Unfortunetly his young son will now have to go through life without his father, he is the one that really has to pay in the end.

  • master

    friends dont let friends do drug

    • Deb

      Ah……….Did you READ the story?????

  • RJF

    Crazy, sad story. Shows how desperate teens are today in seeking, or taking advantage of availability (internet), availabilty of random substances. If you research this drug compound that the kids took, it is the equivalent to acid/LSD, yet even stronger. Its effects are even more intense, and come on immediately, if inhaled (as they apparently did). And.

    And while I’m not an attorney, I can assure you that his friends – the ones with whom he took it, the ones at the party, and the shmucks who dropped him in a hospital parking lot, might very well be held accountable for his death.

    • M

      Oh, of course. Its always someone else’s fault. What the hell happened to taking responsibility for one’s own actions?

      • Antoni

        Well apparently he did!
        Are the drugs legal? Yes! So, when they dropped him off at the hospital it would be the same as dropping off a friend (of age) who drank too much. Don’t get me wrong, taking him to the hospital was the smart thing to do.
        But here’s the kicker. Being that they did not break any laws why not stick around, even for someone you barely know (done this before). The fact that they left was because they either knew he was dead or they felt that what they were doing was wrong in the first place. Therefore, they were trying to divert responsibilties. Actions speak where words cannot. If someone stayed with him could you see how that would change things.
        But none the less, they more than likely won’t be held accountable. And the drug manufacturers will just add the test results! LSD ‘was’ legal; remember Ken Kesey?

    • JamieinMN

      They will NOT be held accountable for his death. They did absolutely nothing wrong. They partially, very partially did the right thing, and brought him somewhere where people could try to save him. None of them committed any crimes against that young man.

      • Jay

        Are MN laws that lax?? Anyone that sells, provides drugs to a person who then dies, is held totally responsible for that action here in WI.! His friends werent being friends when they dropped this young man off in the parking lot, either! My personal belief is these young people made the decision themselves to take the drug, they alone are responsible for their actions. No one forced the other to partake. It is truly sad this young man wont see his child grow up. My sympathy to the family.

      • MAD MOM

        Ah Jamie in MN you would be most misinformed yes you can be held accountable, they were contributors #1, and they did nothing (good Samaritan to prevent, # 3 they did not seek help, to drop one off at hospital does not count calling 911 alerting medical staff and informing them what was injested is what is ethical and in some cases the lawful thing to do. They are accountable in criminal law as well as civil law. Yes we should all prevent this from happening yep parent should yeach children right from wrong ( lead by example it really works see how friends led by example causing 10 others to follow).

      • JamieinMN

        I just don’t think it could hold up in court. And I don’t think they should be held responsible for PROVIDING the drugs. He CHOSE to snort, or smoke whatever it was. Nobody forced him. I am mad however, that they did not at least inform medical staff about what exactly happened.

    • JamieinMN

      And if he were a minor, then I could certainly see someone, whoever supplied the synthetic materials being charged with a crime.

      • MAD MOM

        Yes it does hold up in court at least in Minnesota it does drugs are the same as alcohol if you choose to drink and get in a car with someone else who drank which are all your decisions the one driving is held accountable for any accident regardless of YOUR choice to drink and get in the vehicle. It is commonly held up in court,

  • kim

    Yeah I dont see why they dont legalize weed…Have you ever heard of anybody overdosing and dying from smoking too much ?

  • Fun Guy

    Boy, you folks are lost. Alcohol still kills more teens than anything else COMBINED!

    The only difference is that the alcohol companies have huge lobbyists

    • RsubG

      Alcohol is the only drug you can die withdrawing from, yes, not even heroin can kill you. Tthe delirious tremors and the heightened risk of cardiac arrest during withdraw from alcohol kill 30 percent of people who aren’t in the hospital during withdraw.

      RIP Trevor, hopefully those close to him can learn a lesson; however, from my experience, people never learn that drugs are poison.

  • Kevin

    Until the adults in this world stop medicating their own feelings with alcohol and other drugs, and we allow people and business to profit from selling; the misery it causes, incidents like this, child abuse, domestic violence, murder by alcohol on our highways, etc., will never stop. Look in your own back yards people. We are all responsible and so deluded in ourselves, that we can’t see it nor want to change it. So some little child here will grow up without his father….

  • JEL


    • GDavis

      Please turn the all caps off and get a grip. What Joe is saying is that when you become a parent you need to become more responsible, not lock yourself in the house and have no life. There’s a big difference between going out once in a while for beer and going to drug party with a bunch of idiots.

    • laura

      one beer is different from a drug and if my husband and I do go out which is not often because we both work and are away from our kids for 8 hrs a day at work the way it is the weekend is family time, but if we do go out it isn’t to a party were there are drugs legal or not and if one of us has a beer or two the other has nothing but pop or water and we don’t stay out till early morning. It isn’t about us once we decided to have children it became about them and us as a family. Not saying it is right but it works for us and our children are healthy and happy. We have 2 older children who I can say with almost 100% certainity that they would not take drugs because their father and I have talked to them often about the harm drugs/alcohol can do and they see stories like this. . Plus they are both very into sports and after school activities and they wouldn’t want to risk getting kicked out of those things. We aren’t perfect parents and we accept that our kids are going to mess up and do stupid things or not make right choices but they also know that their is a risk if they make wrong choices that could be fatal and too bad for this young man he didnt have the same teachings

  • JamieinMN

    Nobody deserves to die, but he definitely did not have his ducks in a row, regardless if he had a job and went to school. Now this mother must explain to her child when he’s old enough, how his father’s own stupidity took his own life.

    • JamieinMN

      Oooo someone woke up on the wrong side of the trailer this morning! :-/ Eeeek

    • Gramps

      Is this any different than the 98% of teens who share similar urges? Some use drugs, some use booze, some have sexual addictions and the list goes on.
      Sadly some don’t live due to their actions.
      In 1967 in VietNam 2 boys in my squad took rounds from a sniper and left me that day. The night before they had enjoyed a rare day of downtime and drank a few beers. By your analogy Jamie they didn’t have their ducks in a row. So I guess then they were stupid by definition too.
      Kid – grow up. Today

      • JamieinMN

        Well, to put anything in your body that shouldn’t belong in there is quite stupid…..especially hallucinogens

  • bob

    Alcohol is legal and how many teens are ODing on booze? Alot!

  • g

    It doesn’t matter if the drug is legal. Aspirin and cough syrup are legal as well, but any substance used inappropriately can be dangerous. It’s unfortunate these people didn’t have better friends, but the 19-year-old is reponsible for his own actions.

    • JamieinMN

      Exactly. Kids are resorting to ANYTHING and EVERYTHING to get a high. They want something quick, cheap, and legal.

  • Sexual Truama


  • Earthman

    The bottom line is this is a sad story. And some of the comments I’m reading here are just heartless.

    The drug that was ordered online (legally) should be banned and the manufacturer of this product should be held accountable in some way.

    The kids who dropped their “friend” off in the parking lot of the hospital will have to live with their decisions for the rest of their life.

    If weed were legal people wouldn’t turn to ordering synthetic drugs online.

    Alcohol kills people everyday. Weed doesn’t. And the synthetics have grown enormously popular because people are looking for an alternative to weed that is legal.

    All that being said people need to be responsible for their actions and friends need to do a better job of being better friends.

    • JamieinMN

      “The kids who dropped their “friend” off in the parking lot of the hospital will have to live with their decisions for the rest of their life.” Tell me, what else could the “friends” have done BETTER???? They brought him to a hospital! They didn’t dump him off on the side of the road. Or leave him to die in the corner of a dark basement.

      • Earthman

        The way I’m understanding this, these guys just dropped him off at the parking lot of the hospital and took off. (Probably because they were scared) But I would think a better friend would help check the kid in and disclose to the hospital staff what he ingested so that the doctors knew what they were dealing with from the start.

      • JamieinMN

        Oh of course, I wish somebody would’ve at least brought him IN the hospital. But chances are they were all tripping, and not in their right minds.

      • Jaylee1700

        AH, gone in the hospital maybe would have been a better option. Told the hospital exactly what the patient took so they could access how to properly take care of him. If someone is dumped in the parking lot of a hospital. The staff doesn’t know what is wrong with the patient. They cost him precious minutes and basically are partially responsible for killing their friend. I don’t care how scared they were.

      • MAD MOM

        If my friend were in trouble I would call 911 basic elementary school knowledge, and begin CPR as I wait for paramedics to arrive. Infact if my friend were on fire I would not just watch then when he is fully charred drop him off at the fire station. Trippen or not cuz Ive been there so I know it can be done.

      • JamieinMN

        Really MAD MOM? Even if you were tripped out on a hallucinogen????? You don’t know WHAT you would do.

  • JamieinMN

    OK………Did you REALLY need to broadcast that?

    • Bev a parent

      you are a sick individual JamieinMN, a mighty sick person

      • JamieinMN

        How so?

    • Sexual Truama


  • JustSayin

    You need to go back to the Psych-ward. Pronto!

  • Gary

    Since when is it illegal to drop someone off at the hospital and not go in with them?

    • Mr. Right

      you must be another idiot, you’d probably do the samething, drop a dead body and run. What cowards! Alaways thinking of some technical excuse to justify the means.

      • JamieinMN

        He was simply asking a question. Why couldn’t you just answer it? Because we all know it’s not illegal, what they did was only partially right. I don’t agree with what they did but you need to understand that those kids were all probably tripping. But they DID take him to the right place.

      • Adolf Hitler

        I would drop the body in front of the car and run over it.

  • swerver

    Beiber haircut neat

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