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  1. Bill says:

    Been involved with an ongoing discussion on the topic on a website I frequently visit. In general, the opinion of those involved in the conversation is that both should be punished (if only to uphold an anti-violence stance), but the smaller, instigating kid definitely deserves more. Someone on the site heard that the littler kid who instigated got a 21 day suspension, while the bigger kid who fought back got 4 days. Both of those seemed fair to most.

    However, we also generally though that another kid deserves to be suspended as well–not 21 days, but more than 4. And that’s the cameraman. Because he was already recording, he clearly had knowledge of the littler kids plan to start this, yet did nothing to stop it. Further, he recorded it, which likely added fuel to the fire, as the littler kid may not have gone as far as he did if there wasn’t a camera on him. And then, after the fact, the cameraman (presumably) posted this to the internet, bringing embarrassment to both kids.

    If you’re interested in seeing the discussion, visit:

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