By Edgar Linares, NewsRadio 830 WCCO

BLOOMINGTON, Minn. (WCCO) — A St. Paul man has decided to live in a glass apartment at the Mall of America in an attempt to show people how to live healthier.

Scott Jorgenson, 45, volunteered to participate in the Human Project, created by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota, to change his life.

“I’m in my mid forties and I wanted to do this to make a lifestyle change,” Jorgenson said. “I want to enjoy my life when I retire. This opportunity came up and I had to go for it.”

Jorgenson is now known as the “Human”

In the glass house, Jorgenson will demonstrate how a typical person can build physical activity, better nutrition and support into their daily routines — and it’s done with the public help.

“The public is part of it. They get to decide my daily do’s,” Jorgenson said.

The Human has a facebook page and a Twitter handle. Several times a day he’ll ask his followers to vote on what activities he should do. Sometimes he’ll even ask people to join him in an activity. Jorgenson said he’s trying to change his unhealthy way of life.

“The one thing I don’t do is exercise, I don’t move,” Jorgenson said. “I try to eat a little better, I watch my portions, but I don’t exercise at all.”

You can watch the Human each day live on streaming video at and you can follow his blog.

He will be supervised by Dr. Marc Manley, vice president and chief prevention officer of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota.

“We really expect him to be learning new ways to move more, to eat better,” Manley said. “And we expect lots of people to follow along and give him some support, and to participate in the things he’s doing as the month goes on.”

Jorgenson will sleep, eat, and exercise in the glass apartment until April 16. He’s not locked in; he can leave anytime to get groceries or take a walk around the mall.

Jorgenson is married and works as an entertainer, but hasn’t received much work since putting on some weight.

“I’ve lost a little bit of weight over the last year, but I hit a plateau about three or four months ago,” Jorgenson said.

People who walked by the Jorgenson’s glass apartment Friday were curious and stopped to look. His apartment has a living room, kitchen, bed, and private bathroom. He also has exercise equipment including a stationary bike.

“I wouldn’t be able to handle everybody staring at me,” said Joe Davis, who stopped to look.

The glass apartment is located on the mall’s main level between Nordstrom and Macy’s.

Comments (20)
  1. Richard says:


    So, what’s the benefit to those standing around, watching? Are they more active? Do they learn anything? Or, are they gaining the same benefits of going to the under-ocean exhibit? Or worse yet, the same benefits as sitting at home, on the couch, watching television? There’s success for you!

    In my opinion, this is a terrible marketing escapade.

    We walk the Mall in the mornings, and I had a chance to see this today. A feeding frenzy for photogs, but that’s about all.

    Let’s compare that to what Mayo Clinic has done at this same Mall. They put in their 5K, 10K and Mile Walking Course. It provides personal interaction, exercise, involvement, and RESULTS. But then again, that’s why Mayo is Mayo. RESULTS!

    What is BCBS providing? My guess is self-serving entertainment. Then they put this monument in between a cookie store and an ice cream store. Are you kidding? Chubby watchers will see these tasty options within arms reach and do the BCBS “Do It.Walk” over to the counters of either of those stores.

    What marketing genius put this one together? What committee approved it?
    My insurance carrier provides us with exercise and yoga kits. BCBS provides us with some guy who may fall asleep on the couch they have provided. What’s that going to look like if he starts drooling?

    BCBS wouldn’t even write a policy on me, yet they have enough to pay for this performance.

  2. Terence says:

    Just what we need – BCBS driving up our rates by wasting money on stupid stuff like this – this spectacle should be boycotted by everyone, especially those with BCBS.

  3. Travis says:

    He shouldn’t throw stones.

  4. sophistocat says:

    Wikipedia enter UNIT 731….there is your answer

  5. Jeremy says:

    i know!!! people will be healthier by sitting on facebook or twitter waiting on this moron to ask them what he should do….

  6. Bobbi Snow says:

    Maybe we should ALL just try to LEARN something new from this selfless exhibit…

    1. sgraves says:

      There’s nothing selfless about a narcissist getting paid to be watched 24/7!

  7. mike says:

    Alright, just what is this fruitcake trying to promote at MOA? And is BCBS actually behind the moronic idea of marketing a glass apartment at the mall? I, personally do not think that publicly humiliating yourself in a mall will make a better quality lifestyle for your own image or to gain any recognition of any kind. For a moment, I thought that the internet was the best method to publicly humiliate youself at it’s worst, however this idea of yours is beyond bizarre!

  8. Sarah says:

    Of course BCBS would approve this. This is the same insurance provider that wouldn’t cover me because I lost weight too quickly after having a baby.

  9. R. Schauer says:

    BCBS raised my health insurance rate 30% in a year and I had to drop it. Now I’m uninsured like 50 million other Americans…and the rate is increasing.

  10. M. Browers says:

    Well at least now I know why my rates keep going up every year, this is ignorant and I can not believe that they actually support a thing like this…

  11. jeanna says:

    so u think in his private space he might eat a donut ,gin/ sig???
    can/will he be able to invite a guess in 4 dinner

  12. teremist says:

    I am wondering what marketing genius thought up this inane project? How much did BCBS pay them? BCBS, REALLY any 10 year old, could devise a better marketing strategy! Here is a clue, in todays’ distressed economy, Lower rates, and save people money, without cutting services.

  13. Jill says:

    They should have had a better looking man do this,it would have worked out better.

    1. Pete says:

      What? Wow… Pretty shallow of you. No all can be as HOT as you Jill!!

    2. Leane says:

      lol. As much as that would have been entertaining for the ladies, the project is about awareness of unhealthy life-styles and the problem with obesity in this country.

  14. Leane says:

    While there are a million holes and errors of design in this study, it can bring a lot to the table. As a psychologist, I find the idea fascinating. We need to try projects to motivate others to have a healthier life-style. I can also guarantee, that whether you criticize the project or endorse it, you will think about it, and you will mention it to someone you know.

  15. minneapolis apartments says:

    This is nuts.

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