ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Anti-war activists plan a march and rally Saturday in St. Paul as part of a national day of local peace actions.

Protesters will gather at 1 p.m. at the Martin Luther King Community Center. A march will start at 1:30 p.m. and move down University Avenue, ending at the state Capitol for a rally at 2:15 p.m.

Activists are calling for an end to the U.S. war in Afghanistan, an end to the continued U.S. presence in Iraq, and for a redirection of resources from war to human needs.

March 19 was chosen as a day of protests across the country to mark eight years since the start of the U.S. military intervention in Iraq.

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Comments (26)
  1. Joe Hanson says:

    Will they also protect President Obama’s call for military action against Libya?

    1. Paul says:

      Good point, Joe. But I’m sure he considers this humanitarian. And the current administration feels that the role of our military is to provide humanitarian aid, not defend our country.

      1. Tad G says:

        That stated – he has yet to have the need to defend our country. He doesn’t seem to hesitate to eneter or ramp up conflicts – Afgan was burning out until he tossed more logs on the fire. Frankly – he surprised me on that. And IMHO did the right thing.
        How come the right , at least the righters on these hidden boards, attack him for that when that was what they wanted? I guess politics get in the way of ones vision. If it’s your party it’s right and good and proper but if it is the opposition it’s different spin.
        I have yet to form an opinion on his military policies but he has surprised me with both his nards at times and his restraint at others. If you are wondering – I am an independent, never bought into the paty line silliness, and voted against Obama. I might be changing my mind next time on that too. Time shall tell

    2. Roj says:

      They are the deceived

  2. NOBAMA!!!! says:

    obama has made this a weak Nation, he has no clue what is going on, golf and b-ball is on his mind not the security of our nation and our allies God help up if he gets another 4 years! Thing could turn into a civil war here! We need a strong leader with a back bone and guts enough to get this Nation back on track!

    1. Cope with it ignits says:

      you are a fricken idiot. total fricken dumber than dumb idiot. bozo the dumb idiot. back on track huh …. idiot, you wouldn’t no a track if you were standing on one.
      join the kkk so I can jail you …. with an ak

      1. You are a coward says:

        You are one of those cowards go back to your obama statue and worship him

    2. no nobama no haters says:

      Please take your medications. The ones the doctord prescribed for you, not the ones you got off the kids in Blaine

  3. Your Brother says:

    Obama is an embarrasment to the American people! As someone that has served this Great Nation I can say the military is even embarrassed by him! God help us!

    1. Grizz says:

      As a 20 year Vet myself I totally disagree with you – he did the right thing, held back and off until the coalition was in order and now it’s time to play ball.
      I don’t think you folks have a clue as to the current state of our forces. We have numbers but I will say we also are short on experienced numbers. The conflicts we are in are everywhere __ and we are getting spread thing. This is not like Korea and Viet Nam where at least we were in regional conflicts. It’s a new world kids and it’s not as simple as it once was. Even the smallest of countries can tie up our boys for a long time on the ground. Yes – in the air we prevail yet on the ground it ends. Logistics.

      My worst fear was the administration jumped in alone – as much as I still believe we are as powerful as any nation militarily we can no longer be the global cop. Part of the solution – absolutely. The solution alone – hardly.
      I commend France who many like to ridicule for complacency. They acted. Job well done.

    2. Wilbur says:

      So omnipotent you know what each member of the military thinks, even though your service is done. WOW

  4. Mel says:

    You can’t say our involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan is wrong, but it’s ok in Libya. True-blue anti-war activists will protest all of it, if that’s their worldview. Otherwise, their liberal bias will be obvious.

    1. Lefty says:

      If there was a LIBERAL media, you would know that this new war in Libya WAS included in today’s WAR Protest. We cannot afford another war. But War profiteer$ brainwa$h people into believing that war is the an$wer and it is NOT.

  5. DAR says:

    Obama is bumbling around foreign policy like a drunken blind man. Needs to get some advisors that know what the hell is going on. Yet the left wing press of all stations won’t say anything bad about their god.

    1. Earl says:

      Maybe he can hire the ones who insisted there were WMD to use as an excuse to go into Iraq

  6. Sue says:

    I am am against the Iraq war, the Afghanistan war, the new war in Libya as well as all the “small wars” we wage all over the world. We are not providing a good life for the people in the USA, what business do we have attacking and destroying the rest of the world.

    We need to rebuild the economy and infrastructure of the USA not waste our money on the military. No one is attacking us and we can defend if necessary.

    The people of the USA need to stand up against the destruction of our country by the military-industrial-oil and political complex. The Democrats and Republicans are beyond repair, we need a completely new people powered movement and government. We need peace and good jobs now! We could do this if we tried!

    1. Mel says:

      Thank you for being consistent, regardless of who’s the president.

  7. WAMM says:

    Stop the criminal imperialist aggression against the peace-loving nation of Libya!!! Obama and his European lackies are guilty of war crimes and genocide!!

    1. Peter says:

      Did you miss the news on the world news sources for the last week?

  8. Jake says:

    This is a glorious day for the entire peace loving world! Soon another murderous regime will be sent to hell and the people will be free! God Bless President Obama and the United States of America, God Bless the United Kingdom, God Bless France, God Bless all nations supporting UN Resolution 1973! God is truely Great!

    1. MNTP says:

      Look at the lengths Obama will go to trick the public into believing he is not Muslim! He even ordes the deaths of fellow Muslims! Has he NO shame?

      1. Headshrinker says:

        Look out, MNTP. It is worse than you think. B. Obama is from the Planet Zenu and he wants you to come to his Tea Party at the White House. He wants you to drink TEA and eat COOKIES. OMG! Then he wants you to meet the Queen of Hearts and the Rabbit and Alice. You better look out for the nearest rabbit hole or jump on the next shuttle. BEWARE. BOO!

      2. Gordon says:

        If you are going to report falsehoods I will report each and every one of your comments

  9. Lonnie says:

    Lighten up Gordo, Obama is the worst president we have had since Carter. He may become the worst of all time. That is a fact.

  10. Skeezer says:

    You need to get a job, all of you…

  11. David Marxer says:

    About time! My only question is, where have they been since Obama went back on his ’08 campagin promise to end the war….

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