MILWAUKEE (AP) — It seems speedy drivers in Wisconsin caught a break while state troopers were monitoring union rallies at the Capitol.

Records analyzed by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel show that while the protests were going on in Madison, state troopers wrote about half as many tickets and warnings for speeding and other violations when compared with the same three-week period last year.

State Patrol Maj. Darren Price says there were several reasons for the drop. But he says a key reason was that that 85 troopers were assigned to Capitol security each day. He says during one shift, 187 troopers were working there.

Records show troopers wrote 9,324 tickets and warnings in the three weeks starting Feb. 14, compared with 19,713 written during that same period in 2010.

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Comments (12)
  1. mark from says:

    Well that is the one thing I can thank the public unions for doing right!

    1. Really? says:

      First you complain that they’re lazy and don’t do anything, now you’re happy they stopped doing something. Make up your mind…

      1. WOW says:

        What a waste of Tax payers money!

      2. johnnycmoun says:

        Catch the sarcasim “Really?” – you goof ball!

      3. Really? says:

        I guess my attempt at sarcasm wasn’t as good as Mark’s, eh Johnny? Or does sarcasim mean something else? Oh, that’s right, I’m just a goof ball, nominated so by a moron.

    2. Gordon says:

      So you choose what laws you want to follow. That would be what the guy called patriot calls treason would it not?

  2. nick says:

    19,714 tickets and warnings wrote in 3 weeks!!! Holy cow!

    1. Fred says:

      Their specialty is Minnesota plates

  3. T-Paw says:

    You should all come to grips with one of the highest margin enterprises in Wisconsin. I would love to see the ratio of out of state tickets vs. cheese on cheese persecution……

  4. Mike Jacobson says:

    I would rather have my state police securing a 70,000 people demonstration than babysitting motorists who cant drive the speed limit. I think all of them should be commended.

    1. Skeezer says:

      Were happy for you, yay !

  5. BUZZCUT says:

    Trust me, they will make up the difference in no time (if they are encouraged by Walker unless he’s in lock step with the Governor of Ohio). Then, he just call state troopers…IDIOTS

    Majority of motorists have no respect for the law. They need a good PR campaign…”if you don’t follow posted speeds, you support terrorists!!!”

    Have a trooper say on a billboard or TV ad it will cost to speed even if I don’t catch you.

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