MINNEAPOLIS (AP) –– U.S. Sen. Amy Klobuchar is proposing legislation that would ban a synthetic drug that killed one Minnesotan last week and sent 10 others to the hospital.

Klobuchar says Monday that the drug called 2C-E should be illegal.

Klobuchar already co-sponsored legislation that would permanently ban chemicals found in synthetic marijuana and other drugs. She says she’ll work to include a ban on 2C-E in the existing bill.

Klobuchar says it’s time to take action before these substances endanger more lives.

Last Thursday, 19-year-old Trevor Vance Robinson of Coon Rapids died, just one day after taking 2C-E at a party in Blaine. Others were having trouble breathing and appeared to be hallucinating.

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Comments (10)
  1. Jobu says:

    and I suppose this bill will be named in “honor” of him? How about the “Don’t be stupid and buy unknown drugs off the internet” bill?

    1. Heartwarmer says:

      Jobu, your post was great! Every time someone does something totally stupid, Klobuchar sees a chance to make herself look great in the eyes of Minnesotans! How about working on getting some jobs, maybe lower gas prices, taxes, etc, instead. Just a thought.

  2. BS says:

    Amy works so hard.

  3. jon says:

    It’s nice they waited until a high profile death occurred before doing this. Though making a drug illegal will not keep people from using it. Just make the real thing legal and then you can regulate it easier and also tax it. In addition the real stuff is “safer” than the synthetic stuff.

  4. Junk says:

    I’m going to create a bill that Amy must wear makeup and also dress so we no she’s a woman. I still think he/she is a man everytime I see he/she on TV

  5. Amy'sdoingagoodjob says:

    I agree. Amy is one of the hardest working people we have in Congress. She listens to her constituents back home, unlike some of the other bozo’s we have grandstanding for higher political office. Before you criticize her why not look at what she has accomplished. If this drug had been illegal in the first place this family would still have a son and they wouldn’t have to go through the incredibly painful grief process.

    1. Jobu says:

      absolutely because no one has ever died from a drug once it has become illegal. What flavor is Amy’s kool-aid that you are drinking this month?

  6. Great Idea!!!!! says:

    She needs to get in the Kitchen and make me dinner and get my slippers!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. yo mama says:

    Oh how many teens died from tobbaco and liqour this year? Let’s ban that too! How many deaths from Marjiuana? 0.

    That makes a lot of sense.

  8. Andrew Hoffmann says:

    There are a ton of new chemicals that are being made as I am writing this. Sure ban one and then they will repackage it and and sell it as something else. Or they will change the the chemical commposition by one molecule. So would have to agree to make the real stuff legal so they can control it and tax it like at least 9 states have done.

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