ST. PAUL, Minn. (WCCO) — The Minnesota Department of Health reports a number of new case of measles in the state, bringing the number found since February to nine total.

The MDH says measles cases have been found in children ranging in age between 4 months old and 4 years old.

The health department reported that it is believed the outbreak started with an infant who went to Kenya and came back to Minnesota early February.

According to the health department, four of the cases involved children too young to receive a vaccination for measles. Four were old enough but didn’t receive the vaccination. It’s not known whether the ninth child was inoculated.

Five have been hospitalized, none have died.

Before this outbreak, there had only been 19 cases in the state since 1997.

Parents are urged to make sure their kids’ shots are up to date. Click here for upcoming vaccination clinics. For more information about the illness, click here.

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  1. Al says:

    What they didn’t mention is that most of these kids are Somolian. There is a law that states anyone coming into this country MUST have ALL the correct shots. Someone dropped the ball here. How about enforcing this law before OUR kids come down with something. I don’t care what their beliefs are, just a reminder that this is our country and if we have to follow those laws, everyone does!!

    1. Pete says:

      Actually there is a much better chance that they were born in the States to Somali-American parents. They are no more required to get their children vacinated than European-Americans.

  2. Jessica says:

    I am so sick of this. If you don’t want to have you kids vaccinated for whatever crazy reason, then your kid can stay home or go to a special school where he/she can be with all the other non-vaccinated kids. Stop putting my kids at risk! The somali’s need to obide by the rules of this country. If we went to their’s, you better believe we would be told exactly what we can or cannot do. Their arrogant attitudes need to be sent back home.

    1. Jaylee1700 says:

      I agree. If you choose not to vaccinate your children then they should not be allowed in public schools and daycare. On my childs vaccination form it states by a parent opting out to vaccinate their child they are fully aware of the risk they are putting other people’s children. What give them the right to put my child at risk??

      1. Researcher says:

        Maybe the fact that if you actually do the research on the vaccines and not just listen to what the news and the doctors are telling you, you may find out that the extra stuff or the side effects arent worth it to some parents. Did you know that by getting your child the chicken pox vaccine that after that wears off an adult over 15 years of age is 50 times more likely to die from it than a child and an adult over 50 is 100 times more likely to die. Where as a child will most likely have it for a few days get passed it and be truely immune. Your child with vaccines can still get chicken pox and spread it my child who will have already had it and be immune can not spread it. DO YOUR RESEARCH BEFORE YOU TALK ABOUT OTHER PEOPLES OPINIONS AND CHILDREN>>>>>>

  3. helper says:

    Republicans get your kids vaccinated! it’s not some conspiracy by the drug companies or the government…

    1. hmmm says:

      Funny…i was going to say the same thing about you Democrats.

      1. ???? says:

        Vaccinations cause more problems then they do good. If your kids are vaccinated, they should be good to go, dont worry about them getting sick. After all, that is what vaccines are for.
        I know childeren who were born perfectly healthy but became autistic after being vaccinated. Its not necessary, not all vaccines at least. maybe a few most important ones.

    2. Sam I Am says:

      Strange last time I checked it was the Liberals who thought big corporation was bad. A.K.A. Obama and Dayton himself.

  4. Jon says:

    At least my son is protected. I will not be feeling sorry for any parent who’s child comes down with a preventable disease. I feel sorry for the children of irresponsible parents though.

    1. JC says:

      Since Measles has much more serious consequences in adults (Sterilazation/death), can I claim “Self-Defense” if I proactively protect myself from contact with disease carring coloney’s of the unwashed, uneducated, un employed excuses trying to bring the world back to the stone age?

  5. Nick says:

    Children get their first MMR shot at 15 months of age, and believe it or not there is no coorelation between autism and vacinations. It kills me that people are so ignorant as to not vacinate their children against disease that kill.Children are required to have all of their vaccinations up to date in order to attend school in MN, thus all of these cases are in children under school age. But up until 15 months of age the little ones are vulnerable (my youngest just got this shot last week), and I don’t want my young child getting sick because you are stupid!

    1. ????? says:

      some vaccine deffinetly makes childeren autistic. i personally know a family who’s child was born perfectly healthy. became autistic after the vaccines
      Just saying….

      1. Todd W Olson says:

        Correlation does not equate causation.

  6. Valerie says:

    My cousin died 6 MONTHS before the vaccine came out in the 60’s. “it went to her brain” is how it was explained in those days & she died in her father’s arms. Not only do the kids bring germs to other kids but they all bring the germs home to elderly or handicapped people who might be too fragile to get the vaccine themselves, so also putting them at serious risk. I work with a woman who doesn’t get her kids’ their vaccine. She’s white. There’s a LOT of other things also to worry about the Somali’s bringing in.

  7. JTD says:

    If your kids are vaccinated why would this be an issue? I’m looking at you Jessica.

    1. Jaylee1700 says:

      Because infants can not be vaccinated until a certain age therefor they are at risk.

    2. Jessica says:

      Although vaccines have very high effectiveness rates, they are not completely effective for 100% of the people who receive them. For example, a full series of measles vaccine will protect 99 of 100 children from measles, and polio vaccine will protect 99 of 100 children from polio.2 This means that when there is a disease outbreak, the very small number of people for whom the vaccine did not work may still be able to catch the disease. Because almost all of our children are immunized, and only few are not, it can be the case that during an epidemic the majority of cases occur among children who were immunized. However, the fact remains that those who have not received the vaccine are much more likely to catch the disease.

      Via the national network for immunizations.

      So stop putting everyone’s kids at risk!

  8. Mary says:

    If it’s not autism caused by shots, it can be death, Do you know anyone who had a baby die of SIDS? How long before they died were they vaccinated. There is a coorelation!

    1. Todd W. Olson says:

      You are using a logical fallacy. Correlation does not equate causation.

  9. amy says:

    It is not just the somali population that is unvaccinated. I have plenty of people, some of them educated, in my practice who are choosing not to vaccinate their children. Unfortunately no amount of scientific evidence will convince them that vaccines are safe. The risk of getting a vaccine preventable disease is much higher than the risks of having a serious adverse event to the vaccine itself. It’s not until your child suffers from a vaccine preventable disease that you begin to understand that these are REAL diseases with REAL consequences. The very sad part is that children of well meaning parents (who intend to vaccinate) will end up getting these diseases BEFORE they are able to be vaccinated.

    I encourage you all to read the parent testimonies at

  10. Sara says:

    Why doesn’t anyone blame something logical for causing autism? For example all the chemicals, TOXINS, that we eat, breathe, sleep? God forbid you give up your processed and non-organic foods for the sake of the child. Since many chemicals in food, such as non-organic apples, inhibit many of the nutrients from being absorbed, maybe the real problem could possibly be lack of nutrients even when you’re “eating the right foods”. But sure, lets just stop vaccinating our kids, that’ll work, since its been proven and all.

    1. Mel says:

      I would love to see the statistics on the number of children with autism that had vaccinations compared to the number of children with autism that did not get vaccinations. Anyone know if there is any research on that? My daughter is on an alternative vacvination schedule so if she does have a reaction I know exactly which shot did it.

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