COOK, Minn. (AP) — An elementary student in St. Louis County forgot to check his pockets, which led to a lockdown at his school.

The sheriff’s department says Cook School in Cook was locked down after two rounds of ammunition were found in the jacket of a ten-year-old boy. Authorities say he had worn the jacket hunting with his father and inadvertently brought the ammunition to school.

Officials conducted a search of backpacks and lockers.

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Comments (26)
  1. Sam I am. says:

    Isn’t that a bit of overkill if they know exactly how the ammunition got into the pocket.

    1. Bob says:

      Yes but that’s how we do things, use no common sense. We used to bring guns to school, no big deal, hunt after school…..

    2. laura says:

      it is a sign of the times, even if they know that is how it got there, if they weren’t proactive and something would happen people would be wondering why something wasn’t done and why this measure wasn’t taken. As sad as it is this is the reality for students nowadays. My daughter’elementary school had 3 bomb threats in a 2 week span, and we live in a small community..

    3. DJ says:

      Sam; Over ( Kill ) isn’t that what we’re trying to STOP ?????

  2. gloria says:

    No, itis not an ‘over kill’ it is a ‘No Kill’ measure that must be in place to have the semblance of security in our schools.

  3. TW says:

    Sheeple, baa baaaa. I hope they can get those poor kids some grief counselors to help them with their inevitable PTSD issues. Why can’t they just deal with it like regular folks. The kid had some ammo, bring him into the office and call the folks and deal with it on the level that makes sense. Sure, no ammo at school is the rule but how did the school need a lockdown? Instead they panic the flock and reinforce the helpless mindset.
    I hope this kid still gets out hunting with his dad, sounds like the dad is putting time in his son’s life.

  4. helper says:

    Lets star GUN CONTROL NOW! Kids today should have no access to guns or bullets. Since adults cannot control this the government should!!

    1. Realtime says:

      “Helper” you must be a real cityslicker. Any person that looks at the area that the school is in will know how back-country that area is. Kids will have access to guns. I can remember my uncle handing my cousin a .22 caliber rifle and telling him to show his cityslicker cousin ‘me’ how the real world works.

    2. Recount says:

      Your reaction is so sad in its ignorance. What we should do is make gun safety mandatory so kids understand how to deal with firearms and ammunition. A knee jerk reaction because you can not handle the idea of firearms is not the way forward. Zero Tolerance policies like this that cause school wide lock downs, make our reactions to this type of thing even more extreme, and does little to promote safety.

    3. Lower Middle Class man says:

      Why we are at it we might as well start Knife Control, Bat Control, Brick Control, Car Control, Ect, Ect, Ect, As well as everything else that has ever been used to Kill or hurt someone. Helper why don’t you go eat some more Tofu, Hug another tree, and have a few more children.

    4. Roku says:

      Umm… who exactly do you think the government is…?
      It’s people like you that need somebody to direct them and tell them right from wrong. I can take care of myself.

    5. helper needs a hug! says:

      I dont thin gun control would help, all the bad guys would have them anyway! The Goverment cant control spending what makes you think they can control guns!

    6. Poor helper says:


  5. Lower Middle Class man says:

    When I was in High School we had a class called Tennis, Golf, and Trap shooting. Kids would bring their shotguns and Ammo to school and put them together in their unlocked lockers till class – You know how many school shootings and lockdowns I remember back then – 0. Now we have Zero Tolerance policy’s and we hear about school shooting all the time. Ya gun’s are the problem and Zero Tolerance is going to fix it!!!! It’s because of people like Helper and Poor parenting that we now have a problem – Not because Gun’s exsist.

    1. Dingle Berry says:

      Lower, I don’t believe your claim “Kids would bring their shotguns and Ammo to school and put them together in their unlocked lockers till class” please cite the school and year(s) this happened. I want to verify this.

      1. Lower Middle Class man says:

        Staples High school – 1983. Took the class both my Junior and senior Year. Also brought in my shotgun to do a speech on how to clean a shotgun

        1. Southern MN Mom says:

          I know for a fact that shotguns were allowed on southern Minnesota FFA Corn Drives as late as 2005 because my son was a regular on these corn drives. Lots of fun, raised real money for charity, and quite a few pheasants were killed to boot!

      2. Lower Middle Class man says:

        Yes I know “That was a long time ago”

  6. helper says:

    Guns are the problem, you can’t fix that. Too many guns and too many right wing gun nuts… There are something like 200 guns per person on average for every person in the US.

    Can’t fix stupid! Hillbilly rednecks it’s 2011 not 1933…

    1. Lower Middle Class man says:


      You are living proof that you Can’t fix stupid – This is the 1st smart statement you have ever made and proved.

      1. helper says:

        Lower class man…

        Stay in yer trailer please. The world is too big a place for ya’
        The fools around you need ‘wisom’… LOL!

      2. helper says:

        I can hear your theme song too… you know the one from “Deliverance”

      3. Lower Middle Class man says:


        You are correct again – The fools around me (You) do need Wisdom. But I don’t have much hope for that!!!!

  7. Jon says:

    Ammunition isn’t any more dangerous than a rock or a pencil. In fact I would venture to say that a sharpened pencil is much more of a weapon than a bullet.

  8. Bob says:

    Helper I hope you don’t have any children….

    1. Lower Middle Class man says:

      You and me both. But it’s usually his type that has about 12 of them!!!!

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