A report on Fox News claimed that journalists from CNN and other outlets had been used as human shields in Libya.

CNN reporter Nic Robertson took exception. And we mean TOOK EXCEPTION.

Take a look at his response by clicking here

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  1. All news people are! They only cover what they think will get good ratings. They never cover the TRUTH or voice real opinions. Its always a staged mainstream bs fest. Cover the real stories for a day and maybe people really understand what goes on in this crazy world. Ever hear anything about the Vanderbuilt group on cco? Nope. They won’t go there. Just like cnn and fox! Instead they ramble about gas prices going up and republic vs. Democrat cat fights that mean nothing in the big picture.

    1. Dennis Hallen says:

      you also need to understand that Al Gore called for gas prices to go to 5 dollars a gallon so people wouls conserve. I dont see the truth in anything at all. However NO FOX journalists or reporters went to that site CNN reported that as a fact however an associate of FOX went so there is half lies, and half truth. I also believe that Obama should be impeached for his actions, his own party member is calling for that as well. One more thing FOX news has more facts and truths to them then any other news. I used to watch CBS years ago but you fell from the glory by taking sides, and creating news like most of the others have done

      1. Bob Connett says:

        You are a freak like the rest of your family

  2. Victim Du Jour says:

    Liberal media loses in court for fabricating fake news.

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