Rosemount Decides To Stop Capturing Stray Cats

ROSEMOUNT (WCCO) — The City of Rosemount decided to stop capturing stray cats because of high costs.

The controversial decision means it will no longer be against the law for felines to roam free.

Rosemount Police Chief Gary Kalstabakken says the city wasn’t getting voluntary compliance from cat owners, and many cats were going unregistered.

“Using the Humane Society estimates, we have probably 5,000 or more cats in the city, and only about 22 per year are being licensed,” said Kalstabakken.

To register a spayed or neutered pet it cost $6 a year and $12 a year for an untouched pet.

Kalstabakken said one of the main purposes for licensing a cat is so it can be returned to its owner. He says 90 percent of stray cats turned into police are not claimed, while 90 percent of dogs get picked up.

After police checked their January 2010 to January 2011 invoices they found the city had paid about $13,600 to shelter or euthanize 66 cats that didn’t get picked up.

“It certainly is a budget concern. Is it a service that the city should be providing? That was part of the discussion when the 2011 budget was put together by the council,” said Kalstabakken.

He says now when someone calls about a stray cat they’ll be referred to a local animal shelters or pet rescue organizations for help.

“They’re shifting the responsibility to someone else,” said Rosemount veterinarian Dr. Kurt Hansen. “Not having a cat ordinance means cats are going to be roaming around and multiplying. They’ll cause problems in the future.”

Hansen runs the Shamrock Animal Hospital in Rosemount. He says one of the problems stray cats carry is rabies.

“The Minnesota Department of Health has seen three rabies cases in the last six months,” Hansen said. “By not picking stray cats up they will spread diseases and introduce diseases to household cats.”

Now only two out of 11 cities in Dakota County will shelter stray cats.

According to city officials, it costs the city about $1,000 a month to impound cats. Furthermore, Mayor Bill Droste says the city pays about $212 a day for unclaimed pets.

The Animal Humane Society says the new change in Rosemount is a problem. They say last year they took in about 20,000 cats — about 70 cats a day.

  • Y.

    People need to be responsible for their pets and get them fixed instead of just throwing them away on the street to reproduce and create more unwanted animals. What a shame.

    • Dunnyveg

      “People need to be responsible for their pets and get them fixed instead of just throwing them away on the street to reproduce and create more unwanted animals.”

      And if they don’t?

      • Mike Jones

        I hear Wal-Mart is having a sale on .22 ammo.

        …for the cats, to clarify.

        • twizzler smith

          So many cats–so few recipes…

    • Fanny Forbes Franklen

      People that don’t fix their pets are degenerates that might want to look into Eugenics as a solution for their family. —

      • denise

        How do you know that ALL of the cats picked up are not fixed? You don’t and the article doesn’t say, it just says stray cats reproduce. So do stray kids. I say they keep the stray cats program and start picking up stray kids left roaming the streets without parental supervision. Thats would save millions in property damages.

        • denise

          and reproductive costs and maybe a lot less birth control abortions.

    • eze

      Why do people let cats go off their property? Mine isn’t even allowed outside the house. I you love, or even like your cat, then why would you let it roam freely where it can be attacked, run over, etc? I live near a large fox and coyote population and always see signs posted in my neighborhood for missing cats. Sorry to say, you cat has already been found…and is now part of the food chain.

  • Jdub5150

    212 bucks a day what are they feeding them i live off of 5 bucks a day give me sume of what there having

    • Dorothy Kuns

      I think that’s 212 for the batch, not for an individual cat.

    • Lexatalionis

      Its called overhead/housing and paying somebodies wage to run the facility Jdub5150. Was your comment serious??

      • Darren

        If they are getting in 70 cats a day at 212.00 a day that is $14840.00 a day if my math is correct. Or it costs about $30.00 per cat per day. So that means the rest of the $212.00 is going to cover wages,utilities,etc. Not bad if you were to ask me.

        • denise

          Right, they can’t charge for the wages and benefits of the care taker for each animal, just the daily wage. They also have adoption fees that they collect if an animal is adopted, shots fees, etc… And most of the food is donated by producers, and area businesses. Once the cats or dogs are adopted they are fixed before they go out of the door. They have been doing that for years.

    • Oberon123

      It’s $212 for ALL of the cats. Not for an individual cat.

      • steve

        If it cost ten cents it’s too much.

  • bubba136

    So many cats, so few recipes.

    • Xauling

      They have nice recipe for Beer Roasted Cat using a George Foreman Cooker.

      • SilverState

        Do you stick the beer can up the cat’s butt like you do with a chicken?

        The article should be subtitled, Season open on Cats, 10 daily, 20 in possession.

    • Mannie

      They work in nearly any chicken recipe!

    • John

      Too funny!!!

      • Mgiles

        BWA HA HA HA HA!!! Thanks for the laugh! That was great!

  • Disinterested

    Who said it is controversial other than this report? Are the residents of Rosemount creating an up roar? Why is this an issue that cities should deal with anyway? Let cat and all pet owners take responsibility.

    • John

      Because it’s a function of government to do, at the very least, animal control. Let the owners take responsibility for cats and dogs? Many citizens don’t even take responsibility for their own children in our overprotected society let alone their pets.

      • Robert

        It is absolutely NOT a function of “government” to perform “animal control”. Where do you get your ideas? I assure you, people will take care of things themselves, in an overall smarter manner, if the government just butts out of it. The purpose of a government agency is to continue and “manage” a problem, NOT to solve it, as solving it would put the agency out of business.

        • sax

          If government doesn’t take care of animal control, then you will be quickly overrun by feral cats. These cats cause property damage, kill birds, and transmit diseases like rabies and distemper. That is a threat to the citizens. You can poison rats and mice. You can use kill traps on vermin. Try doing that to get rid of feral cats, and you end up in jail for animal cruelty.

  • Terri

    hey i got an idea, capture them, let the vet students use them as practice in spaying or neutering them, give them some time to heal then rerelease them in the neighborhood, it would keep them from reproducing any more cats. eventually the cats will stop making more baby kitties for them to have to capture and feed and take care of.

    • Posht

      They already donate their services to shelters. It would be cheaper to kill them than to perform surgery, even if the labor is free.

    • Edgar

      Terri, that is a pregnant idea!

  • joe

    Just shoot the things. It is humane, cheap, and reasonable way to deal with the problem. To me shooting them is more humane than keeping them in a No Kill Shelter. I have been to these shelters and I think there is nothing humane about keeping an animal at a shelter past a week.

    • joe

      And to who ever wrote this article, if you are going to say something is a “controversial decision” explain why. Otherwise this is just another example of poor journalism.

      • Rhashiz

        It’s controversial because some people want stray cats off the street and others prefer to save that money. Hope that clears it up!!!

    • Annoyed with ignorance

      Joe how the hell do you know you big loser? What you walked into a no kill for 5 minutes and made your brilliant snap decision???? I volunteered for 4 years at one and they did the community a great service. I sure hope you never have a pet, because I would feel very sorry for it.

    • Crazy_Redneck

      LOL! I love it when folks make idle threats from behind their keyboards……….

      Just treat them as a nuisance like we do feral hogs in Texas or they do next door with the nutria in parts of our neighboring Louisiana. Some sheriff’s departments in LA drive around at night in the backs of pickups and pick off nutria as they go.

      Like nutria and feral hogs, feral cats have no redeeming social value. At least the hogs are quite tasty. My dad and mother, before she passed away, had 20 cats at one point. I never understood it. It’s not like they’re dogs.

      While we are humane and love animals, a problem is a problem and us rednecks know how to solve problems. Lefties have a tendency to place everything above the value of human life. Kinda makes me sad to wonder how much they really hate themselves. Nah, not really…..

      • James

        Hey boy, I’m from Texas and I’m as far to the right as one can get without leaving the sane side of the world. Hunting and fishing is in my blood. You crazy rednecks wouldn’t know a good idea if you had one. Catch and release a cat after you spay or neuter and vaccinate. They keep the vermin down and you would know this if you have ever passed by a feed store. We keep cats at our place for this very reason. BTW: If the crazy Europeans would not have killed off so many cats during the middle ages, they would not have nearly been wiped out by the Black Plague. If you could read, you know this.

        My 2¢

      • Put on some lotion there crazy...your necks burning up

        The Hatfields and the McCoys….this is good stuff. I love it.

        “while we are humans and love animals” …. quite the hogwash coming from your mouth there son if you feel killing is the solution. Kill someones pet in error and I’d think many would wait in line to lynch you.
        I never met a redneck I liked anyway when it gets down to it so I guess I’d be a hunting you there Crazy one.
        Hope you got some backup as the possee is a coming. lol

        • Bubba

          “How big a boy are ya anyway…….”

        • Mannie

          Tough guy. Tough on the internet.

          Cat lovers are soooo easy to mess with.

          Get therapy.

          • Respectful of Feline

            I will get therapy…with my cat, loving loyal and sweet. He has been there for me thru the hard times. What makes people so cruel.

        • Mannie

          If the cat is running loose outside, then it is vermin and is fair game.

          Cat lovers need to get a grip. They are vermin.

  • Lisa

    Marred to the truth……you are cruel and inhumane. Should we skin you and make a hat out of you for eating a chicken? These are cats…one of the smartest animals. And a lot of people would say smarter than dogs. Would we be talking about dogs this way/ As considering them throwaway animals and having a just shoot them attitude, shows a sick mentality and disrespect to the animal kingdom. It’s not their fault . It’s a human problem. I have two cats and they are the smartest, sweetest creatures. When cats are in the wild they need to eat and hunt to stay alive, just as humans would do. Think smart not cruel.

    • steve

      Nothing cruel about a .22 bullet. Try to remember we are talking about cats. If they are not owned by someone they are nothing but a public nuisance.

    • JasonX

      Cats are smart? They can’t even be trained. They use the litter box instinctively, and will come when they know you have food. Beyond that..nothing. I’ve seen trained rats that are smarter than cats, and nobody has a problem killing them.

      And as a matter of fact, we DO kill stray dogs. Maybe you should donate some time at your local shelter…just don’t get too attached to the animals.

    • John


      Do you want 20 of them roaming your property every day & night? That’ the end game of your logic.

      • Sean

        She probably does. I’m getting a “crazy cat lady” vibe from Lisa.

  • Human Bean

    maybe the reporter thought the controversy is coming with 7o cats a day NOT being caught……

  • GS

    Why don’t they spay or neuter and set them free? That way the rat population is kept down and the cat population will begin to shrink.

    • steve

      If you pay for it I,m all for it. Otherwise a .22 bullet costs two cents.

  • Boomer

    Open a Cat season, charge for a license–end of problem..

  • Justin

    .223 ammo goes for about 30 cents apiece…just saying…

    • runty Justin

      chit boy – you so runty I’ll use a .22 on your hide. end of talkin’

  • Rosemont Minnesota Runs Out Of Money – Stray Cats To Be Ignored And Left To Roam Free « Our Tax Dollars At Work

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  • Mark Williams

    $212.00 per day to house a stray cat. According to the Feds it costs an average of $62.01 per day to house a violent felon.

    • Mark Williams

      Murrow would be proud of the hair that mindlessly read the city’s press release. That’s some fine reportin’ Lou.!

  • cville

    Charlottesville, VA does the same thing. Residents of my condo complex have called the SPCA and Humane Society multiple times asking for stray cats to be removed from the property. They refuse to provide assistance and say that they now treat stray cats “like squirrels.” As if they were naturally wild animals……RIDICULOUS

    • steve

      that’s the same response I got to which I replied, “I can kill squirrels on my property!”

      Not saying what I did with the cats….

  • beegee17

    Sounds like the citizens need to purchase some air rifles. Just start shooting them on site. Imagine all the rabbits, song birds, etc… killed by these cats.

  • Tom

    So……….. if its all about the overhead, who will have their hours reduced or be laid off, and what facilities will be closed? Maybe they should be put in cold storage for sale shipment to SE asia, i.e. food & fur ………. and make some money.

  • beegee17

    I lived in Rosemount back in the early 90’s. An asian couple were arrested for stealing peoples dogs. No one made a big deal out of it back then but they were stealing them to eat. Why not advertise that Rosemount has free cats?

  • Leslie Jo

    This may be a good thing if they kill a lot of the cats like other places do. What are the euthanasia stats for this place??

  • Michael Tethrake

    I guess no one remembers a little incedent in Europe called the Black Plague.This was caused by the eradication of cats,allowing rodents to run unchecked.Think it can’t happen here,think again!

    • beegee17

      RFLMAO! Have you heard of snakes, hawks, skunks? Primary diet is mice!

      • Bob

        Unfortunately, ‘animal control’ has already eliminated the snakes and skunks.

        • RatPoison

          Hey, today is the modern age. Get rat poisoning or get lair-furnishing.

    • Bubba

      Ahh, ever heard of antibiotics?

    • Sean

      Luckily we have these things called “rat traps” which do a better job than cats at controlling rodent populations.

  • steve

    I have a problem with a neighbor who hoardes strays that are destroying our property. The SPCA and Humane Society told me they won’t do anything and I should handle it.

    They probably wouldn’t like the way I’m handling it…

    • Steve's buddy

      hey Steve-i took care of that bag o’ cats for you tuesday. Want me to pick up another load friday?

  • dsrtflwr

    Just shoot them. I hate cats.

  • Laurie

    Or should, maybe, the discussion be about where the other money is going in town and how much city officials are being paid instead of talking about the poor cats???? I would say the citizens of this town need to ask for a line item budget to see where they want to make the cuts. I just love how the politicians jump to things like this and firefighters and parks and libraries and a host of other things and they never talk about their insurance coverage or their pensions.

  • nomosocialists

    Rosemount wastes tons of money each year and can’t find much to cut back. LOL This is a swipe at a political opponent of the mayor . The opponent happens to be the local Vet and gets the money for housing the stray cats when the city catches them. These two have been at each other since the City seized the Vets property using Imminent Domain and wasted a boat load of money on the downtown project.

  • Yirmin Snipe

    They could just set out cat trap that snapped the necks of cats. Something tells me that cat owners would think twice about letting the cats out if they knew there were traps that would snap the necks of the cats roaming free.

  • Hank Warren

    No money for helping animals but plenty of money to support endless Wars for Israel, it all started nearly a decade ago under a false flag attack.
    9/11 and Israel, here:

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