MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Police are looking for a vulnerable woman who they said walked away from a group home in Cambridge, Minn.

Around 2:20 a.m. Tuesday, Andrea Jacoby, who suffers from mental illness and epilepsy, went missing from her group home.

Police said Jacoby, 27, needs to take medication for her illnesses and that’s why they are looking for her.

She is described as being white, 5-foot-6, 225 pounds with brown hair and brown eyes and was last seen wearing all black clothing.

Officers said she took two sleeping pills before leaving. They believe she may be trying to get to Minneapolis to see her boyfriend.

If anyone has seen Jacoby, you are asked to contact the Cambridge Police Department at (763) 689-9567.

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  1. Jordan says:

    Vunerable?? Spell-check anyone?

  2. Nancy Aleshire says:

    What is it going to take for the State of Minnesota to pass legislation on behalf of those who are vulnerable (disabled, elderly, etc.) I have been trying to contact state senators or representatives willing to introduce legislation mandating the use of cameras in group homes, nursing homes, and workplaces employing those with disabilites. My son was killed in one of these workplaces and nothing was done to those who restrained him which led to his death. They lied to police and there were no cameras there which would show what really happened. The police decided to buy their lies and nothing was done. If this group home had surveillance cameras, it could show what happened to this young lady. People with disabilities that have a tendency to stray also need to be equipped with bracelets that would enable police to track them.

    1. pat says:

      Very sorry about your son Nancy, I think your idea of bracelets is straight on.

  3. Lee L. says:

    I know this response is a bit late but I feel this needs to be shared. I used to date Andrea Jacoby. From what I know, when Andrea was 13, she had surgery to remove the right frontal lobe of her brain. If you’re not familiar with your cerebral anatomy, that’s the part of the brain which dictates judgement, restraint and reasoning. I suspect that’s a factor in Andrea’s poor decisions. Andrea is prone to making poor decisions and occasionally rebelling against her caretakers and those who care about her. I am not surprised she ran off from the care center to see one of her new boyfriends. Since we stopped dating (I’ll go into that later) Andrea has dated many men of questionable repute. And because of her surgery-caused mental condition which affects judgement, cognition and perception, she has been prone to either poorly recall and perceive the context of social situations .

    I hope Andrea gets the care she needs. She obviously needs better care and locking her up in a group home where she’s not going to be taught how to improve her domestic and employment skills IS NOT PROPER CARE FOR HER. She needs to be taught how to live independently and be responsible for herself. Nobody has ever done that for her before, although I tried my hardest to make sure she did while we were dating.

    And if any of Andrea’s family is seeing this, I want to make this clear: At the time, I was a highly trained martial artist with 8% body fat and I worked out every day. I DID NOT HIT ANDREA AND ANDREA MADE UP THE ENTIRE INCIDENT! Science backs me up. My punches have a force of about 120 PSI (I can break 3 pine boards with my fists and a pine board has a PSI rating of about 40), and it only takes about 14PSI to crack a human skull. If I slammed Andrea’s head against my aluminum fencepost as she said I did, I would have caved in her skull and killed her, especially since she has a cavity in her right frontal lobe. Andrea manipulated everybody involved (Again, poor judgement), including me, the guy who she was dating behind my back and you guys so she could look innocent. Again, Andrea has a poor sense of perception, judgement and cognition. During the order of protection which was placed upon me, she kept on contacting me (I have the text/instant messages and the phone logs saved). After the order of protection was over, she insisted that we start dating again even though at the time, I was seeing my current girlfriend for about a year.

    I’ve moved on from Andrea. I have been dating my current girlfriend for the past 3 years since me and Andrea stopped dating. Again, I hope Andrea gets the care she needs and gets a worker that truly cares about her and wants her to succeed.

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