By Susie Jones, NewsRadio 830 WCCO

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Apple, Inc. has removed an app from its online store after a University of Minnesota sexuality professor said it was manipulating his research to support the idea that homosexuality can be changed.

Dr. Gary Remafedi, director of the Youth and AIDS project sent a letter to Apple, saying the app “erroneously cites my research in support of claims that homosexuality can be changed.”

NewsRadio 830 WCCO’s Susie Jones Reports

The company that created the app, Exodus International, said the app was a useful resource for men and women struggling with unwanted same-sex attractions.

Another organization, “Truth Wins Out,” launched a petition drive against the app, saying it had received more than 145,000 signatures.

Remafedi said he was pleased with Apple’s decision but said it is just the tip of the iceberg, because it reveals the problem of controlling what content is allowed on devices such as the smart phone.

“The reason the problem came up is that there are not very clear standards about making those decisions,” he said.

Apple said they removed the Exodus app from the online store because it violated their guidelines of being offensive to large groups of people.

Comments (14)
  1. Mike says:

    Why not try to change Republicans from only caring about themselves or their disposition to greed? That is laudable idea worth pursuing and the effects are far more harmful to society.

    1. Grizzlyman says:

      Wow Mike! Your knowledge of spell check, the English language, and your basic ramblings illustrate why the left is killing our society. What does your comment have to do with the associated article?

  2. Tom says:

    Liberal fool. Read Atlas Shrugged. Maybe all the rich people with their disposition to greed should just pack it up and shut down their businesses and all the greed will go away (along with all the jobs and tax money that support slugs like you).

  3. Michael Brewer says:

    Once again the Liberal left has shown how hypocritical it is. They talk of tolerance but when those of us in the Ex-Gay Community speak out about how Christ has changed our lives the Liberal Left has to silence us.

  4. sad says:

    If you don’t want the app don’t down load it. They crumbled to the anti Christian left. God will Judge. He wasn’t wrong or misguided when he said that lifestyle was an abomonation All sin is judged. Even though you may be embracing that lifestyle, he loves you. Ask forgiveness and it is granted. Love the gay people in your families but don’t be so quick to sanction what they are doing and help the great deciever claim them. Keep praying for them.

  5. Holden Taggart says:

    Wow, reading these comments, it appears that followers of both parties are delusional. Ayn Rand? really, using a fictional novel as your political base? Atlas shrugged was a good read, but so was catcher in the rye. I don’t think i’d use either as a direction in life. liberals may be scary to many of you, but “sad” in my mind, is the scariest of all.

    1. sad says:

      What scares you Holden, that someone would pray for you? Fairly harmless if you are not a believer. I was told by a pastor that when we die, there will be two lines, one with the goats, (the unsaved), and one with the sheep, (the forgiven), we will see people we know in the line of the goats and they will be crying out, “why didn’t you tell me?” Everyone needs to hear the alternative to the sinful lifestyle they lead, we ALL need forgiveness, not just gays. You might explore where I am coming from instead of just condeming.

  6. lib says:

    The professor said the app was manipulating his research? how bizarre, I think he manipulates his research. I thnk we are due some unfiltred truth on this subject. In Europe now they are closely identifying offenders of children with gay men, lots of new research on this topic. Most serial killers of children are gay men, of course not all, but we need to see the research in this country.

  7. Regan Kilbride says:

    lib, 14 women were murdered in Minnesota in 2010 by their former or current boyfriend or husband. Maybe we should research the effects of heterosexuality and violence against women in the U.S.

    1. Victim Du Jour says:

      14 out of 5 million people in the State of Minnesota? What is there to figure out?

      Should we look down on black people if someone robs a bank?

  8. Victim Du Jour says:

    This story sounds like someone is upset snow and rain is messing up his global warming research.

    Some people don’t know the difference between propaganda and science.

  9. Regan Kilbride says:

    My point was that more women are killed by men than children by gay men. Labeling gay men as child killers and offenders of children is just as ridiculous and there has been research done on this.

    1. john a says:

      Regan, investigate the new research out of Europe. They are even starting to consider the gay lifestyle as abnormal. Ground breaking, but for many years Europe has not had their hands tied by special interest groups hampering true research. Not to hurt people but to help.

  10. Jeffrey Lee Wilson says:

    I’m not really sure what gives people the notion that sexual preferences can be changed. they are just that a preference, nothing more. i like the use of the word “unwanted”. that’s fantastic. society says it’s bad so you don’t want to be attracted to the same sex? rediculous. what makes anyone think that just because society says it’s bad that ones attraction for the opposite sex will somehow be whisked away? i am hear to tell every christian who has supposedly been turned around by god that you are lying to yourselves. you will always have those feelings for the same sex. just ask any of these ministers that get caught with their pants down. no society has EVER been sucessful in taming the beast that is our sex drive and where it is aimed. EVER!! so stop with it already. get over god, get over yourself, get over society and your fears and be who you are regardless. you will be a lot happier if you do. this app is for the birds.

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