ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Gov. Mark Dayton speaks to a supportive audience of local government officials Thursday as a tax bill cutting state payments to cities and counties advances at the Capitol.

The Democratic governor is the keynote speaker at a conference of cities, school districts, counties and townships in St. Paul.

Dayton’s proposed budget would block cuts to local government aid, which he says will head off future property tax increases.

A Senate GOP tax bill would cut tax aids and credits to cities and counties by $640 million. That bill gets a fuller discussion in the Senate Taxes Committee Thursday. Sen. Julianne Ortman says local governments are doing without that money already.

Dayton and majority Republicans in the Legislature are far apart on how to bridge a $5 billion budget gap.

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Comments (9)
  1. Dave says:

    Here we have the shell game. Where to impose taxes where they won’t hurt the Governors ratings? I hate to tell Dayton, but a tax, is a tax, is a tax, regardless of where or how you collect it. A tax, by any description is a determent to a good economy. Give the money to the Government or give it to a business, which one supports a good economy? Only a Liberal thinks a good economy comes from Government hand outs.

    1. Fred says:

      Only a selfish conservative can not see that the Bush tax cuts did nothing to stimulate the economy. Government handouts as you call them are what? Aid to the cities, road construction, highway helpers? The questions that need to be asked are what are the essential services that need to be provided by government and how do you go about delivering them. The people see large numbers and have no clue as to where the money goes. The state has a large number of sex offenders, that goes into the health and human services budget. There are a lot of patients in nursing homes on the state dollar. Yes welfare should be workfare. Advocate for that. Just to be so myopic as to think the people wanting essential service covered are an evil liberals or that anybody wants taxes higher than they need to be. I would also doubt that anyone thinks a good economy comes from handouts.

  2. Bluepmil says:

    How does a terrible senator become a horrible governor?

    1. Earl says:

      It is called an election where you have to choose between the lesser of evils. Mr Emmer was viewed as more evil than Mr Dayton, though some 30% of the population thought differently (remember 30% of the population stated none of the above by not voting).

  3. JOE says:

    If we do not get a tax increase out of this legislative session you will definitely see a substantial increase in your real estate taxes tto cover the shortfall. The wealthy need all the help they can get.

  4. b says:

    Dayton is doing an excellent job as governor he has to raise taxes to get out of the mess that Pawlenty and the republicans got this state into remember before Pawlenty and the republicans this state was not in debt. This country was not in debt either until Bush and the republicans came along now look everyone is in debt so lets think here Republicans are the reason why this country is so messed up. Dayton has done more in office in his short time than Pawlenty did in 8 years. Thanks republicans because of you selfish rich idiots my kids will never get to experience the American dream. Every republican out there take a good look at yourself in the mirror and decide if your life is worth a vote because my bet your life is not worth a vote because your the reason why this state is so messed up Thank Pawlenty and you republicans your both idiots

    1. response to b says:

      Your kids will never get to experience the american dream because obviously you are a worthless demoncrat and parent. Let’s just call it what it is. Your bottom feeding off the government all these years has made this happen, and not just you ALL your demoncrat buddies. YOU shattered their dreams. LOSER

  5. Republican Clowns says:

    They offer a state wide half-cent sales tax increase to try an offset an deflect the CRITICISM they guaranteed will receive for VOTING to authorise Ramsey county to raise sales tax a half-cent to pay for a what?VIKINGS STADIUM!

    Quit trying to cover up TAX increases an pay for *STADIUMCARE* on working peoples back!

    Oh, Rep. Bachmann, What your opinion on stadiumcare vs healthcare funding?

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