MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — The mother of Minnesota native Dru Sjodin (Drew Shuh-DEEN’) is being honored by the FBI for her work in helping create the national sex offender’s database.

Linda Walker was recognized Friday at FBI headquarters in Washington.

Sjodin was 22 when she was kidnapped from a North Dakota shopping mall parking lot in 2003. Her body was discovered months later near Crookston, Minn.

Since then, Walker has traveled nationwide to raise awareness about violence against women and children. She helped Congress create Dru’s Law, which requires convicted child molesters to be listed on a national database.

Ralph Boelter, the outgoing head of the FBI in Minneapolis, says the FBI and Walker hope the work done in her daughter’s memory will lead to greater protection for the most vulnerable citizens.

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Comments (6)
  1. Susan says:

    God bless Mrs. Walker and the work she is doing. Here is a prime example as to why sexual predators need to remain behind bars. Level 3 released and killed, the guy from Macy’s in a previous article is on his way and need to be caught, convicted and put away for life with no possible future release. This woman had a beautiful daughter leaving her workplace with the world at her feet, sadley taken down in a heinous manner by one hell of a creep!

  2. Duane says:

    I aGREE with Susan except believe the death penalty would be a more suitable punishment rather than taxpayer’s provinding support for those CREEPS –we just save way too many in jails and prisons and let them out later –once gone is the much better choice –one KNOWS they will not be doing that again and I believe makes OTHERS think more —

  3. Hang em' High says:

    I read last week that more than 300 sex offenders are released each year from Minnesota Prisons. Are we no longer holding pre-release hearings for these offenders to be civilly committed? Exactly what is the protocol that assures public safety from these offenders??

  4. Susan says:

    Duane you are right, a couple weeks back in the Star Trib same day, an article of a man who is up for parole for raping a couple in the 80’s, same day, a lost predator who skpped sex offender registration or whatever stupid system they actually feel these people will follow and one caught in another country who skpped our system also – which obviously is NOT working. We had one in our neighborhood, living 1/2 block from an elementary school nonetheless, who is back in jail for reoffending. No kidding….

  5. Keeping it real in Minnesota says:

    Too bad that with all the laws created out of KNEE JERK reactions in Miinesota, that it still doesn’t help us know about who the sex offenders are that live next door abusing children that haven’t been in prison, but in local jails and released after a short sentence, and given long probation periods. These guys don’t get assigned a level or are even posted online……I’m curious about the numbers regarding that….how many are living under the radar?….and why are only the guys who actually go to PRISON given levels of 1, 2 or level 3

  6. Laurie says:

    Yes, God bless and strengthen Linda Walker as she continues to crusade for the rights of women and children, and promotes awareness throughout our nation about this evil violence. She deserves the prayers of every parent in the country. This woman has had to endure the most excruciating pain imaginable and still finds the strength and heart to give of herself in this never ending battle. Thank you Linda!

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