MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Minneapolis police say an attempted robbery ended in gunfire Friday night after the robber turned the gun on a store customer.

According to Sgt. Bill Palmer, at 8 p.m. the armed robber entered a clothing store located on the 1100 block of Lowry Avenue North.

The store’s manager told WCCO-TV that the robber demanded money and then pistol whipped the clerk. When a customer tried to step in, the robber turned the gun on the customer, fired and ran off.

The store manager says the robber didn’t get away with any cash.

The customer was taken to the North Memorial Hospital and is in critical condition with a gunshot wound to the chest.

Police have not found the shooter, but say they do have leads.

Comments (106)
  1. Cindy says:

    Wow, a surpise, in North!

    1. Rick says:

      No surprise to me-90% of Minneapolis murders are over on the north side. I wonder whats wrong woth some of the people who live there?

      1. NorthLove says:

        Have you watched the news this year?? There hasn’t been a single murder in North Minneapolis in 2011. Murders and crime happen everywhere, I live in North and have never had a problem. I lived in a town of 12000 people and my car was broken into TWICE in my driveway! Happens anywhere, you prejudice people just love to place blame.

        1. Lavel says:

          Dumb people do dumb things. Therefore dumb people should be locked up for a long dumb time.

        2. BB says:

          NorthLove I agree, these are probably the same people that voted for the crazy tea baggers. Blaming a entire area for the crime of one person shows how little of their brain they used to form their opinion.

        3. gross area says:

          north is a dump period, i guess if i want a house for 50k its a good place, dont be bitter you live in minnesotas cespool of thuggery.

  2. Suburb Bob says:

    okay then, beat the clerk,shot an innocent customer & left penniless..wow, those people “over norf” are sure bright!

  3. No Description, Thanks for Insulting my Intelligence says:

    Like everyone else I am totally surprised…….

  4. Jake says:

    Yeah, and Forbes magazine said that Mpls was the best place to move to right now because of it’s ‘low crime rate’. WOW. The average citizen in this area needs a sawed-off shotgun or a machine gun with some good training to stay alive in these two core cities, IMO. Guaranteed, if the perp gets caught, they won’t do more than 5-7 years, even if they have a long rap sheet.

    1. larry says:

      crime is everwhere and always has been wow you did not know that dork your never going to stop it

  5. Steve says:

    My wife wonders why I carry a pistol (legally)

  6. Tim says:

    just a typical night in “Murderapolis”

  7. Monty says:

    Having been shot in a similar situation in ROSEVILLE this can happen anywhere. The answer I have found is to obtain a carry permit and make sure not to be a victim again. I carry a weapon everywhere. I suggest the same and maybe, just maybe people (thieves and dirtbags) will rethink what they are doing when the story reads ” Robber shot in hold up by patron”. Are we really waiting for the police to protect us at all times. Luck favors the prepared.

    1. monti says:

      totally agree, we have more than a name in common.

  8. steve says:

    Monty, YOU are right on!
    Just make sure you have a great attorney, because.. the cops are still gonna drill you to the wall, even with a justified shooting! Ask me how i know.

    1. I"ll bite says:

      HOw do you know?

      1. Bob says:

        I’d rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6…

  9. WillyWonka says:

    Time to cut off all welfare checks

    1. pepper says:

      Then you have no goverment, no police, no fireman, no postman, no presidents, etc. etc. ect. you jack ass!

      1. fred says:

        not seeing the connection there,pepper.

      2. Dee says:

        ,,,and no GI bill and health care for veterans either. That’s a bad thing, as well.

        1. mandrake says:

          Dee what’s your last name mentia? apparently your thinking is flawed

            1. steve says:

              For some reason, I do not think Dee is going to get that! But, yes! VERY FUNNY!

  10. Jake says:

    I rather be tried by 12 than carried by six. Any yes, steve, the cops are too tough on the law abiding just trying to protect themselves. Damn shame.

    1. vicki says:

      If u r white, I would too. The chances of your being convicted are slim 2 none.

  11. steve says:

    “I rather be tried by 12 than carried by six.” I LOVE THAT! Thank you Jake!

  12. MsBehavin says:

    Wow, Really? Do you know how racist that sounds? If I am not mistaken, most meth heads are white and the majority of them are more then willing to commit crimes in order to get their next fix. What is wrong with you?

    1. Poopendorph says:

      Who said he was a meth head???

    2. Chris says:

      Yeah property crimes.

  13. Jesse says:

    With these comments I’d swear I was reading the Texas Press

    1. Steve says:


      Have you ever been car jacked with your wife and kids in the car? You offer up the car up, but they want the car and the family, then get shot in the process? I was asked why I pumped 6 rounds in the Perp. I answered “because I ran out of ammo”

      Unless you’ve been in that situation, I suggest that you leave those comments like the Texas Press” to yourself. But hey.. thats America and you are afforded that right under our great constitution.

      Peace out 🙂

      1. WOW! says:

        Did that happen to you here in MN??

      2. Another Bob says:

        What was the date? I’d like to read the news story. I think it is all in your mind which sounds slightly warped.

  14. Steve says:

    One more thing to all who exercise your 2nd amendment ,and have a permit.

    Copy this. Print this. Tape it on the back of your permit!

    “Officer, I respect your duties and obligations. I ask that you observe all my constitutional rights.

    I wish to exercise every applicable Constitutional and statutory right. Specifically, I wish to remain silent. I do not consent to any search of my person, effects, vehicle or premises for which I have standing to object. You my not question children without myself, my spouse and or my attorney present.

    I request that I be allowed to speak with my attorney before any further questions are asked of me or conversation attempted. I have no intention of waiving these rights no matter what inducements, promises or arguments are offered.”

    1. Another Bob says:

      What are you afraid of? If you’re telling the truth, that is. Guilty people hide behind the law.

      1. Another Bob says:

        A WELL REGULATED MILITIA being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

        So to which militia or Guard unit do you belong?

        No? Just the guy whose going to save the day!

        In your dreams.

      2. Yo mama says:

        Another Bob,

        Your are either an idiot, a cop, or both!

      3. steve says:

        another bob,

        When you get pulled over by a police officer, Have you ever been asked “where are you coming from?”, “where are you going?”, “do you know why I pulled you over?, “do you know how fast you were going?”…..etc.

        Why do you think those questions are asked? Do you they are really interested in you, or think they want to be your friend?

        They are trying to you to get you to tell on yourself. They want you to make a statement that can be used against you in court. Do you have to answer those questions? Think about it!

        Why don’t think you are mirandized?

        Do you know anything about the law or are you one of those men who make these comments while you hide behind a computer? I’m thinking the latter!

        But I’m sure you are smart guy and don’t need know this info.

  15. TJ says:

    In a bankrupt state, in a bankrupt nation we can continue to spend money on Health and Humans Services including providing medical assistance to able bodied adults without children up to 250% of the poverty level and general medical assistance (free money) to able bodied adults making up to 75% of the poverty level. Why can we not allocate some of the funds we are wasting to one of the ONLY true functions of government which is to protect us from these idiots. There is NO reason this person should see the light of day ever again.

    I commend those who do conceal and carry and hope that if one of these idiots commit an act like this you are there to end their life.


  16. shawn says:

    Oh the lovely north side, can’t wait to move there!! 😉 At least its not Detroit, Cleveland, or south side Chi-Town. Except everyone living there now is from chicago because mn welfare pays more up here, hence 10 folds more crime!! Im glad the high speed rail was denied by WI. Though we still have the megabus, greyhound, and amtrak bringing up society’s finest social service sponges!!

  17. Reality Stinks says:


  18. Jackie says:

    I dont know if you people noticed that an innocent being was shot and is in serious condition. How about a little bit more well wishes for the one who tried to help and might die from this??!

  19. Brewster says:

    Back in the 60’s North Minneapolis was a nice city, I wonder what happened!

    1. walleyewillie says:

      Your right Brewster, i lived and hung around Lowry and Lyndale all throught 60’s it was pretty nice back then, we drove through the area a few weeks ago and had to lock our car doors fearing we weren’t safe there anymore



  21. molly says:

    wow, What is this world coming to . most of you sound racist, and angry and no concern for the innocent being shot , your throwing judgmental comments back and forth . I think we need some compassion in our community.

    1. larry says:

      thats because they are

    2. Rick says:

      Another liberal? A hug does not work with these type of people. get it in your head!!

      1. barb says:

        How true…this city has been controlled by that liberal crowd for too long
        & look what has happened..just pray we won’t become another Detroit.

  22. will says:


    1. Rick says:

      Are you black? Maybe you can answer your question?

    2. yo mama says:

      Why are you writing in caps? Do you want a comma is for?

      1. Yo mama says:

        Typo. Should read “do you know what a comma is for”

  23. shawn says:

    Hide your kids, hide youe wives, hide your husbands, dey rapin everyone hear on da norht side!! ~Antoine Dobson~

  24. Louis Munn says:

    I live on the North Side and find most of these comments repulsive. My heart and prays are with the victims of this tragedy. This is still a better place to live then some suburbs.

  25. Wade Keezer says:

    Anyone notice the “420” on the squad car photo?

    1. M says:

      First thing I noticed.

      1. M says:

        To be honest. I noticed it before there were any comments on this article. I was wondering how long it would take for someone to comment on it. I have been at work all night and it the whole night for someone to say something about the 420 on the squad car.

    2. obv says:

      its the same stock photo they use day in and day out, always the 420 car

  26. Jimbo says:

    More ghetto trash makin life miserable for everyone else in the world. Not living in Mpls is priceless.

  27. mark from mntaxwaste.com says:

    To bad the customer didn’t have a permit to carry, this clown would have been dancing for the Devil by now.

    1. larry says:

      even if you had a permit to carry idiot hero?? does not mean your going to be able to pull it out tuff guy

      1. Bob says:

        Larry, some people shouldn’t defend themselves, you are one of those.

        1. Rick says:

          another stupid liberal!!

      2. Jason says:

        Maybe yes,Maybe no. I like my chances better armed.

  28. goner says:

    Sometimes the truth about the people that make up our society does sound bad……mmmm……because it is

  29. David J. Conklin says:

    >The average citizen in this area needs a sawed-off shotgun or a machine gun with some good training to stay alive in these two core cities,
    I worked for 2.5 years in N. Mpls for 7-11–never robbed, no guns.

  30. Georgina Hannah says:

    i bet you thought your commit was real funny but it wasnt!!!!!! as the black community says we most definitly cant take the WHITE TRASH!!!!!!!! OUT THE PARKS BUT WE CAN RELOCATE THE TRAILERS you must be one of those kkk that is over crowding the welfare system come to the black community and buy your drugs and go home to your trailer park and then have the nerve to make such a disgusting comment get real!!!!!!!

    1. ?? says:

      So you’re saying the black community is the place where people buy drugs??

      1. vicki says:

        They sure don’t bring them here!

    2. Rick says:

      Please tell me why every black area in a big city are high crime-murder? Thats a fact.

      1. molly says:

        Rick , I would love to hear you talk this way in person, What do you expect , Its not that long ago , a black man or woman would not be hired for a job , because of racism, and they are still being treated that way , why do you think a. black man should make lots of money ,,, well the % is low because of people like you . you sound like Archie bunker.. its people like you that wont treat a person equal, things will never change with people like you that keep the racism going!

        1. Jason says:

          Racism, bla, bla bla. The only people bringing this up are the ……. Let everyone stand on thier own two feet already. REALLY TIRED OF THIS POOR ME ATTITUDE.

      2. vicki says:

        Because of the Tribune article. White people won’t give African Americans jobs. And that’s a fact.

    3. sad and true says:

      you want me to believe you are an asset to society? how many kids you have 7? disgusting

  31. Dan says:

    I am surprised at all these comments ! I have been the victim of a violent store robbery in st.paul and i still dont think more armed citizens is the answer! this guy prob. stole the gun from one of you! The real answer is to find out why he needed to rob the store in the first place ..was it drugs? poverty? mental illness? then try to fix it from there but after reading the hillbilly forum here i know thats just a dream

    1. Jason says:

      MY job is to protect my family. NOT to figure out what ails criminals. What is YOUR job?

  32. wasabifiend says:

    That’s why I carry!

  33. foge1 says:

    less cops on the streets, more restrictive policies for many departments which are much more restrictive than state and federal laws. This is the end result.

  34. artist says:

    Wow!! After reading all of these comments, I believe the black community is more racist than even the KKK. All I can say is I hope the store employee and the fella who got shot will be okay!

  35. M R says:

    Attention liberals: If that customer had a concealed carry, he wouldn’t be in the hospital, the armed robber would be in the grave.

  36. NorthSider says:

    WOW I think you all need to take a step back and read what you’re writing….I CHOOSE to live on the North side, I am not a minority, and not on welfare. I pay for my house with my well paying 40 hour per week job- and my neighbors do too! Think about the thousands of other people who do the same- you don’t hear about them on the news. It’s the idiots that were going to be a debt to society no matter where they lived and regardless of race that you hear about.

    Too bad this innocent person was in the wrong place at the wrong time, my thoughts go out to them. I hope they end up being OK!

    1. Michele says:

      Well said, NorthSider, and what everybody seems to be ignoring is that this victim was shot because he tried to intervene to help the clerk. This hero (and I mean that respectfully) was in a convenience store on the NORTH SIDE.

      True, he could have been passing through. He could be black, white, Martian, for all we know. He could have been in for his lottery ticket or a pack of smokes, or diapers. We don’t know.

      What I do know is that we show disrespect toward this person by using the brutal attack on him, to vindicate our own prejudices. There are those who would say he acted foolishly, but I would like to believe I would step up to stop violence on another human being. I hope that I never find out if I would.

    2. Jason says:

      First, congrats on your well paying job. Second good job on doing what you and everyone else is supposed to do anyway. The biggest problem in our society is handouts. Be responsible for yourself and your family everything else will fall into place.

  37. Rubric Pinkerton says:

    I live on the North Side, grew up on the North Side. I am successful, college educated and not going anywhere soon.

    Almost every time someone is busted buying drugs on the North Side, it’s some fat slob from the suburbs. Half the drug dealers on the North Side are driving in from the suburbs to sell to slobs from the suburbs. All the johns that get busted in the city are slobs from the suburbs.

    Yes there are drugs, crime and prostitution in the city, but all you suburban hypocrite dogs need to start engaging in your criminal activity in your own part of town. Quit using the city for your garbage dump and watch crime halve.

  38. Jim says:

    live on the North Side, grew up on the North Side. I am successful, college educated and not going anywhere soon.

    Almost every time someone is busted buying drugs on the North Side, it’s some fat slob from the suburbs. Half the drug dealers on the North Side are driving in from the suburbs to sell to slobs from the suburbs. All the johns that get busted in the city are slobs from the suburbs.

    Yes there are drugs, crime and prostitution in the city, but all you suburban hypocrite dogs need to start engaging in your criminal activity in your own part of town. Quit using the city for your garbage dump and watch crime halve.
    I LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. molly says:

    Believe me , I am far from a liberal. Larry. I am a white woman that has lived in the city all my life , I’m 48 yrs old . It is just sick that everybody blames a black man , that is racist, I went to college ,made good money , had bad accident , now handicapped, I live on ssi , I get 647.00 a month ,,, so all you people that think bad about helping the poor and upset about welfare, what are you going to do if your life changes in a second , and you have to get help , I would watch your tongue, I am really upset how racist people are ,,,,, grow up!!!!!! How can north mpls residence feel good about themselves when you have these upper class people degrading their community in north mpls, what comes around goes around,,,, I see it more and more , please get off the racism, it is getting old!!!!

  40. thks says:

    I can only say it must be a terrible thing to be anything but white, i send all you that are not my condolences, i bought a house in suburbs last year for 125k thk you housing marke crash saved me a bundle, and i hit the lottery not 1 non-white in whole neighborhood ah the good life.

    1. Michele says:

      Wow, that sounds … REALLY boring.

  41. itwouldbenice says:

    I wonder if Fleet Farm sells ” Gurr-b-gone”???

  42. Queen of the Earth says:

    Public Safety is our number 1 concern in any area on all levels there is no doubt about that… Racism is our number 1 down fall and top reason why this country will stay stagnated by the small minded people who view their alleged power as a means with no end… Who knows what you believe in, but one things is for sure we will all be accountable for our reckless behavior and thoughts… The very conditions we complain about where created on purpose and I know you understand that and if you don’t then you are even more lost than you appear to be already…
    This does not negate the responsibility North Minneapolis residents have to itself but it does speak to the fact that many ethnic groups live there so why is the blame shifted to just one? Racism

    You benefit from the very spilled blood that you hate daily and brag about mis treating from the time you were able to use the first insulting word… MN has the worst record for employment and education when it comes to African American people. I suppose you will blame them for that too, especially since MN is 85% white… What a surprise

    This country may have to go in complete shambles before justice, freedom and equality happens because many of you people just refuse to be human beings… Your power is within your savage nature to be evil, destructive and deceitful. In your minds, you really believe that you are the standard of living and humanity although your track record says that you are savages, murderers and weak. Do you know your own history? How many of you were born with tales that had to be whacked off at birth? how many of you have to be locked away because of your wolf nature? How many of you are cannibals? How many of you have traced your history back to the cave caucus mountains? How many of you are born from incest? How many of you don’t even know your own history?

    Many of you have no clue who you really are because you have been feed the very lies that feed your hate today… It’s very sad but very true

    Know your history before you speak of the ills of others. Ask your self what can you do to improve the conditions of humanity

    You are the babies of the Human family and it shows in your immature behavior.
    The very people you look down upon had to sacrifice their entire lives for decades just to help civilize you, had to not feed their children so that you could eat, had to have their babies in the cotton fields while they worked for free and still to this day, the same people who showed you basic skills of living and now your are the expert… Know your history

    Shooting someone is wrong, regardless to what our history is. Just like most of the post before this one is wrong regardless to who you are…
    You are apart of the problem, not the solution. Your goal in life should be to improve the quality of life for all not to continue advancing yourself…

    If I was in your shoes, I would be embarrassed at my history and my peoples behavior because it is disgusting and a disgrace to humanity.

    Do you really think that God is going to continue to let you and your people rule unjustly upon others? Do you really think that you will not be punished for your behavior and do you really think that African American people will always be depressed and oppressed by your hatred for the truth of who they really are? You are more afraid of their uprise than anything which is why you hate them so much… Have you ever asked yourself why you and your people hate them so much? Do you really know who they are and why they were truly brought to this country to begin? Have you ever asked yourself why they are the most influential people on the planet despite their conditions? Oh, Sorry I forgot you think that you are God and further you believe that they came from the jungles and were monkeys and sadly to say you think they were born worthless…

    Wrong! Ask your rulers who they are and if they decided to be honest with you which I am sure they will not be, but if they shall tell you I promise that you will be in Awe and have more respect for them than you do for yourself and will do all that you can to help restore they very things your people tried to beat and completely destroy… It will be the ultimate salvation for you but the hate that is deeply rooted in your hearts, minds and souls wont allow you to see anything higher than yourselves… They are the parents of Humanity

    The time is approaching and all things will be revealed

    I hope you learned something from what I wrote… Know your history!

    1. Work together says:

      I know my history. Just because I’m a descendant from an Irish family doesn’t mean we were on easy street. My ancestors were serfs to many other people. My son in law is a black Muslim–one of the hardest working, nicest people I know. He gets treated differently here because of his color and his religion. That is wrong. However it would also be wrong for him to claim his people are the only ones that have been treated poorly throughout history. Not all “white” people work to keep others down. I do not take away anything from your history and do not deny any of your history, please don’t do it to mine.

      1. Is everybody racist in some way? says:

        Work together makes a good point. I had a similar discussion with someone who said that it is easier for say an Irish man to hide the fact he is Irish, or a gay man to hide the fact he is gay, whereas a black man cannot hide the fact that he is black. That is very true. However, why should an Irish man have to deny his ancestory? If a Somalian was asked or told to hide his ancestory to make life easier, it would be called prejudicial. Why is not prejudicial to ask an Irish man to do the same? We can work together, but it takes both sides….

  43. vicki says:

    All of you remember…The first female ever was black (not info founded by only black people). To all the haters, u r hating your own.

    Since blacks r so poor and such losers as many of u say, then u agree they don’t have the funds 2 bring the drugs 2 the US and the neighborhood. Someone however does bring drugs to our cities and neighborhoods. Don’t hear much getting upset over that.

    Tribune article in this past week’s paper states MN is the worst for offering jobs and equality to minorities. Number one in the nation as a matter of fact. Now that tells me that white power has a great deal to do with that.

    If white America (only get offended if the shoe fits…) would stop always looking for someone to look down on n hate, they would have no fear. All would be working and no one would b a threat. Those who choose to find hatred for someone’s skin color, are insecure and threatened. However, the more you oppress, the more desperate the oppressed will become. They will be looking for someone and someway 2 take care of themselves and that may end up being at your expense.

    Stop hating. Black people were brought here by white people and will stay as long as all the rest of you. Deal with it. Name calling and belittling, will not change that. U can continue to hate and have a cold heart, or go live your lives and leave others alone. I am black, and I don’t spend 2 minutes worth of my time hating white people. I have too much to do, like love my family and friends..

    1. yo mama says:


      I wouldn’t hire you on your grammar alone. Not because you are black. You can’t spell or write. You would be an embarrassment to my company.

      Guess what my race is? Your thinking white,right?

    2. Jason says:

      Do you feel as though you are owed something? If you do YOU are the problem. Do for yourself, remember anything in life worth having REQUIRES many things like patience, hardwork, and smarts. Still working on the last one myself.

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