CHISHOLM, Minn. (AP) — The Minnesota high school student accused of posting a hit list on Facebook has been expelled.

Chisholm school district officials say the freshman included the names of 30 students, teachers and graduates on the list.

Superintendent James Varichak says the student’s return to school would have been a substantial disruption to the education process, so the school board agreed to expel him.

The Duluth News Tribune says the St. Louis County attorney is considering whether criminal charges are warranted.

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Comments (40)
  1. Mike says:

    Throw the book at him, and that will accomplish what? No education, isolation and a criminal record will assure that he will become a victim of christian forgiveness……

    1. monie says:

      come on. we have to start taking responsibility for our actions. he has probably already gotten off on other inappropriate behavior. perhaps he will think before he does something else. for every action there is a reaction-DAH

      1. fkaJames says:

        So we just give up on him in 9th grade? No chance for any kind of behavior rehabilitation, counseling, understanding WHY a freshman feels the need to make a “hit list?” Where are the parents, where is the school counselor, where are the clergy, where are the shepherds for this boy through what is obviously a troubled time for him? I’m not excusing his behavior and I agree that there should be consequences, but kids make mistakes and a 9th grader’s future isn’t set in stone. We can choose to have a positive or negative impact on all kids’ lives — what do we want to do here?

        1. CG says:

          Wrong…the school district still has to provide this person with an education. In fact he will probably get a more individualized(better) education than he was getting and probably more expensive. PAID BY THE TAXPAYERS

    2. Victim Du Jour says:

      Public Schools are Socialist Religious Institutions, and the kid posted the list because he doesn’t like being around liberal bible bangers.

      He’s just lashing out at a government run bully.

      1. CandyLee says:

        I always thought of Bible Bangers as being conservative…… Maybe I’m wrong.

        1. Victim Du Jour says:

          Socialism is a mode of worship too. And public schools are their Churches and they have their own version of bible banging.

    3. mom says:

      what would you be saying if they did nothing to this boy in a week or so brings a gun to school and follows through with his”hit” list, would you be the 1st one saying we should forgive him or would you be questioning why nothing was done sooner? How would you feel if your child’s name was on this list and what would you say to your child. Don’t worry Johnny was just misguided and needs to just be forgiven. Wake up children’s lives are at risk and as a school district they are bond to protecting the kids that go to school there.

  2. concerned says:

    As a parent I’m glad administrators take such things seriously. School violence is on the rise and if this person didn’t mean it literally he should at least learn that such behavior has serious consequences. Thank you for protecting our kids!

  3. Sue says:

    Ever wonder why he compiled a hit list?? No doubt the kid was bullied….

    1. Lower Middle Class man says:

      Ya I’m sure he was bullied by 30 students, teachers and graduates.

  4. Travis says:

    I agree with Sue. That kid made that list for a reason and obviously wanted it to be seen. It was a cry for help and he gets expelled. Sure a cool down period was needed but expulsion seems harsh. Society throws these youths away when they could be saved with a little help. More details are needed but someone needs to listen to this kid and help, keeping him out of school is not the answer. By pushing him out just adds to his desperation and feeds his violent thoughts.

    1. Paul says:

      He’s not being thrown away, enough of the drama. As a society, we need to help those in need on a personal level but you’re never going to “cure” every child when they have grown up in a violent or drug ridden home – that would take years of counseling or direct intervention from God. Expulsion is not harsh, far too often there are few consequences, if any, for behavior that is inappropriate. For example, I was at a water park with my girls and there were 3 boys that were unattended right around 10-13. They were making sexual comments about many girls and although adults heard them, they didn’t want to get involved. Typical spineless behavior from adults that have allowed children to escalate in their behavior. You see it all the time. It took some doing, but they ultimately stopped their behavior with a few words.

    2. PatPaulsonCallsYouOut says:

      I was the runt, picked on all my life. That is also life – I learned to cope, how to react in a civil way and life is great.
      Get him out of any public schools – period. When it’s proven he can deal with life as is required in a NORMAL m,anner he gets to re-enter the schools sytem.
      I do not – repeat this again – DO NOT want to see or hear that this kid is around my children until then. Period.
      He needs help – agre
      He does not need it around normal kids at this point.
      End of story

  5. Amber says:

    While I agree with Sue that most likely this kid was bullied, I agree they handled the situation correctly. I do think they should get him some sort of counseling. Just imagine what would happen if they let this student back in and he/she did bring a gun to school one day. We would all be commenting on the actions we didn’t take prior to this. It’s just sad this young student felt the need to make this list…there should be some sort of counselor he/she should be able to go to.

  6. mae says:

    I agree with Lower Middle Class Man – that kid was NOT bullied by over 30 students AND teachers. So where did that come from. And not every kid that does that has been bullied by other students. Way to make an excuse for that student. I do wonder though how he will be educated given that he was expelled. Does that mean he can’t go to any school or just that school. I wouldn’t want him going to school with my kids posting stuff like that.

  7. jake says:

    The student will either attend a different school or tutors will be used for the rest of the year provided the student isn’t in jail. This is a serious situation and was dealt with correctly by the administration.
    I’m sure the folks where other school shootings took place wish someone would have acted sooner if possible.
    Students need to be held accountable for their actions on the internet and parents need to keep a closer watch on what their kids are doing online.
    The real heros here are the people who turned the student in and the administration for acting swiftly to protect others from harm.

  8. Jon says:

    Allowing minors access to the internet for anything other than school work is stupid. Nothing, not one single good thing will come of it.

    1. Sheila says:

      Very true. No child should even have a computer in their room or left unattended on the computer. It’s a dangerous place with no restrictions to all sorts of grievous behavior. I read an article with Ted Bundy and James Dobson prior to his death and Bundy outlined that it started with soft porn and escalated from there. He took complete responsibility for choosing his actions but did point out that most all of the prisoners he was with had similar problems with sexual violence, starting with porn. Not to say that this child with a hit list has this particular problem but unlimited access to the internet is dangerous for such malleable minds.

      1. Gants L says:

        aaaah Sheila – you’d be hard pressed not to find a breathing male that wasn’t exposed to the so called soft porn. Dating back to the 50’s even when I was a kid.
        A nut case is on every corner. They don’t need help to trigger things – they are wired wrong. Bundy, Manson, and on and on
        This kid may be a mess, whether he is wired wrong or just a mess I dunno. Expelling him was right and but the first step. The legal system needs to have a look at him too.

        1. Sheila says:

          Way back in the 1950’s? Wow, that’s a long time ago. 🙂 My whole point was that kids need to be limited in their access to the internet because they can find hard porn with sexual violence intermixed so easily. I have heard mom’s in our conservative community say how their 10 year old was looking at it. That is wrong to allow a child this kind of access. Yes, it has been going on for many decades and has picked up significantly. At least there was some shame that you had to endure when going into the x rated section at the movie rental 15 years ago. Now you can access it and do anything in the privacy of your own home. Once you see images like that, it is burned into your mind forever.

          1. Gants L says:

            Thanks Sheila … that wow made me wander to a mirror and 😉
            You are dead on with access via the net to all the stuff out there. Twisted is what comes to my old mind. I guess my post should have stated this. I got to focused on the “soft” comment . Sorry.
            Well stated and thought out post by you. Well done

            1. Sheila says:

              No need for any apologies, just wanted to clarify. It is appreciated though.

              1. at Sheila and Gants says:

                do I got this right????? a civil conversation on the ‘cco board with an “apology” and followed by a it is “appreciated”.
                OMG folks – there may yet be hope for America !!!!

                me digs it you two. U made my day

  9. sgc says:

    While it is important to take action I also believe that serious counceling needs to be done for this student. I agree that he was probably bullied and the teachers and administration need to do someting about this problem which has become an epidemic.

    1. Jake says:

      Let’s take a look at the home first. There are so many parents that have decided to indulge themselves in alcohol and drugs and frankly don’t care too much about their children or what they do. They are more interested in getting high with a fair amount of verbal or physical abuse to add in to the mix. Parents need to take responsibility for their children’s behavior and how they help their child deal with issues at school if that’s the case. There are occasional cases of children who have become that way despite good parents but it is rare.

    2. Grandpa here says:

      My wife was teacher for 37 years (to long). The bullying was there in year 1 – and last year when she called it a day.
      It isn’t any more prevelant today than in the 60’s. The difference is things have changed, people look for a way to rationalize everything, labels and tags go on everything, parents get sometimes to involved and blow things out of proportion and I hate to say this but ….kids are pretty pampered and soft today. They see to much on tv.It becomes normal to see violence in their minds. Anything goes with many parents….. the list of reasons goes on a mile.
      That all said – kids are soft and just cannot cope with much. Moms and Dads always there hovering around to make sure they have a pampered and easy life. We love our kids and want the best for them but we also are creating the whole thing too.

  10. Jack Mehoff says:

    It all boils down to the parents, 9 times out of 10 if the parents are there and do the right thing, these kids will turn out to be respectable young adults. These kids are a product of their environment!!!

    1. Ralph bets nope says:

      These kids may be a product of their families and upbring but lets keep the environment out of it huh. 😉

      Seen some dang good families over the years that had a bad apple amoungst them too so it not always the case 100% – sure you know that too

  11. Travis says:

    Agreed, he wasn’t bullied by everyone on the list but it doesn’t take long for someone in a dark place with dark thoughts to go ahead and add a few names down to it. I’m sure every kid that shot up their school hit someone that wasn’t on the list and it didn’t break their heart about it. All we can do with the info provided is speculate on his reasoning. Doesn’t do any good to play the blame game without knowing.It’s not drama to assume a few day suspension and some therapy would have been enough. I wasn’t making excuses or defending the kid, just saying it will only escalate dealing with it how they have and maybe even add a few names to the list. Have to know what the underlying reason was and work on that as well with giving him the tools to cope better. We’re dealing with this very thing right now in our school system and the kid was given up on by everyone. I feel for the kid but sometimes there’s just bad eggs. What we have here is failure to communicate, some men you just can’t reach. Won’t know if they just give him the boot.

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