Shooting In Minneapolis Sends 1 To Hospital

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A shooting at Franklin and Chicago avenues in Minneapolis has sent one person to the hospital.

Police say the shooting occurred around 12:15 p.m. and an “uncooperative” man was shot in the leg.

He was sent to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

Stay tuned for more details as they become available.

  • Melissa

    WoW Cant wait for Summer in Minneapolis ….HOW many more people are going to get shot?

    • Stu

      I’d say ten people, all of them black and shot by other blacks over something stupid.

      • J

        My guess is 35 and two of them are white people trying to act black.

        • yo mama

          Then they deserve to get shot!

  • mitch

    Thank you Tim Pawlenty and Concealed Carry Reform. I never go into the city without carrying a gun.

    • Steve


      There is no such thing as a “Concealed” carry permit in the State on Minnesota.
      Look at your permit.

      • Melissa

        LMAO Its permit to carry you dont have to conceal but I suggest you do. Be careful if you do point it you better pull that trigger…..HENNEPIN COUNTY SHERIFFS love to assist in prosecuting people who have carry permits…..

        • Steve

          I could agree with you more! I was just stating a fact that Mn does have have a “concealed” permit.

  • wakeupmpls

    All you people afraid of coming to Minneapolis, that’s ok with me. Stay away and try and not let your shadow spook you. Suburban wussies. Enjoy your sidewalk free lifestyle.

    • Tom

      I just moved to Stillwater from N. Mpls. Wow! Night and day. My wife can actually go on a walk with the kids outside.

  • rosie

    Gotta love those crazy Minnesota rednecks and their guns.

  • Derek P.

    The man wouldn’t cooperate with the police so the police shot him. this has nothing to do with conceal and carry or a gang banger shooting someone else.

  • Minnetonka Joe

    The Suburbs = No saggy pants gun toting crack slingin bass thumpin gansters victimizing innocent people. No burglaries, car thefts, panhandling derelicts. I guess if you live in the city long enough, those things become your chosen reality. That & hating on suburban dwellers via jealousy.

    • steve

      Minnetonka Joe,

      Please run for Governor!

    • Kay

      Hah, really? You really think the suburbs are completely free of all those? Enjoy your naivete.

  • Mike

    Thanx Rybak for all the crime!!

  • Police: Man Shot After Argument Near Crosstown Market « CBS Minnesota

    […] this shooting is not related to the other shooting that happened Sunday in which a man was also shot in the leg around 1 p.m. Print Share […]

  • vicki

    What’s n my backyard 2day will b n your backyard 2morrow.

    U R right about no saggy pants etc. U just have ponzy schemes. Classy.

  • Bryson Powers

    That corner is pretty bad. Detox is a couple blocks away.

  • Helper

    LOL, That’s so true! I think those little whiney suburban whities need to keep their pansy a_ _es out of our progressive city. Such little weak people who needs guns to feel adequate…

    • sad

      Helper, that was a very racist remark, are you one?.

    • Bob

      Helper atleast you are consistently stupid…..

    • steve

      Hey Helper,
      Did you call us “Whities”? Last time I heard that, I was watching All in The Family!

      I’d prefer “Honlkie” please! Thank for the laugh Gorge Jefferson!

  • sad

    Just Sayin are you related to Helper?

  • Brandon

    As a Black man, your comments are very offensive. The problem with your statement is that the actions of a few results in you labeling and hating large groups of people. You fail to realize that some people don’t like crime or the poor actions of their people anymore than you do.
    You should judge each person by the content of their character not by what others of a same race or background have done.
    Racism will always exist because of such a thought process.

    • Tom

      So true Brandon, good wisdom!

    • Jason

      What statement are you upset about? I went back and read them all. I dont see anyone that brought up race. Racism will exist because many continue to throw that ugly word around.

      • sad

        they pulled a post, I personally think it was made up by certain people just to get a rise out of others.

  • vicki

    Really? Said the race that lynched, shot and enslaved a group of people for years. People in glass houses.

    Maybe think b4 we speak.

    • vicki

      I forgot…in gang gear of hoods and sheets!

  • Chuck

    Being that he isnt cooperating wih police, it’s a safe bet he’s some gang banger POS, who we dont need around anyways. Let these pieces of trash take each other out. Its just Darwin doing his thing

  • michelle

    To Brandon don’t waste another thought at the min’ute comments regarding African Americans. The contributions we have made to society as a people far out weighs any comments or criticisms hidden behind a computer. Life is short and consider the source. When we speak we identify where we are really at, and judging from above @ Chuck and Joe don”t sweat the small stuff.
    As far as suburbia if memory serves me well Denny hecker, Tom Petters, The Enron scandal participants, a select few housewives by day stripper by night, meth is found and raided where Suburbia. Not all people who reside in an area can be judged by the actions of a few. The shoe fits in Minneapolis as well as the suburbs.



    • Jason

      Oh just be quiet, its past your bedtime, just dont wet the bed.

    • JustSayin

      Lol, “Baster”

  • smart one

    mpls concealed skunk law out yet we be carrying 2 of them?

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