ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — A mix of old Minnesota hands and well-connected Republican fundraisers elsewhere will lead former Gov. Tim Pawlenty’s hunt for money toward a near-certain presidential run.

Pawlenty was informing supporters Monday of his finance team, which is tasked with amassing many millions of dollars if Pawlenty is to wage a competitive campaign. Last week, Pawlenty formed an exploratory committee that enables him to start stocking up for a White House run.

The team will be headed by Brian Haley, who was the lead fundraiser for the Freedom First committee Pawlenty used for more than a year to pay for travel and other pre-campaign efforts. Others have ties to his past Minnesota campaigns. Some previously worked for potential rival GOP Mitt Romney, the Bush family and 2008 Republican nominee John McCain.

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Comments (31)
  1. Middle Class and fading... says:

    Anybody got change for a penny so I can contribute to Timmy’s campaign?

  2. B says:

    Just imagine if this guy got president give up pawlenty nobody likes you your wasting money. Instead of funding a loosing campaign give all the money the charity and you would be doing more for this country than you did for it your whole career get a clue your stupid Pawlenty

    1. Chris says:

      B…. what the heck kind of rambling post is that?!

      What was your point other than you do not like T-Paw?

      And if that was it, who cares?

  3. helper says:

    What a foolish silly man. He’s too egocentric to know people think he’s a dud!

    1. Chris says:

      Helper… we are waiting for you or someone else to step up and challenge him…

      Otherwise, he is the best option so far by a long shot…

      Much better than Obama and a score of other lame liberals!

  4. Dirk says:

    In a field of like sounding (No minds) candidates, why would you give money to the one with no shot? What a great country we live in. Anybody can run for President.

    1. Slim says:

      Dirk, That is right and do not forget it!

      That process has even gotten easier with Obama’s schemes…

      At least T-Paw can prove he belongs in the race!!!

      1. Dirk says:

        You can think that Pawlenty belongs in the race but the skills he has shown as a governor clearly make him incapable of being president. No ability to be a statesman,, no leadership, and he shifted as much as possible to make things a problem for someone else rather than fixing things himself. Arne Carlson fixed things. Even Jesse Ventura fixed things when he was self promoting.

  5. John says:

    But if you want to run for President of the United States, shouldn’t the effort be based on people actually liking you and your previous work? I don’t know a single person who thinks Pawlenty was a good governor. In fact, he was pretty bad at it.

    1. Charlie says:

      We like him Pawlenty…

      It is America and anyone can run…

      If you can prove your birth details, oh that’s right… that does not matter anymore either!

    2. Charlie says:

      John, We disagree! T-Paw was just fine and did a brave job…

      The US would be lucky to have him representing us (including you)!!!

      1. Fred says:

        I would rather have Jesse Ventura as President then TP. That is how little I think of him, not how much I think of Ventura the politician.

  6. Frank says:

    Ever think he might be Michelle Bachmans lost twin brother separated at birth

    1. thumbody says:

      No that would be Scott Walker

      1. Chuck says:

        And a lot of people agree with their approaches and want more Walkers!

        1. Orville says:

          A lot of people drive drunk, doesn’t mean they made the right choice, doesn’t mean it will kill them.

  7. The Truth says:

    Pawlenty will make a way better President. Common sense and courage to make tough decisions is back in fashion.

    1. Chuck says:

      And that is the truth…

      We are there with you and also agree that we need more integrity in office…

      so he did not make friends with everyone, that is a good sign!!!

      Instead of all of those politicians who are afraid to say “NO”…

      and just keep cutting checks to pay ransome to the entitlements!

      T-Paw will stand tall and for what is right, so buck up and face reality.

      1. Derrick says:

        So rather than making hard choice, TP cut funding to cities and schools after their budgets were set. Rather than make the choices on what to cut, he deferred payments long enough so someone else has to figure it out. He flew around the world on our tax money for trade missions. Yet he cannot come up with anything to brag about as accomplishments. So what did he do that was so right? Rather than direct taxes going up, fees went up. Same as a tax, look up the court records. Look at your property tax statement. Hope you don’t have a kid and want to send them for an education as the percent of the cost you pay has gone up also. Keep looking at TP with your red colored glasses. It helps blur how little he did in 8 years.

  8. Worker bee says:

    Self-centered arrogance and a tremendous ego blind Pawlenty to how a lot of voters really feel about him. He and all his Repuglican colleagues only know the mantra of tax cuts for the rich! For every tax cut for the rich, the middle class has to pay more.

    1. Charlie says:

      Please tell us more about those tax cuts for the “rich”…

      Do you really know what you are talking about or just repeating garbage?

  9. Murph says:

    Yes,Timmy had the courage to try to starve sick and disabled people! But, I heard he cried and moaned like a baby after the district judge convicted him of violating the state constitution! With more and more people becoming weak and vulnerable.Shades of Dr. Mengala and Soylent Green seem to keep shadowing the publics perception of him, the whole GOP for that matter!

    1. Slim says:

      Settle down Murph!!!

      Where do you come up with some of this stuff?

      Send in more of your $$$ if you want to subsidize the welfare state…

      1. Dirk says:

        Obvious you have not had to deal with the social service system for the aged. That is lucky for you. Perhaps you need to research a little bit to see where the vast majority of the budget goes.

  10. richard says:

    It’s OK…let the stupid teabaggers and righties throw away their money.

    1. Chris says:

      Well, it is their money to do what they please with it, and it does stay in the economy, which is still a good thing….

      Better than the Government making tose decisions for us anyway!!!

      Unless you prefer them knowing what is best for you and me, etc…

      I disagree with that approach, but fell free to go that route alone.

  11. Ron says:

    Hey timmy just start by charging all Republicans a FEE!

  12. getaclue says:

    Republican field is weak, weak, weak! Bachman is the front runner right now? Republicans/tea baggers are like a neutered dog…they just don’t get it. Let’s try a little compromise. If not….wait until the next election. You think this last election was a sweep? Enjoy your time in the sun Republicans.

  13. Murph says:

    Pawlenty would need 1,015 money grubbers and still not get much in the way of contributions.The other candidates have voters back home.Pawlenty has only his trequent flyer miles and a Minnesota district judges size nine in his rumpus room!! Give it Tim,it’s just not gonna happen for ya!

    1. Ralph says:

      Mary P is probably a size 2. By looks, it is the few things he has done well at. He ran a decent marathon, too. Training must have been from avoiding issues.

  14. donjuan says:

    Between palenty and bachmann minnesota has become the laughing stock of the nation

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