Dayton Backs Plan For ‘People’s Stadium’

ST. PAUL (WCCO/AP) — Gov. Mark Dayton is pushing for what he’s calling “a people’s stadium” for the Minnesota Vikings.

Dayton met with members of the construction industry Tuesday and was met with loud cheers for his backing of a new football stadium, provided it meets certain conditions.

“Governor said that it would be a great thing for the people of this state. It would be a people’s stadium,” said Glen Johnson, business manager for the International Union of Operating Engineers Local 49.

NewsRadio 830 WCCO’s Bruce Hagevik Reports

Dayton is pushing hard for a $1 billion bonding bill for construction projects around the state, but said the legislature ought to approve a Vikings stadium because it could create 3,000 jobs for unemployed workers.

He told reporters that a stadium financing plan is “a separate consideration” from debate over a state budget deficit, and the two discussions could occur simultaneously.

He says a stadium could help an ailing construction sector. To pay for it, Dayton says he would consider surcharges on stadium ticket, merchandise and concessions surcharges. He also raised the idea of hotel and car rental charges. He said no state general funds will be used.

“I want a people’s stadium that’s a good deal for the people of Minnesota — a project that’s going to employ Minnesotans. Let’s put people back to work all over the state of Minnesota and let’s do it now,” Dayton said.

Lawmakers say the stadium bill would direct the Vikings to pay at least 30 percent of construction, plus any cost overruns. Officials aren’t naming a site but say a bill would include a site selection committee.

Dayton also commented on the “Right To Work” bill, referring to it as the “Right To Work For Nothing” bill. Some lawmakers are calling for a constitutional amendment for a “Right to Work” proposal, which would place the matter in the hands of voters.

“He said that ‘Right To Work’ for less is not something he would support and the place went into an uproar of clapping and cheering,” said Johnson.

A Republican lawmaker who plans to sponsor Minnesota Vikings stadium legislation says most pieces of the bill are in place.

But Sen. Julie Rosen said Tuesday she hadn’t settled on a day to introduce the bill nor would she discuss aspects of it ahead of time.

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  • Jeff Kline

    Am I going to be *required* to attend certain numbers of events per year as a condition of being allowed to live here???

    • Jobu

      Jeff – don’t be stupid.

    • TG

      Wow, thats an very smart comment… good thinking…

  • Paul

    Little Marky, the lost socialist. Is he going to take the “People’s” money to build it?

    • Jobu

      Do you people even read these articles or just the headlines? Here is how he wants to fund it. “To pay for it, Dayton says he would consider surcharges on stadium ticket, merchandise and concessions surcharges. He also raised the idea of hotel and car rental charges. He said no state general funds will be used.”

      If you do not want your money to pay for it, then don’t buy tickets to games, merchandise or concessions. Also, don’t rent cars or hotels.

    • QueensLeaveAlready

      You missed the part that said pay for part of it with surcharges. Most of the money will still come from the tax payer. None from general fund..still means taxes will be used. This guy has got to learn how to deal with NO. He grew up with a silver spoon and a mommy who never said no. No tax dollars or bonding for purple palace!

    • w

      What part of we are broke dont they understand

  • Edgar

    @ Jeff and Paul. Little haters aren’t you. Not doing much thinking before you post either. Do you think there would be a snowball’s chance in Hades of a Vikings only stadium being built. This is the spin you have to put on it to pass. Months ago he called it a people’s stadium and said that there would be no funds from the general fund used to build stadiums. Why let truth get in the way of your hate?
    My opinion is no tax money for a stadium. The Vikings can go away before tax money gets spent.

    • thesuperman

      Well said Edgar. With the $25 million we gave the loser Farve. We could have put the new roof on the old stadium. In fact just leave that damn rood off and let’s play ball. Take the $18,000,000 for the roof and get some new heated seats.

    • Edgar Who?

      Edgar…if it is not from the general fund…then honestly WHAT DO YOU CARE? You dont think much before you post huh!!

      My perferable solution is you and your snot nose kids leave this state, lets take that money wasted on your future burger flipping child and spend it on the Vikings. And who knows, in the long run you might be grateful, maybe your kid can get a job mopping up the stadium after he/she flunks 8th grade.

      • Edgar

        @ Edgar who. I am a childless old man. I did not say not to build the thing. Perhaps I have to spell everything out for people like you. I will think harder next time I post that there might be a semi illiterate person responding to a post.


    These comments coming from some of the same people that when posting on the union stories in WI were telling us “these people were elected and now they are in power, deal with it” and “they are doing the job they were elected to do” and now are crying about this. Sucks when the glove is on the other hand huh?
    And yes, if you are going to ask such a dumb question as “Am I going to be *required* to attend certain numbers of events” you are.
    Are you *required* to complain about everything or do you just do that for fun?
    As to the other point of Dayton being a “socialist”, do you really have nothing else? So are there any non repubs that are not socialist? Just like playing the race card, have nothing else so just keep up the same argument even though you yourself know you are full of sh!t. Go ahead and call me a liberal now because I do not agree with you and there is nothing else you can call me (besides a socialist that is).

    • Patriot

      Atheist traitor.

      • Walker

        Mark I see you haven’t learned to not stoop to name calling.


        I was asking if there were any repubs that could answer, not mentally challenged bigots that have the IQ of a small child.
        I remember when you were saying that people that did not believe in the god that is in the bible are traitors to the USA and should be hung. After that you get no time as you are bat sh!t crazy and anyone who has read one of your “thoughts” would have to think that you have an alternate plan kind of like Germany in WWII.

    • an old Teacher

      Dear WWW-

      Go straight to detention where the principal will probably was out of your dirty little mouth. I think after detention I would also require you see the counselor for an obvious case of ” have superior intelligence syndrome.”

      • message for an old teacher

        Keep reading posts old teacher, you will find out what happened to all of the students that flunked out. Did you not teach any of them to read the whole story, how to think before acting, or do any research?


        Dear an old Teacher
        Thank you for not being a teacher any longer. Nobody ever taught you to edit before you send? How is the principle going to “was out of your dirty little mouth”? If what I have said bugs you, good. I am sick and tired of people running around saying anything they want and not expecting to hear a rebuttal from someone with which they can have an intelligent conversation only to have it turn into an argument over “a liberal agenda. You want to have a conversation I am all for it. You want to spout rhetoric that has nothing to do with the conversation I am going to call a spade a spade and dish the stupidity right back. Hope that clears it up for you. Have a nice day.

        • WWW not Alone

          @WWW…dont despair. There are rational, level headed people out there that agree with you. Or even who disagree, but can have an intellegent conversation based on facts….not the same old rhetoric you find here.

          Give these hillbillies a soapbox and watch ’em tire themselves out. Maybe it is good they can come on here a few times a day and try to spread their hate and ignornace. Anything to forgot that after they finish typing, it is back to mopping up after the peep show.

          My only problem is someone gave this morons…literally MORONs…equal rights. People should have to pass some sort of intellegence test before they have the right to vote or procreate.

          • Southern MN Mom

            Not alone-

            I might have believed you to be something other than a ” Hillbilly” if you had been able to spell a really big word like ” intelligence” correctly-

            “I had some doubts about your intelligence until you opened your mouth, then all doubts were removed.” Winston Churchill

        • An Old Teacher

          Dear WWW-

          It is the “Principal” who would wash your mouth out for swearing, not the “principle.” If you can’t write without swearing, don’t write. Go back and reread your previous blogs before you criticize anyone. Rambling and incoherent would be two words I would use iif I were grading your paper pal! Have a wonderful life!

    • thesuperman

      LOSER!!!!! Big LOSER. CRY BABY. What a post. Your a real man. LOL


        “LOSER!!!!! Big LOSER. CRY BABY. What a post. Your a real man. LOL”

        Welcome to another addition of rants and raves of a very simple person trying to be smart.

    • Doug Turner

      Ok – dayton is also a moron .. how is that?

      Really, why should the people build plant and equipment for a sports team? You do not see them (with our money) building things for any other for profit organization. If minnesota is so great (xenophobics ) then it will do just fine where they become the LA Vikings :)

      And calling them socialists is just a nicer word than “progressive fascists ” :) – — which in itself is redundant as the fascists were progressives…

      And do not even start on the right to work bill – really?? – why should anyone be forced to join a union gang of thugs? And why do you think so much work has gone over seas? Its the unionized excessive cost of labor and their inflexibility to actually work for their wages – that’s why

  • Irving Washington

    Way to go Governor Nero…….Continue to fiddle while your state budget burns. Government was never intended to pick winners and losers in what is private enterprise. The Vikings are not public servants so we don’t need to build them a workplace. If they decide to go to the bankrupt State of Californaia, I will be there at the stateline waving them goodbye. What part of the 5 Billion deficit has Dayton forgotten? This is just payback to the fat-cat union bosses who pull his strings and financed his stolen election………Call your reps and senators and tell them to say no to this out of touch Governor………


      Irving Washington
      So where were you when the Twins got a new stadium payed for by taxpayers? I would bet that you are the kind of person that has no idea how to use your memory and think back to the time that Dayton was not in office and there were talks of this already in place. Therefore this was started by T Paw and Dayton being the new Gov needs to take care of the business that was not finished. Must be in the same group of people that think that Obama was the reason there was a bailout of wall street because he was in office when the checks were sent out. How is it that people do not feel stupid when posting absolute ignorace online? Do you not even think or look into what you post? I guess though, who needs knowledge to speak about something when you can be 100% anonymous.

      • Tammy

        The Twins stadium was/is partially funded by a Hennepin County entertainment tax. If you aren’t paying to play in Hennepin County, you are not “paying for” the Twins stadium

        • Alex

          its a sales tax, not an entertainment tax. If you buy anything in Hennepin County, you are paying for the Twins stadium

        • Trev

          With the exception of food at the grocery store and clothing, I’m paying for the stadium with every other purchase I make in Henn County. It was added on to our sales tax…

    • TG

      So your talking about fixing the budget as a republican eh? Why is it then that the republican’s are not about a slight tax increase? Or why is it that on one hand they want to fix the budget and on the other they give tax breaks to big comapanies? Please…. Which is it?

  • Todd W. Olson

    Well, Jeffy, last time I checked, most football fans were white folks from the ‘burbs. That is to say, Republicans. At least that’s who you see in the stadium. And they are the ones clamoring for a new stadium. It seems to me that Mr. Dayton is giving them exactly what they want. Who did they think was going to pay for it?

    • Guy

      Beep … sorry, try again. >I< am "white… from the 'burbs … Republican" – and I say – NO TAX MONEY FOR WELFARE BUMS – poor bums OR RICH BUMS". Stop the spending of money we don't have.

      • Todd W. Olson

        You must not be much of a Vikings fan, then, Guy. Because I’ve noticed that most of the Republican types conveniently forget their political ideologies when the Vikes come into the picture. God bless you for not being that type of hypocrite. Instead of arguing with me, you should be talking sense to your neighbors.

    • Mike D

      Last I checked TODD, Pawlenty was a Republican yet he did not try and fund a new staidum.

  • Ralph

    In regards to the right to work bill. When the state and federal legislators pay their own health insurance, when they cut their own staffs wages, and when they pay their own pensions then they can screw with other people’s pensions and wage rates. . Right to work is the right to work for nothing. And before you knee jerk people start bashing me, I am not a union member, nor am I affiliated with any political party.

  • No Tax Money for the Vikings!

    NO PUBLIC FUNDING OF PRIVATE ENTERPRISE! Do you expect Dayton to understand that? Nope, the little rich boy has never held a real job in his life so he doesn’t understand that if you want something, you have to work for it YOURSELF, not get your neighbors to buy it for you.

    • Mike D

      Shutup and turn off the caps lock key!

      • Mike D has a wee brain

        Sounds like you have the brains of a small gnat.

  • chris burger

    Why don’t we let the BILLIONAIRES build their own BILLION DOLLAR stadium?

    If it’s such a good idea, they probably would!

    • thesuperman

      Well Chris. Not sure of your point. But BILLIONAIRES use OTHER people’s money so they can become BILLIONAIRES. Make sense. Economics 101.

      • lib

        Isn’t this a tax break for the wealthy?? Or would it come under corporate welfare headings. Funny how a liberal like Governor Dayton has no problem giving money and tax concessions to create jobs for his pet projects.

        • Wilbur

          @lib. since you appear to dislike liberals answer me this. Sales tax, some property tax and income tax all go into the general fund. Lottery tickets, gas tax and other things like that are also designated. Dayton says not from the general fund, where is the money going to come from? So what tax break are the wealthy getting out of this as there is no proposal, and what tax concessions and money has he given away? Or going to give away. There is no proposal.

  • Wilf & Co. can buy their own stadium

    Oh Toddster … I am white, from the ‘burbs, and a republican (mostly). I sure as heck do not want a Viking (or any other) stadium paid for with public funds. If Wilf and his rich players want it, they can pay for it.

  • Taxpayer and Vikings Fan

    It’s good he is working to keep the Vikings here. Ya’ll would complain if you didn’t have a local football team to cheer for. Ya’ll would complain if all the income and jobs that the Vikings bring to the state was gone (NFL merchandise, parking lot, vendors, food and beverage ales, alcohol sales, taxes on the sales, construction, security, maintenance, tourist coming to watch them or their favorite team play, hotels, etc.).
    Hopefully, When the stadium is built it will be able to house other events to bring in even more revenue for the state.

  • Irving Washington

    Who what where——-Whay don’t you try something novel like making a lucid arguement instead of just name calling? Just stay focused, on subject and make your arguement. As for the Twins stadium, I was against that too so I am being consistent. No taxpayer money for any stadiums aside from the Gophers since the U is a state government supported institution. Again Consistency……Now try your arguement…. This time…be lucid…


      My idea was to have the stadium built and to have the Vikings put up more than 1/3 of the overall cost. I think they should have to pay at least 1/2 of the overall amount as well as have to fit the bill for all taxes for any of the project as well. We do need something better equipped than the metrodome and as much as people hate the idea of having to pay for something that “we do not use”, the Vikings only use it 8 times a year instead of the full year, therefore there are a lot of other events that are being held there that bring in a lot of tax dollars as well. Not “fair” to make them pay for all of it, but I do think they have not attempted to get past the fact that they are the ones asking for this and so they should pay the majority when it comes down to it.
      By the way, you say that I was name calling and you cannot see where you were? “Governor Nero”, “fat-cat union bosses who pull his strings” these are not names that are being “called” with no fact base? You are so right that you are being “consistent” I guess.

  • Jobu

    Seems as if Dayton is at least trying to spur job growth (albeit temporary) with a new stadium and extra income via racinos.

  • SB

    Last time I checked Pawlenty funded Target Field.

    • Ow

      Check your facts, Pawlenty funded nothing, Hennipen county board passed the sales tax increase.

  • Jon

    The Dome is getting a shiny new roof this year. That should hold the Vikes over for awhile. They aren’t going anywhere in this economy.

  • Trev

    So, some of you justify building yet another stadium because Target field and Excel center were build in prior years. Justify bad decisions with more bad decisions. That’s why we are out of money. Doesn’t matter who was in office but the decision to use public money was wrong then and it’s not right now. Those decision were part of the entitlment theory that caused us to go broke. No more public money to build stadiums. And any repub or demo who pushes it through should be voted out.

  • Jon

    The vikings aren’t going anywhere in this economy. The dome is getting a shiny new roof this year which will get the vikings by for quite awhile.

  • dphilips

    You people are ignorant! Nearly every NFL city that has built a new stadium in the past ten years has used partial tax dpllars to fund. What you people dont realize is pro sports teams bring billions in revenues, when one considers the number of jobs created,not just in the stadium,but food ,beverage vendors,maintenance, not to mention the amount players spend,and taxes they pay

    • Quentin

      The money that comes in is the money from the television contract. Going to a Vikings game is entertainment dollars. If the fan don’t spend it on the Vikings, it would be spent elsewhere.. The amount of coming in from the television contract currently would pay for an interest free bond on 2/3 of a billion dollar stadium in 40 years. It does not make fiscal sense to build it.

    • Steve

      I could agree with all your comments except one. The billionaire wants a stadium, let him build it. Not all of us are Vikings fans or for a matter of facts like sports. Put up a racino and pay for it that way. No public funds period.

  • paul

    If a new Vikings stadium can do for that part of the city what Target Field has done for the neighborhood around First Ave., we should all hope it gets built. There are a lot of very creative outcomes that could result from this. By the way, the best time to do a big construction project like this is when interest rates are low and labor is cheap. Let’s do it!

  • jandy29

    Just build it already and quickly, before the Twins start complaining again!

    • captainobvious

      Mr clueless the twins had a reason to complain, and if you can;t see the revitalization it has created for that area your a dolt, and if you go to a game your a hyhpocrite..

      • Vern

        The metrodome only revitalized Huberts. There is nothing to prove a 10 game home season and the rare playoff game would be enough to revitalize an area.

  • Franklin

    L.A. Vikings, I think not. They can’t even pay for the state workers and the feds are not giving them a dime unless the ‘great one’ figures out how to bypass the house and give them other peoples money.

  • Cache

    Let’s see the owner is a $billionaire and all the players are multi $millionaires but they want the small people to pay for their play pen…NOT. Let them build their own. If Fans (short for fanatic) what it let them buys bonds and build it. Do you notice the extra percentage sales tax they added to pay for the stadium (it’s paid for) is still being collected??!?!?!? Thug politicians never give up taxes. We don’t need any more taxes taken out of our pockets for real boondoggle freebie for spoiled thug athletes. Nor should steal from us who are not enamored with their nutso pastime. Let’em build one if they want it but not on my back…if they don’t like it they can leave…I won’t be shedding any tears.

  • Cindy

    Whatever, my property taxes went up $300 and my street was barely plowed all season, let the owners pay for this palace and leave us tax payers alone, please! We cannot afford to go anyway and I don’t see the huge benefits a new stadium would bring, my opinion!

  • Kally

    Like Target field, just build a good one and everyone will love it. Minnesota needs to be know for some of it’s good structures… something other than bridges and roofs falling down.

  • Jobu

    Do you people even read these articles or just the headlines? Here is how he wants to fund it. “To pay for it, Dayton says he would consider surcharges on stadium ticket, merchandise and concessions surcharges. He also raised the idea of hotel and car rental charges. He said no state general funds will be used.”

    If you do not want your money to pay for it, then don’t buy tickets to games, merchandise or concessions. Also, don’t rent cars or hotels.

    God help us all..

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