Wis. Appeals Court Rejects DOJ Request In Union Case

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — A state Justice Department attorney tells a judge a district attorney hasn’t properly brought a lawsuit challenging the state’s contentious collective bargaining law.

Dane County Circuit Judge Maryann Sumi called a hearing Tuesday to weigh District Attorney Ismael Ozanne’s lawsuit alleging Republican legislative leaders violated Wisconsin’s opening meetings law during debate on the proposal. She already has issued an emergency order blocking the secretary of state from publishing the law.

The Legislative Reference Bureau published the law on Friday anyway. Ozanne wants Sumi to declare that didn’t amount to putting the law into effect.

Assistant Attorney General Maria Lazar told Sumi in her opening statements the hearing shouldn’t continue because the Republican legislators enjoy immunity from lawsuits and the reference bureau isn’t a party in Ozanne’s lawsuit.

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  • Kally

    So is this good news for Tax payers or the Unions?

  • Murph

    It’s bad news for freedom and good for the immensely wealthy! Soon we will all be leaving this soon to be gulag country for someplace truely free! If you think you are immune..you’re wrong! Hitler didn’t stop with Poland and neither will these new fascist dictators!

  • Freeman

    Thanks Murph.
    Wow you got all that out of this ruling… anyway where is this place where everyone is totally free to do anything they want.. get me a one way ticket…I got a lot of ideas that will require me being totally free to do them…! Sorry if they might interfere with your freedom but my freedom comes first.

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