By Reg Chapman

By Reg Chapman, WCCO-TV

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — It’s what many of us enjoy doing every day: flipping through the many cable channels we pay for to see what’s on. Now, however, that daily activity is going to cost certain cable subscribers more.

“It was a little shocking to open up your email and see that it had gone up so much when I already feel like we are paying so much for basic cable, basic Internet,” said Comcast customer Sara Boyd.

Boyd says last month her cable bill was $121. This month, it’s $173.

“It was about $50 higher than it normally is, and I looked at the bill and I couldn’t find a reason why. It just looked like the basic charges had gone up about $50,” Boyd said.

Boyd called Comcast to see if there was a mistake.

“That is the new rate and that is as good as you can get that is actually still part of a deal,” Boyd said.

Comcast says Boyd is one of many customers who had a promotional rate that ended.

Any customers within their promotional period, which is about half of Comcast’s customers, will not see an increase, even when prices go up April 1.

Comcast says on average customers can expect to see a 2.8 percent increase.

“It seems like to me it’s a rip off,” said Willie Greer.

Greer says he has decided to do without his Comcast cable.

“It just keeps going up, and you’re not getting no better service or nothing,” said Greer.

Comcast says customers are getting better service this year than last, with more high-definition channels, more on demand options and increased internet speeds.

Comcast says they are providing the next generation of technology to its customers adding value to the product. They are not opposed to working with customers to help them get the best possible service at the best possible price.

Comments (23)
  1. Tommy says:

    Looks like we’re paying for all those Xfinity Ad’s

    1. Shaun says:

      for no reason my internet went from 54.17 to 75.48 and when i called they said that that was the new rate, i wasnt under contract or promo price, it makes me mad that they did a increase of 20.00 and it didnt do a damn thing for speed or any new to my service.

      1. melissa says:

        i did a basic math. they just raked in TENS OF MILLIONS of dollars, from the new increases that happened this past month. they have a reported over 16 million internet customers (fees were increased) and over 8 million phone customers (source: wiki).

        i don’ t know what their cost of operations is, or how much they can’t collect from non-paying customers… but the numbers are astronomical and it seems likely that their profits are quite possibly, SICKENINGLY large.

  2. Marchon says:

    Yea com cast is very over rated and this service is a rip off. My advice to all customers would be to always read and re-read your bill and make sure you are not being billed for services you are not getting. I also signed up during a promotion and I was told that after 3 months of service I would receive a $50 prepaid visa and after my 3 month I was told that I didn’t qualify because my account was not in good standing yet my bill was paid with in 1 or 2 days after the due all there months not to mention the bundle as they call it was suppose to be 69 dollars plus tax and my first bill was 187 dollars and it wasn’t even a full month of service after that was paid the new balance was 200 dollars and this is noting more the a rip off. So yes eye am happy to say that comcast your days are short just waiting for April the 10th and your service is no longer needed. I can simply watch video and stream TV online at a much better price with net flix.

  3. Michael Birch says:

    Thank you Minneapolis for allowing this to happen. (Dear Attorney General, you might want to keep an eye on this. )

  4. Bob J says:

    Be like me And drop it for the summer !!!! I have done it to my satalite bill after it too has gone up . Idon;t mind as summer is just around the corner.

    1. Frank B says:

      That is the big reason I left Comcast channels taken away or you have to pay for it Amc channel for one also the bills up all the time. So I left and went to Directv and love it. Best thing I did. So long Comcast.

  5. Unsatisfied Customer says:

    I have to agree, Comcast is over-rated & over priced. My picture quality has gone down hill in the last few months, lots of distortions. I don’t notice more channels, just the same channels repeated in the higher numbers to signify it’s in HD. Big fricken deal. If it weren’t for all of the mature trees around my home, I’d dump Comcast.

  6. Mike Ulasich says:

    I installed a rooftop antenna for about $100 and dropped Comcast. I now get a better HD picture than I ever had before. I also bought a Roku box so I can stream Netflix directly to my TV. It’s great and only costs me $9 per month.

    1. william b says:

      Tell me how to stream line Netflix

  7. sz says:

    Yes lets increase the prices while everything is going up as well like food and clothing even gas prices. You are much better say no more then switch over to dish network or even direct tv lower your payments. Customers have the right to recieve services at a low price not going up after your grace period iends. Comcast only cares about your money not your needs at all wven at the customers service level as well. New lower prices given to all the new customers and the old cusomers are left out in the dark paying are prices and they don’ care at all. Comcast is a rip off very greedy out to get your money. We need to make a stand and speak up by cuttting of thier services fo good. Stickng a $8.00 HD fee onto your bill not good at all. Think twice before going with comcast they are ot to rob you blind. I am not lone in this war on high cable price there are others are out there as well.. If you have comcaast for your services I will say this keep all of your bills and put in a file folder. Always check your bill out for any kind of changes in your services prices.

  8. Plymouth says:

    High speed internet and great HD service, come on Comcast. I pay for high speed interest only to get low speed internet. Call Comcast and they just keep saying it must be my computer, although my software programs seem to be at high speed? I have two boxes, one box get all channels and works great, unable to get all the channels and many are distorded on the second, again call Comcast they send their signal to the box but can seem to figure out why. I usually give up in frustration. Rates go up….product and service continue to go down.

  9. unsatified customer says:

    Well if my bill goes up so we have to pay for the low income people once again I am DONE with Comcast. They signed a deal with the gov’t to give low income better pricing. If you cannot afford you don’t get it. Tires of FREE loaders. For households choosing between cable TV and broadband, most have sided with the former. Comcast notes in its filing that for households with incomes below $20,000, only 40 percent sign up for broadband services. Comcast says more than a quarter of those households qualify for the proposed CBOP program under the National School Lunch Program rules.

    But the possibility of a $10 broadband option also creates the opportunity for Comcast to introduce households in its broadband footprint to cheaper online video offerings. The ad-supported version of Hulu, for instance, carries much of the same scripted content that is available on broadcast networks, but is available for free. If subscribers want a wider amount of content, they can also pay for services like Netflix, which come much more cheaply than traditional pay TV packages.

    1. bill says:

      thanks for the info dude, me and my low income are going to check out the discounts!

    2. N.A.D.A. says:

      don’t be so naive. the increased prices have nothing to do with providing free or lower-cost services to those of low-income. what a rude and ignorant thing to say, worse to believe.

      when the bill goes up, it’s usually to collect funds for the companies to BUILD and ENLARGE. that costs MILLIONS to do. once the company GROWS, it takes money to MAINTAIN it.

      no doubt the fees and costs are PAID FOR, largely by the customers / subscribers… and of course, they’re doing it not only to be in business, but TO PROVIDE SERVICE to people (ALL people… those who CAN afford it and those who DESERVE ACCESS despite their inability to afford the INVESTMENT in the company that others CAN AFFORD).


  10. married to the truth says:

    I have been dish or cable free for over two years now! LOVE IT! I do not miss the lies, inflated bills, lousy customer service, and last but not least, a product that I surely paid for but never received. F*#@ all the companies that provide “tv” at insane prices! Never again will I pay for tv in that manner. Qwest is my isp and they get enough of my money at $24 a month. It is okay to cut the cord people and walk away from tv. You life will only improve and you will survive. The internet and its offspring provide all the entertainment you really “need” for a fraction of the price. I shake my head when I hear people saying that they pay $100 a month to watch tv. LOL!!!

  11. Pate says:

    I gave up cable TV thirteen years ago.With everything on the Internet-Hulu,Netflix,iMovies on Apple,etc.-I’d rather keep my bare-bones Qwest service any day.

  12. Suggs says:

    Gave up on cable few years ago. I love free over the air antenna. 🙂

  13. jim atchison says:

    this is a prime example of why i dropped comcast. when i was a user, they called me to upgrade to HD for free i was told, imagine my shock when bill jumped $50.00. i will never believe comcast on anything they try to sell. if all users decided to decline their services watch the change to cheaper rates .

  14. Jason says:

    I have spent hours and hours going over bills with customer reps @comcast. Sold one thing received another. MAJOR headaches dealing with them.

  15. Willow says:

    I would switch but there is no one to switch to. Comcast is a monopoly. They should be investigated by the government. I’m at basic cable + high speed Internet right now. I play WoW but am seriously considering dropping that this fall due to the Internet bill. I will however be going back to school, and that will require a decent Internet connection. So sad that we only have one choice.

  16. Comcast Cable Boxes says:

    Monopoly or not what they should do is open up the market or provide a better service as we are a servicing contractors we do alot of things for comcast but if they fail to meet up with user requirements so it’s so bad.

    If the service could be fix all this hassle would be a minor things – tht’s my 2 sense

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