ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — A Republican plan to overhaul Minnesota’s health care programs and cut into services for the poor and disabled has cleared the Senate.

The bill passed on a 37-26 vote Wednesday.

It would reduce projected spending on health and welfare programs by $1.6 billion over two years to help plug a $5 billion deficit.

Senate Health and Human Services Committee Chairman David Hann says the bill would bring fast-growing health care spending under control.

It would prohibit state spending to implement the federal health care overhaul unless the U.S. Supreme Court upholds the law.

The bill would also undo a Medicaid expansion ordered by Democratic Gov. Mark Dayton and replace state health programs for patients above certain income limits with subsidies to buy private insurance.

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Comments (32)
  1. The game of life says:

    Watch the next election and how these repubs are committing political suicide right now. Almost as bad as watching the lemmings follow each other off the side of the cliff.

    1. Jerome says:

      Reality is the outer suburbs are less likely to need the services of the health and welfare programs, therefor do not care if they are cut. They more than likely do not know anyone receiving services so the notion painted that anyone getting state aide is a freeloading slacker has no reality to show it otherwise. (Well duh, there are some that probably are, but there are people in any workplace that slack off). In the name of budget lowering the republicans have clearly targeted those that do not vote republican. This would be the new way of doing things.

      1. rsc says:

        They want to guarantee those people never vote Republican again. Take that, you, you, you darn liberals!

      2. Kathy says:

        Your remarks are ignorant, Jerome. People in suburbs are victim of the same evil. False pride is a notion far removed from reality.

        The next time you visit your doctor, you might want to first know about his/hers political bent before you accept a diagnosis or undergo a knife.

        When evil rules, no person is safe. That includes everyone. Something to think about when you go to vote, Minnesotans.

        If the majority in our state senate chose to inflict further suffering on human beings who suffer already, then we all know that the majority of state senators are ruthless and mentally disturbed people. Sadism is symptomatic of a deep mental disturbance and disorder.

        People should be afraid and prepared to survive without relying on the mechanisms which once maintained reasonable order and rationale.

        By the way, do people in the suburbs have property insurance? The republican influence sides with the insurer… just to let you know. You do have reason to worry if being human includes the fact that you’re not an island onto yourself.

    2. TC says:

      If only the electorate were that smart.

  2. I can see right through you says:

    @game of life, do you have a crystal ball to see into 2012 at the next election? Or are you just trying to manipulate and attempt to influence thoughts?

    1. Jerome says:

      Ever follow patterns of how the populace votes? Only about 30% of the population identify themselves as republicans. 40 % identified as democrats, other and independent made up the rest. When the democrats were very arrogant and power grabbing in the 1970’s, the voters threw out the whole works. Quie was a one term governor. Durenberger was a moderate republican and won reelection, as did Rudy B. Anything can happen in an election.
      It is beyond laughable that you would think that anyone could influence thoughts on this board.

  3. Scott Funk says:

    I agree. Just wish that they weren’t so committed to the right wing ideology, and instead were more practical about budget cuts. Moreover, the govt is getting less and less from corporations and the rich in taxes, yet the GOP claims that they’ll create jobs if we give ’em a free ride… Sigh.

  4. Murph says:

    The poor and disabled take a bullet to give the super wealthy more money?What is this the Pawlenty flu season? I think we should ask the GOP very nicely to put nooses around their own necks and do the right thing. It would actually be much better for them,than having to endure the elections of 2012! Tag and bag ’em their done either way.Picking on the most vulnerable,how manly these big shot GOP politicians must feel.

    1. Mel says:

      And the left wing hypocrites said we were the ones with inflammatory rhetoric. I guess the Tuscan shooting has now left the memory banks of the left and it’s back to double standards again.

  5. frustrated says:

    Are they on crack? The only thing this will do is decrease access to care for those who need it and cause continued lay offs for nurses and medical workers. It will not create an overhall in the system!

  6. Jon says:

    Cut cut cut , I guess they can always go to the Emergency room for their health care! That should save a ton of money!

  7. Cache says:

    Problem is Comrad Dayto will be vetoing this common sense type of approach to curing our debt problem! Who voted for this dimwit!

    1. MiddleClassProud! says:

      This is not the common sense cut though. In the past however many years the beast of burden has constantly been put upon the middleclass and the middleclass has been pit against each other for just as long. That needs to stop. This would not be needed if taxes were fairer or if we had not bonded ourselves into so much federal debt we cannot see straight.

  8. TC says:

    Figures, pick on the people who can’t fight back, just like the repubs did in high school. If they went. Next take away the renters credit for the people who didn’t partake in the mortgage housing mess. Then, ironically, pass a no cloning bill and drive the few jobs left in the life sciences out of the state. Then, the cout de gras, seal the deal and make us just like mississippi by passing an abortion bill and restate a law that was upheld by the US Supreme court 40 years ago, and embroil us in a nasty embarrassing court battle and ensure that no smart people or businesses will want to come here. Ha we’ll show the world! Then change the tourist tag line to “Minnesota, the kick me state”.
    P.S Then let’s build a big stadium for 1.5 billion (with cost overruns) so billionaire owners can have their millionaire players play 8 games a year until they get restless and move to another bigger market and sell the team to “realize their true market potential” (make money on the team, since after all that’s what it’s all about. Minnesota used to be a great place to live, until about 1997……

  9. HELPER says:

    Can you say VETO !!

    LOL Republicans are such a sorry lot! 2012 is going to be a creaming and those tea-baggers don’t even see it coming…

  10. Eva says:

    Thank god for the Veto….replacing the healthcare for the poor with a plan they have to buy into. I am thinking that is the one with the 5000.00 deductible….

    1. TC says:

      Yeah, got that plan, $5800 deductible, $2110 for yearly premiums for a Bluecross single adult HSA plan. And that’s foregoing the Mayo network. So basically you pay the first $8000 if you break your leg. Double that for a family plan. What a joke. I thought insurance was sharing the risk. Look at the February Strib article listing the highest paid execs in MN, %80 of the the top 30 were in “nonprofit” health care.

  11. Dave Seavy says:

    Just once I’d like to see these idiots cut some of their perks. That’s never on the table. Of course, they don’t feel the sting on not having medical insurance, nor do they have to make the decision of medication or food. As a survivor of a traumatic brain injury, I can’t get private health insurance; no company will insure me, no matter how high the premium could be. They simply won’t talk to me. So, I have no choice but to rely on MA. This will be interesting so see how it pans out.

  12. Raoul says:

    I have a question. If the Supreme Court doesn’t uphold the federal health care law, won’t that mean there is no law to implement? So, isn’t that kind of a moot point, or is there something I’m not considering?

  13. St. Paulie Girl says:

    The only people who are supposed to suffer in this economy are the working class and poor…oh wait, also the sick, the elderly and the children. More people became BILLIONAIRES in this recession than ever before in US history. GE did not pay a dime in US taxes yet they sold products here and made BILLIONS in profit. Why are the US people allowing this ????

    1. Kathy says:

      You’re a smart one, St. Paulie Girl. You should run for office. I take comfort in knowng that normal people are speaking up.

      Too little was said, for too long. Look what happened. Industry took over and rules the world. We lost all that made us safe and secure during the last two hundred years. The generations before us are rolling over in their graves.

  14. a health care worker who will leave says:

    Yeah, what about those government farm subsidies the Bachman family was happy to take while Michelle decries health care for the sick…she sure likes to point the finger at everyone else, eh?

  15. Kody says:

    Good! Until a more efficient model is in place these programs will only siphon money away. I voted Republican so they would solve the budget issue, keep it up!

  16. Katie says:

    The Republicans have made it clear: If you can’t contribute economically to society (children, elderly, disabled) you have no worth, and by God, we’re going to kill you off one way or another. We’ll try it first by denying you meds and medical services. If that doesn’t do it, we’ll probably start cutting the help you get to have a place to live (rental assistance, fuel assistance). One way or another, we’ll kill you off. You’re a burden to society!

    1. Norge says:

      Thank God for the stupidity of liberals and freedom of speech!! The combination of the two make it evident why so many here are doomed failure and continue to prove that the left is truely the party of hate.

  17. chris says:

    the rich wont part with money.. the middle class is out of money.. ( what middle class is left). and the poor just have to watch the news and wonder how bad it is going to get. Dont cut the programs, run them better. Find the free loaders, and go from there. I will say this much.. If push comes to shove yes, i would be int er with a blood sugar of over 600 becasue i cant afford the full price for m insulin and i can also tell you i would steal from the rich to feed my kids.. i bet they would not like that either.

  18. Mel says:

    Support your local food shelf, clothing shelf, homeless shelter and other charities. By the way, the majority of these non-government aid groups are funded by the very people you are bashing; the wealthy. Private charities are run much more efficiently than any government program. So tell me, if welfare is so successful, why has poverty risen since its implementation?

  19. Pork Chop Guy says:

    I still can’t believe Al Franken is a Senator. The rest of the nation must be laughing at us.

  20. John says:

    Does this qualify as “compassionate conservitism”? Cutting the funds to those who are in desperate need?

    Gotta love the greeed of the Repubs.

    We should try the trickle up theory, …trickle down isnt working.

  21. anon says:

    All I know is if I was on my death bed and needed these services and they were cut there would be nothing preventing me from going after those who cut them.

  22. Joey says:

    Why do the disabled and poor get put in the same category all the time? The disabled seem to give, or attempt to give, more to society then generations of poor. There’s a difference between helping someone who needs it and helping someone who doesn’t. I’m not poor but pretty broke and don’t expect anyone to give me anything. But the disabled try.

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