DeBlog: Are We Too Quick To Be Offended?

By Jason DeRusha, WCCO-TV

How quickly do you get offended? What kinds of things are over the line?

One of the top stories on the web today is about a KDWB-FM song that was making fun of Hmong people. I’m not really interested in whether the song itself is offensive … what’s interesting to me is the reaction of people.

Half of the comments seem to be from people who are offended, the other half are people who say it’s no big deal.

We see this with comedy all the time. I see this on my Twitter feed quite a bit — where someone says something, and some people lash out calling it offensive.

Are we quicker to be offended? Are there things we should be offended by? Why are some of us quick to be offended and others don’t seem to mind?

We’re talking to a comedian and a social psychologist for our story tonight at 10. As always, I’d love your thoughts. Go ahead — try to offend me.

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