Should Mileage Be Taxed?

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  • Nick Kissner

    Until today, I’ve agreed with 99% of your views and I do today regarding taxes on mileage, BUT… your attack on COWBOY POETRY is totally out of context. Cowboys, more than anyone look to the end of their own arm for a “hand out”. The ARTS include many, many “things”, including submersing a picture of the crucifiction in URINE…is that art, worthy of your tax dollars. Cowboys are all about old fashion VALUES. Google “Cowboy Values” , a book written by a Wall Street Executive who realized this country needs to get back to those values, if we are to survive as a nation. Please, take time to check this out, it will give you a WHOLE ‘nother topic of discussion.
    thank you for your time,
    Nick Kissner
    Wood Lake, MN.

  • Mary Katherine Mahoney

    Michelle, why don’t you talk about substantive issues instead of speculative nonsense? This mileage tax is not going to happen. What IS happening is that the wealthy pay 2 % less of their income tax than the middle class. This is how you get a population to vote against their own economic interests: gin up the rage over distractions like this. When did the Good Neighbor become yet another right-wing radio outlet?

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