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  1. Nick Kissner says:

    Until today, I’ve agreed with 99% of your views and I do today regarding taxes on mileage, BUT… your attack on COWBOY POETRY is totally out of context. Cowboys, more than anyone look to the end of their own arm for a “hand out”. The ARTS include many, many “things”, including submersing a picture of the crucifiction in URINE…is that art, worthy of your tax dollars. Cowboys are all about old fashion VALUES. Google “Cowboy Values” , a book written by a Wall Street Executive who realized this country needs to get back to those values, if we are to survive as a nation. Please, take time to check this out, it will give you a WHOLE ‘nother topic of discussion.
    thank you for your time,
    Nick Kissner
    Wood Lake, MN.

  2. Mary Katherine Mahoney says:

    Michelle, why don’t you talk about substantive issues instead of speculative nonsense? This mileage tax is not going to happen. What IS happening is that the wealthy pay 2 % less of their income tax than the middle class. This is how you get a population to vote against their own economic interests: gin up the rage over distractions like this. When did the Good Neighbor become yet another right-wing radio outlet?

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