MILWAUKEE (AP) — Some members of the State Employees Union are warning businesses in Wisconsin to either support collective bargaining for public employees or face a boycott.

A letter from Council 24 of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees asks businesses to express support by displaying a sign in their window. The letter says failing to support the union will mean a public boycott of the business. And, that neutral means ‘no’ to supporting the union.

Jim Haney from the Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce calls the union’s letter appalling. Haney says businesses shouldn’t be forced to choose if they want to remain neutral.

Council field representative Jim Parrett, who signed the letter, tells the Journal Sentinel that he has gotten threatening phone calls since the letters were distributed, as well as calls of support.

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  1. JB says:

    Like a bunch of spoiled children, “you do what we tell you or we will scream and make a scene and make your life miserable until you do what we want.” So much for professionalism, ethics, and mature behaviour. What is next, jumping up and down in a mudd puddle? What a wonderful example these fine people are to our youth and the world in general watching this unfold.

    1. Mike says:

      JB- Not sure what article you read, but boycotts are a form of democracy that works.

      1. Randy says:

        Another form of Democracy is voting to abolish collective bargaining

        1. Hugh says:

          And we all know how the unions like to play by the rules and go along with what the elected officials have done.

          Majority of WI folks voted the Governor to office and he made a change. Benefits the majority of folks and hold on a second…the union bullies are all of a sudden calling foul and they don’t like it.

          1. Rob Bixby says:

            Had unions not formed and done this a hundred years ago, we wouldn’t have the 40 hour work week, paid holidays, child labor laws, etc. Our elected officials did nothing to look out for the workers, so unions had to resort to civil disobedience.

            1. Randy says:

              Get over it Rob. We are only talking about Public Employee Unions. You know the ones that work for us. Todays work environment is a bit better than 100 years ago. Thank You unions, but your time has passed.

            2. LLP says:

              Pliticians were own by big business back in the day and still are. People don’t seem to remember that with out them THEY ALL WOULD BE SLAVES

      2. Erik says:

        Be careful what you wish for Mike. Forcing business owners into the fray by this extortionist tactic may backfire. I, for one, will make sure to support any business that refuses to play this stupid game. I predict others will too.

      3. jimmy says:

        I believe in Minnesota we should be boycotting Target, best buy and TCF. For paying for the Republicans campaigns. Who you contribute to should have consequences

    2. Victim Du Jour says:

      Sir Winston Churchill accused Socialists of falling back on some form of Gestapo or political police when people begin to defect from it.

      1. Michael B. says:

        More nonsense from Victim Du Jour. Defect from what?

        Another non-comment from everybody’s least favorite uninformed commentator…

    3. Rob Bixby says:

      Why is choosing to not do business with someone you disagree with like being a spoiled child? Should people be forced to do business with people they don’t like? I think a boycott is a perfectly reasonable thing to do. If say walmart was in the business of killing babies, would you boycott them, or would that make you too much of a spoiled child?

      1. Victim Du Jour says:

        I think the Union should be charged with terroristic threats.

        People have the right to keep their political opinions to themselves, and save it for elections.

        This comes across like Darth Vader saying “Join us or Die”

        1. Rob Bixby says:

          Well Victum Du Jour, why don’t you practice what you preach and keep your opinions to yourself as well? Or does your rule only apply to people other than yourself?

          1. Victim Du Jour says:

            People have the right to reserve their political opinions for election day. Some people choose to keep it a personal thing.

            Maybe you didn’t read what I said.

            1. Rob Bixby says:

              Maybe people just want to know who their friends are and who’s supportive of their beliefs and want to give them their money? What’s wrong with that?

        2. jimmy says:

          “Join us or Die”

          Why do conservatives always reference violence in most conversations. Cross hairs on people, shoot them in the head, or just telling people that disagree with them to die. When will they grow up? .

          1. Victim Du Jour says:

            Why do liberals get arrested making bombs at the RNC?

            1. Josh says:

              Pretty sure those guys were unaffiliated anarchists (I know because I went to college with one of them). So, in that regard, they’re closer to libertarians.

          2. TTT says:

            I think you should re-read the post.

            The quote was comparing to Darth Vader. He did not say join us or die.

            Learn to understand what you read.

      2. C B says:

        It’s not the boycott that’s childish, it’s the threat and the extortion. If the union really is concerned about boycotting, they would just do it and not make some big production out of forewarning by way of threat.

        1. Rob Bixby says:

          The idea is to let businesses know why their business is declining. If you don’t let them know, then there’s not really any point to it.

        2. Rob Bixby says:

          Some people will only shop at businesses that are run by christians, is it extortion to say you won’t shop at a place that doesn’t have a jesus fish in the window?

      3. Gemlady says:

        Uh, it is the part about “put up the sign or else” that is acting like a spoiled child. Sort of like, “buy me the toy or I’ll kick and scream.” You know, like the union members did at the state capitol. Talk about being violent! Union members are more violent than any group I’ve ever seen. They are supporters of mediocrity and use extortionist (terrorist) tactics to get their way. Arrest those who obviously organized to threaten businesses. First, someone organized union members to go to stores & ask them to put up the sign. Then, those same members took down the names of the businesses that refused and passed them along to Perret. Perret then sent out the threatening letters. If he signed his name with Council Representative, he was acting on behalf of and representing the union. It this action should have been voted on by the membership & it wasn’t, then Perret should be relieved of his duties — fat chance. If the union doesn’t relieve him, then their lack of action proves ( yet again) my point of promoting mediocrity and accepting “stupid” behavior. But, they keep another person’s dues coming in! Yea!

      4. MAD MOM says:

        But if they get what they want then they like them that makes no sense. and yes it is acting like a spoiled brat and killing babies a bit extreme and not even a close analogy, what were you thinking?

      5. Ellen says:

        Think about it Rob…this was a THREAT to businesses re boycotting them if they didn’t display the sign. Very pathetic and a stupid thing for the unions to do.

    4. LLP says:

      Are you talking about politicians.

  2. GDAVIS says:

    This sounds like extortion. Are the unions taking lessons from the organized crime syndicates of the past? I think the WI Attorney General needs to look into the legality of this letter and prosecute to the fullest extent of the law.

    1. SteveO says:

      Unions ARE “organized crime”

      1. Riley says:

        Unions ARE NOT “organized crime:. They are the working people standing together to protect not only themselves but their families as well. My best guess is that you are under 60 years old and have no direct connection to what happened to your great grandparents who fought, literally, to get you the life that you have now.

        1. Hugh says:

          And I bet that any union worker has never had to have a yearly review of his/her performance to determine if they get a pay raise, let alone if they get to keep their job.

          Unions are a joke anymore. May have been useful and had a purpose 100 years ago, but today they are more a cancer than anything.

          1. Debra Friedli says:

            And Ill bet that Hugh has never had to take a 3% paycut for the last 3 years AND and additional 8% paycut this year Unlike this “cancer” state worker that I am. What most people dont realize is that not all state workers make large annual wages. I make $21k and now it will be reduced to $19k. You call that spoiled? Yes I have good retirement and health benifits and that is why I never complained about my wage or my job…..EVER…And I DO get reviews every year…and NO I Dont get a raise for my performace. If I did…I’d be making twice as much as I get paid.

            1. Hugh says:

              Nope…never had to take a pay cut because I am paid what I am worth, and if I don’t like the way things are, I have the ability to get up and go find a new job.

              I constantly study, keep my certifications up-to-date and put in many long hours to keep myself current in my profession.

              I stand up and the end of the day and I am judged on what I have done, not on the idea that if I don’t get my pay raise or my awesome benefits package that I am going to file a complaint with the union rep and going on strike.

              1. Debra Friedli says:

                So your telling me that for 4 straight years you would go to a different job because your pay was cut for 4 years in a row? You would throw away all your years you invested? Then your a push over. I too have to take certifications…keep current on my training…never call in sick…and stand up at the end of my day and I too am judged on my performance. You have a form of a racist attitude. You judge all by a few bad experiences you have had. Or the mean green sickness called jealousy

                1. Hugh says:

                  If I had to take a pay decrease a single year I would be jumping ship to move on. I have no loyalty to this or any other company and I am pretty sure they are not loyal to me either.

          2. Ellen says:

            Right on Hugh!

        2. Erik says:

          What is the life cycle of a Union? Unions formed to improve working conditions a long time ago. Today they serve a very different purpose. Seems to me Unions succeeded at their original goal. It’s time to say goodbye.

          Riley, I am a working man supporting my family and not part of a union. I’m OK. Where is your sense of personal responsibility? I live without a bully organization pushing my agenda.

        3. Worker Bee says:

          Riley, it appears that some of these posters need to repeat their 9th grade Civics class, but, I forget, they don’t support teachers. Probably didn’t listen in class, either. They don’t realize where their 40-hour work week came from, their vacation/sick days, their social security retirement, their medicare, their worker’s compensation benefits for injuries. Unions bargained, but all workers reaped the benefits. Sad, how Americans don’t remember history.

          1. Erik says:

            Worker Bee… Interesting perspective. This has nothing to do with supporting teachers. Know this… you are ill equipped to compete with me in the private sector. I have embraced the very American notion that I get paid based on the value I provide as an individual.

            There are, no doubt, teachers that are sharp and work hard as individuals… you may even be one of them. Unfortunately a union allows too many dullards to ride your coat tails. History? Your argument makes it too easy for those of us that pay taxes to support your opposition.

          2. Gemlady says:

            It is history. Many benefits we have today came about by something or someone in the past. However, we shouldn’t live in the past. We should learn from history. Like the recent history of all the socialized countries in Europe going bankrupt by having to pay unionized public employees and entitlements. We should learn we can’t do the same & survive. We are # 28 out 34 developed countries in fiscal health. We are on the brink and the liberals want to keep on spending.

        4. John says:

          My Grandparents raised cattle for market. They fed people who came to the door during the Depression after they did some work on the farm. Those who needed help were glad for the opportunity to earn what they received. My Grandparents instilled a work ethic in my Father that included the concept of self reliance. My Grandparents believed in the free market and worked hard to earn everything they received. My Grandparents would not side with union members who believe that they are immune to competition or the forces of the market. My Grandfather or Father would never put a sign in his window ala the Jews in Germany because they would recognize this for what it is…Extortion.

    2. Rob Bixby says:

      So is boycotting anything ever ‘extortion’? If I don’t agree with the politics of a store owner, is it wrong for me to choose not to shop there?

      1. Erik says:

        Mr. Bixby, why is the politics of a store owner any of your business? Seriously. I want to know.

        1. Rob Bixby says:

          Because I would prefer to not spend my money at a store that contributes money to political candidates that I disagree with. I’d rather not have my money funneled into their campaign accounts.
          Why does it bother you so much that I stick to my ideals in all aspects of life? Should I just drop everything I stand for because a boycott might hurt businesses and people that I disagree with?
          If their politics are none of my business, then they shouldn’t contribute to campaigns where that information is listed publicly. Remember, candidates have to disclose where they got their money from. So yes, their politics is MY business, because I choose not to support people who want to destroy what so many millions of working americans stood for.

          1. Erik says:

            Thats plain scary.

            Is it only your Union politics one needs to agree with? How about their religion? Another sign. The color of their skin? Another sign. How much money they make? Another sign. Their sexual orientation? Another sign. Where he ate dinner last night? etc., etc.

            Where does it end Rob? Perhaps the union should distribute a public directory of every private detail on everyone. Wow.

          2. mike says:

            Rob, If I understand correctly you want it to be okay if you no longer do business with a place that contributes to a political party you don’t like. It’s okay though for the union to contribute to a party us tax payer non-union folks don’t nesessarily agree with. I don’t think it’s right that a union should be able to mandate who you do business with. That should be your choice. I also think that if you want to give money, your money, to a political party you should do it on your own and the union should stay out of politics.. If you’re a public employee and a union member, you’re paying dues with taxpayer money. That money should not be used for political contributions.

            1. Rob Bixby says:

              Nobody is mandating who you do business with, shop wherever you want. I prefer to shop at places that go along with my beliefs. No one is telling you to go along with any boycott.

            2. Rob Bixby says:

              Also, they’re paying their dues with money that they earned. Are you saying that public employees aren’t free to spend their money how they like, because its taxpayer money?

              1. mike says:

                Rob, it sure looks like the union is telling its members to not shop at a business that doesn’t support the union. Isn’t that a mandate?

      2. C B says:

        Again, it’s not the boycotting that is wrong. It is the extortion by way of threat – do it our way or else.

      3. TAO says:


        The issue is not one of a disagreement between you and any given store owner. The issue is that the union is dictating to business, all businesses, to support the union cause or else. This ensures that the businesses targeted will be alienating at lest one group of patrons. That is extortion. Your an American and free to associate or do business with whoever you choose. Please extend that courtesy to the rest of us and tell your union leadership to do the same.

        1. Rob Bixby says:

          You are free to do business with whoever you choose, unions are simply asking places that are friendly to them to say so, so that union members who would prefer to buy products from their supporters will know which places those are. Its not extortion by any means. If I only drink union made beer that has the union made label on it, am I extorting other breweries?

    3. Rob Bixby says:

      How exactly is it extortion? If I say “I don’t agree with you, so I’m not giving you any of my money”, that is extortion? I believe extortion would be ‘Give me YOUR money or else’, which is kind of what people who are against this boycott are suggesting, that people shouldn’t boycott businesses that they disagree with.

      1. Erik says:

        Rob, You can choose to do business where ever you please just like anyone else (boycott). It is an abuse of Union power to compel business owners to declare their agreement or face economic sanction (extortion).

        1. Rob Bixby says:

          There’s no sanction though, nobody is stopping union members from shopping at stores that don’t have the signs. Nobody is smashing windows or doing damage. Extortion is using a threat of damage. A boycott is simply choosing not to do business with people who you disagree with. Yes, it is a political move, but are you saying that people shouldn’t have the choice to do business with people who share their beliefs?
          What exactly are you saying here? That its wrong for me to choose where I shop based on the business’s politics? I think not.

        2. Rob Bixby says:

          Also Erik, if you want to negate the effect of it, how about if you make a point of shopping ONLY at the non-union supporting shops? That way you can shop with your politics too. If you think about it that way, its a way for you to support your own beliefs that worker’s don’t deserve rights.

      2. MAD MOM says:

        Even if they just don’t want to get involved= nuetral, those that are nuetral should be left alone and have the right to conduct business with consumers without being threatened. You probably wouldn’t know the views of the business owners if your Union didn’t tell you to boycott them otherwise by way of threat. I think the Union should be sued for defamation, intentional harm to the business etc.

  3. Hugh says:

    Amazing the sense of entitlement the unions have and that they seem to be willing to sink to any depth to keep it.

    1. Rob Bixby says:

      Entitled to what? A retirement at the end of a working career? A fair wage for a fair day’s work? Safe working conditions, 40 hour work week, child labor laws? Yeah, we’re not entitled to any of those things. Remember, unions fight for YOU too, not just for their members.

  4. Ron says:

    I agree with all of you. Unions simply should NOT be in the public sector. What an example these “adults” are making for the youth of our country.

    1. Rob Bixby says:

      Why, exactly, should they not be in the public sector?

  5. Okay says:

    I want a business to post a sign that union customers not wanted and to refuse to sell thier good and servies to untions

    1. Rob Bixby says:

      They’re well within their rights to do that

  6. Eva says:

    Support your unions already….they are the ones making sure people have the money to spend in your stores. It certainly is not Governor Walker and his cronies

    1. Hugh says:

      Eva – How do you think those union folks are getting all that money? By demanding a $30/hr rate for a job that should pay maybe $15/hr.

      1. deba says:

        Hugh you need to not lump all state workers into one pay catagory

      2. Debra Friedli says:

        There are many unions. I dont know of one state worker that can demand $30 and hour. If you know how a state worker like me can do that…please let me know. It would sure beat the $14.67 an hour I get now. Hell, Im even below the wage you think should be $15. HUGH FOR GOVENOR!!!

      3. Rob Bixby says:

        How about an example of what you’re talking about? I can throw out lots of numbers that I pull from thin air as well. Like I disagree with you getting a billion dollars of state money to post in this forum. That number is just as real as the complaint about union wages you just posted.

    2. jjr says:

      yes go ahead and support the S H A M E the unions are bringing to your doors

  7. Truth says:

    Shows them to be the threatening thugs they are. No logical basis for their argument, so threaten instead

  8. Edgar says:

    If the unions are spoiled little children then it would be permissible to call the leadership in Wisconsin tyrannical dictators. If you don’t support unions that is your choice. If you can make the choice to not support the unions then why should they support you? So JB, G Davis, Hugh, Ron and OK, do you go to business that have treated you poorly or given you bad service? I am not a union member, but please post where you work. Perhaps I would choose not to use your business’s services. BTW I am retired.

    1. Randy in MN says:

      This isnt about treating you poorly or giving bad service. The Unions are demanding that you support their political views or face a boycott. Sorry, but I dont ask the local Ace hardware owner what his political views are before buying a gallon of paint.

      1. Rob Bixby says:

        So essentially what you’re saying is that people don’t have the right to choose where they shop, and that the MUST shop at certain places, regardless of their political affiliation. May I ask, when the last time you went into a Somali grocery store was? How about the last time you donated money to your local mosque? Because you should be donating money and spending your money without thinking about the affiliation of the organization you’re giving it to according to your logic.

        1. C B says:

          Rob, based on your amazing ability to twist an issue until it’s no longer reconizable, I’m guessin you must be Democrat 🙂

          1. Rob Bixby says:

            How about if we discuss the issue instead of making snide personal attacks? I believe we’re all adults here, right?

            1. TTT says:

              Dude, I have read all of your posts. Could you possibly twist the words any more?

              Like people have said time and time again, it’s the way the union threatens the business with a boycott. Of course everyone has a right to shop where they want. It’s the fact that the unions are telling these business to support them or else.

        2. Randy says:

          I am saying it doesnt matter what your political affiliation is. I will shop where it is most convenient and best pricies. I believe the point of the article is that the Union is boycotting any business that does not support their political stance.

          If we had a Somali grocery store in Buffalo, MN I wouldnt be opposed to shopping but honestly wouldnt be my first choice. I wouldnt donate to the local mosque the same as I wouldnt donate to the local Luthern Church as I am Catholic. Not sure your point here??

      2. Katie says:

        Radny in MN, I don’t ask, either, but if I discovered that he was a registered Communist, he wouldn’t be getting any more of MY business!

  9. Sick of Tea says:

    My God you are some small people. If someone wants to take their business elsewhere as a form of protest, they are free to do it. This used to be America until the Kochs and Bachman and Walkers hijacked it. Remember freedom, democracy, stuff like that? So the freedom to choose makes one a thug? a child? Look in the mirror, people – you are the ones celebrating the attack on people’s livelihoods and their families.

    I canceled a reservation for a family reunion 32 people at the Wisconsin Dells right after the Wisconsin vote. That is my choice and your opinion of it means absolutely nothing.

    By the way, we are now going to Breezy Point Minnesota for the reunion. Got a problem with that???

    1. Brose says:

      Woah, hold on. This article isn’t about individuals making a choice about taking your business elsewhere for a specific reason. It’s about a Union letter that went out forcing ALL business owners to put a sign of support in their window or face the consequences.

      You Union folks are killing your golden goose and it’s entertaining to watch. Do you not see in these comment boards that a large segment of the population disagrees with you?

      1. Rob Bixby says:

        If a large portion of the population disagrees, then this protest will have not effect. Why be so concerned about it if you’re so confident that it won’t work? I think you’re showing that the emperor has no clothes.

        1. Brose says:

          Rob, I am content to let this play out. I’m just expressing my opinion. I am not concerned because I my job and pay are set by mutual agreement between me and my boss only.

          I do think I have something to gain by this fight going against you — better use of my tax dollars. My honest prediction:
          1. The Union will eventually lose this fight
          2. Capable union employees will be rewarded
          3. Parasitic union workers will be forced to drop from your ranks

          Everyone wins except those who deliver sub-standard performance and don’t deserve to have a role in the fight.

    2. mike says:

      Individuals have every right to do business with a company or not. It’s wrong that a union or organization should tell them whether to shop there or not.

  10. Dave Campbell says:

    JB, please don’t be so hard on Governor Walker and his GOP pals!. They can’t help it if they act like spoiled children.

  11. Wrokerfor25years says:

    Oh Eva, either you were born with the silver spoon, or your on happy pills! Our CEO’s are over paid and so are the union clowns. If they want the special treatment, than they can only spend their money at places that honor their beliefs. Hope your not hungry and your car isn’t broke!

  12. Murph says:

    Funny thing is , that oil stained package the GOP has wrapped and put under your tree seems to be ticking! Yes,THEY can get back what was promised to teachers and others.But what will YOU get out of it? You can be 99% certain that the really big package wrapped so pretty by the “touched by God evangilist party” holds nothing you would like.So go ahead and celibrate the misfortune of others.But please don’t be too hopeful that the GOP has any intention of doing anything good for anyone that isn’t the oil company or a super rich donor!Take it to the bank.It will be the only thing you can once they start on your torture sessions! If you’re not super rich,you are on their hit list somewhere/sometime!

    1. Katie says:

      Murph, I think you got that right. In MN, they already want to cut medical funds for the disabled, elderly and children. I haven’t heard a peep that THEY are willing to pay for their own health care, though, or even contribute more toward it. And I’m sure their income is much more than any of these Medicaid recipients is.

  13. Jon M says:

    I’m sick of union thugery. I say bring it! Let’s have this fight. I encourage then to make good on their threats and see where it gets them. Enough talk already. Unions are tiny percentage of the work force. They’re overpaid, under-worked and in-your-face obnoxious about what they think they’re entitled to. Cut their contracts and vote their cronies out of office. If they don’t like it, tough titty.

    1. Sick of Tea says:

      What an angry, petty vindictive little man you are Jon M. Anyone who agrees with your pathetic line of thought is as ignorant as you are. Get some help.

      1. Jon M says:

        Just quit yakin’ off about your boycotts and do it already. Most businesses aren’t union shops anyhow. If you were true to your convictions you’d only shop at union run stores. But you’re not and you won’t. It’s just more idle threats meant to scare the rest of us into submitting to union demands. Good luck finding a union restaurant, convenience store, gas station, movie theater, coffee shop, oil change place, dry cleaner, bar, bicycle shop, electronics store, department store, bait shop, hardware store, car dealer, health food store, gym, hair salon and gee, let’s see… just about everything you can afford to pay for. No, I’m sure there won’t be any serious boycotts. But hey, go for it! You guys are all talk!

    2. Rob Bixby says:

      Unions may be small, but there are an awful lot of non-union employees that support them (myself included)

  14. revdude says:

    I think they should go one step future and put signs on businesses that show what religion they are since some people want to spend their money with people that think like them. Oh wait a second, they tried that once in Europe and we know how that turned out. Everyone raise your right hand for the Democratic Party.

    1. Riley says:

      revdude, what history book were you taught from. The only time that was forced on the people in Europe was due to Hitler’s ideas.

      1. Jon M says:

        Nice try Mr. History. Why do you think the Pilgrims came here? Oops, forgot about that, huh?

  15. tess says:

    Guess who has bent the rules more to take power from people? Hint: Not the unions.

  16. dreg says:

    i’m a retired union member that has been doing all my shopping across the boarder already. The union should take a stand and do it now and see if the koch brothers come to the stateto help the small business owners losses

  17. Jon says:

    Everyone talks like the unions are some of the wealthiest people in the state,my god, I’m glad their making a livable wage and have some job security! Their conceding wages and benefits.If the GOV. would have just left collective bargaining alone we would not be having these divisive conversations. Oh,by the way I’ve never been in a union.

    1. Hugh says:

      But the issue as most folks see it is that union workers are not making a livable wage, they are making way over a livable wage for doing unskilled labor. I for one and a life long non-union worker. I have turned down numerous jobs/contracts because of having to deal with unions workers.

      And the job security thing is a joke. After talking with a lot of union workers and hearing stories about total losers keeping their jobs for years because it is nearly impossible to fire a union member. that is a problem.

      1. Rob Bixby says:

        Where does your information come from?

      2. Katie says:

        Hugh, are you really saying teachers, police and firemen are “unskilled” labor? Really??!!

  18. Worker bee says:

    If you have vacation benefits, thank a union. If you have sick leave benefits, thank a union. If you work a 40-hour week, thank a union. (In the Great Depression, 80 hours a week were expected.) If you can take leave to care for a sick child or an ailing parent, thank a union and President Clinton. Union members fought and DIED for those rights at the turn of the century in America. Are we all going to be better off when we are all grubbing in the dirt for third-world wages or bargaining one by one with government or corporations for our benefits? Yes, boycotting is a legitimate form of protest in a Democracy. A lot of you posters need to read your 9th grade civics book again. Oh, wait, you don’t like teachers and probably didn’t listen during that lesson!

    1. Ambrose says:

      For you Worker Bee: Thank you for everything Union Joe from way back when.

      Now leave us alone. You’re not fighting a fight that resonates anymore.

  19. Bev says:

    Go ahead bash the state employees, cut their pay and health care that they worked hard to get over the years. But just wait when they are done with state employees – the private sector is next. It is easy to say states should not have unions. But big companies want unions even less and when they eliminate state unions it will just make it that must easier to eliminate all unions. Then see what kind of benefits/pay the private sector will get.

  20. Kris F says:

    I am very much against Walker but this type of activity is in the same bullying group that Walker and Fitzgerald are in. Please don’t stoop to the same level they are. It makes all of us who are against Walker look bad. You have to remember that in the end, these businesses have the same rights as do you. You don’t like what Walker is forcing you to do, so please stop trying to force others to do what you want them to do. We the people who are against Walker will choose who to boycott all on our own as many of us have already done so. I am not a union member but I still believe what he is doing to the unions and many others of us is wrong. I do believe you have the support of this state and probably the country without having to divert to bullying tactics.

    1. Worker bee says:

      Kris, the unions are exercising their CONSTITUTIONAL right to boycott those activities they find offensive. No one is being FORCED to do anything. No one is being bullied. You really have it backwards. If you don’t want to shop at WalMart, no one forces you to. That is all the unions are saying. Don’t provide monetary support to those who don’t support you. Or, as in time of war–no aid and comfort to the enemy!

  21. Mark says:

    Now let me get this straight. The business I choose to do business with should be based on whether they put a sign in the window supporting unions, not on whether the business gives great customer service, operates with integrity and has fair prices. This is nothing but blackmail by the unions. Thanks for continuing to expose what the unions really stand for.

    1. Sick of Tea says:

      No no Marky Marky.

      You can shop wherever you want to. But as an African American, I have the right to shop elsewhere if your business openly supports the Ku Klux Klan.

      Got it, yet?

    2. Worker bee says:

      Mark, why don’t you try to buy American-made products. Boycott all the products made overseas so as to support American jobs. Does that make you a bully? That makes you a patriot. And, by the way, good luck with that! That is what boycotting is all about–supporting those businesses who deserve support. It is a personal decision even if the union suggests it. The real bullies in this picture are Walker and his Tea Party cohorts.

      1. Jon M says:

        I quite agree worker bee. Boycott everything made overseas and non union. That should work swell for you. That is until you go to buy something. Too funny. I stand behind my earlier challenge: Be the true patriot you think you are and boycott all things non-union or chinese. That will be the shortest boycott in history. You wouldn’t even be able to post a response to my comment you silly naive liberal. I give you about 5 minutes of living without non-union/overseas goods and services. But do try. It’ll be entertaining to watch.

        1. Katie says:

          Jon M, you’re right. And the reason Americans can’t buy many things American made any more is because American businesses showed no social or national responsibility in keeping jobs in America. It was all about the botom line — making MORE money. Businesses did NOT outsource or move their companies overseas or to Mexico because they would go bankrupt if they didn’t. They moved them and outsourced because they were greedy and wanted to make MORE money, no matter if it put Americans out of work. Apparently you’re one of those who support people who are unpatriotic and who demonstrate no social responsibility. There’s a guy like you in my small town who moved his business to Mexico. He had been a major employer. Does he have any friends left who visit him in his million dollar mansion? NO! Everyone became aware of his lack of character and lack of caring for his neighbors. I’m glad I’m NOT your neighbor, for sure!

    3. Rob Bixby says:

      I think you can choose to do business with whoever you want, for whatever reasons you want. Sure, customer service and good prices are nice, but I also like to support people who share my interests too. In my mind, supporting the rights of workers is a sign of integrity. If for you its simply a race to the bottom with prices, I truly feel sorry.

  22. Jason says:

    This isn’t about boycotting businesses that out right don’t support unions, which is in their right. This is about unions bullying businesses that are trying to keep peace between both sides. Neutral does not mean no in any way, in fact it means (from

    not taking part or giving assistance in a dispute or war between others: a neutral nation during world War II.
    not aligned with or supporting any side or position in a controversy: The arbitrator was absolutely neutral.
    of or belonging to a neutral state or party: neutral territory.

    The unions are losing a battle and instead of taking out on those that deserve it, they are going after those that just want to make a living and not wanting to deal with politics.

  23. Thug? says:

    Rosa Parks?

    Caesar Chavez?

    Martin Luther King?


  24. Worker bee says:

    Yoda said, “Do or do not. There is no try.” There is no “neutral,” either.

  25. DJ says:

    “The letter says failing to support the union will mean a public boycott of the business. And, that neutral means ‘no’ to supporting the union.”

    That’s where the unions cross the line in my book. If businesses wish to show their support for the unions that’s one thing but when they are deemed to be unsupportive because they wish to remain neutral that goes too far and their tactics become nothing more than extortion. They are effectively forcing a business owner to choose sides in this fight and they have no right to do so.

    This isn’t NAZI Germany and they really need to rethink their stance or this will surely backfire on them.

    1. Katie says:

      DJ, actually the unions DO have the RIGHT to do it. Now, though, is it the right thing to do? That’s another question. The business owner is definitely in a dilemma. I understand that. And it may NOT be fair. I understand that, too. However, the American businesses who have treated their employees fairly and haven’t had unions forcing them to do so have been silent while the many American businesses outsourced jobs and/or closed plants in the USA only to build them in another country. The businesses who treated their own workers well could have vocalized their distain of those who outsourced, taking jobs away from Americans. By not doing so, their silence allowed the lack of peer pressure to reign. Silence often is just as loud as a scream. Too many people believe their lack of action means nothing. Wasn’t that disproved in Germany?

      1. Mark says:

        Katie, Why do you think the jobs went overseas? Because unions made it too difficult and too expensive to produce in the States. Because the liberal mantra is more taxes for the rich and big business. Until union workers understand that the average person can no longer pay for above average benefits for public employees they will simply keep shooting themselves in the feet and blame conservatives for businesses moving overseas.

  26. Feeling japanese says:

    Sooo Stupid this is. We are going to all starve to death anyway if the rest of the world keeps growing the way it is. We are beyond the tipping point. May the stongest, smartest and most evil survive.

  27. Watching out for Myself says:

    Another reason, again, why Public Employees should not be allowed to unionize

  28. jim says:

    the unions have no right to make bussiness choose. I will not support any bussiness that supports this kind of stupid stuff

  29. MN Tom says:

    Boycott unions, just tell your union NO, can’t have anymore of my money you thieves.

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