2 Wis. Men Guilty Of Assaulting Woman With Snake

EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (AP) — A jury has found two northwestern Wisconsin men guilty of sexually assaulting a woman with a live snake.

Twenty-four-year-old John Bullock of Altoona and 25-year-old Domonta Jones of Eau Claire had pleaded not guilty to two felony counts of first-degree sexual assault.

An Eau Claire County jury deliberated for about an hour and a half Friday.

A criminal complaint says the woman told police she was knocked out in the bedroom of Jones’ home on Nov. 11. And, when she regained consciousness, Jones was holding her while Bullock assaulted her. She says Jones then got his snake and used it to assault her. Bullock claimed the sexual contact was consensual.

The Leader-Telegram reported that their sentencing is set for May 24.

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  • George

    What a couple of idiots! Glad they were convicted!

  • Coming For You

    This is a perfect example why man invented the bullet. Waste both of these punk scuz bags!!

  • spizz

    How’s the snake doing?

    • Better now, thanks for asking

      It got crabs – from Bullock.

  • JosephR

    Domonta Jones made it all the way from North Minneapolis to Eau Claire? Must of had help from a GPS.

  • Rose

    men are getting stupider and more cruel. there will be a special place in prison and hell for them. My prayers are out for the woman, what a traumatizing experience

    • fred

      not just the men getting stupid and cruel…rosie….plenty of women fit that description.

    • The Architect

      Rose, what kind of moronic comment is that? You should be ashamed of yourself.

  • AM

    Seriously? Disgusting.

  • Sally

    JosephR, same EXACT thought. What a couple of idiots! Sadly, a young lady involved.

  • gps

    According to http://blogs.citypages.com/blotter/2011/01/john_bullock_domonta_jones_snake_sex.php#

    Jones is a registered sex offender who is monitored by a GPS tracker!

  • gigi

    OMG Kimmy you are sick. In time I know you will get what is coming to you, the evil sick people of this world always do in one form or another.

  • Disgusted

    Would the snake agree it was consensual?

  • sa

    Was it a trouser snake

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