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‘Mayhem’ At Teen Dance After Gunshot Reports

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(credit: CBS) Reg Chapman
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By Reg Chapman, WCCO-TV

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Hundreds of teens attending the Big Bash dance party Friday night at the Radisson Hotel ran for cover after supposedly hearing gun shots on the University of Minnesota campus.

People who were there said it looked like a scene from a horror movie.

“It was so crowded, like it was just like a wave of people. It was crazy, it was like mayhem, ” said Mike Blamo, who was in the crowd.

Police were called to the hotel on reports of shots fired and when they arrived, they found a group of teens fighting. Police used pepper spray and pepper bullets to disperse the crowd of 900 teens, ages 16 and up, in order to find a shooting victim.

Police said they found no evidence of a gun fired inside or outside the party. There were, however, hundreds frightened and confused teens running out of the hotel and onto Washington Avenue.

Teens who attended the dance said it started off fun, but toward the end, the fights broke out.

“We got in and everything was going normal really until the end, like about 40 minutes left, then a fight broke out — it was like three different fights,” Blamo said.

Blamo said the crowd was worked up because of the fights and how the police reacted to the melee.

“I was mad that it ended like that, because we were having so much fun,“ Blamo said.

WCCO–TV tried to reach the organizers of the Big Bash dance and the Radisson Hotel management, but neither party responded.

Police said no one was arrested and that no one has come forward claiming to have been shot inside or outside of the dance.

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