By Esme Murphy

By Esme Murphy, WCCO-TV

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — President Barack Obama announced his reelection bid Monday, while a Minnesota Congresswoman’s possible run for the White House got a lot of attention.


Rep. Michelle Bachmann was the subject of a lengthy front-page story in the New York Times Monday under the headline: “Tea Party Star Stirs Iowa”.The article pointed out that Bachmann is locking up support that was expected to go to former Alaska Gov. Sara Palin.

What’s unclear is the impact a Bachmann run would have on other GOP candidates, including former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty.

Perhaps nothing gives Bachmann’s possible run for office more credibility than her fundraising ability. Just days ago it was announced that she has raised $2.2 million since January.

“There’s no doubt that Michele Bachmann is the first star in the 2012 battle for the Republican nomination for president,” said professor Larry Jacobs of the Humphrey Institute.

However, there have been bumps along the way. Last month Bachmann incorrectly indentified New Hampshire as the site at which the Revolutionary War started. Also, her unprecedented response to the president’s State of the Union speech was lampooned on “Saturday Night Live”.

Even so, her die-hard backers haven’t shaken.

“Among her supporters, they don’t see this as much more than the liberal media bias,” Jacobs said.


Pawlenty released a flashy ad on YouTube Monday attacking Obama.

Jacobs said that while Bachmann may be grabbing headlines, Pawlenty is already winning the ad war.

“He has been running sharp, hard-hitting, flashy ads that are really having more of a bite than, perhaps, him personally,” Jacobs said.

Pawlenty has also been stressing his electability, which is a not so subtle swipe at Bachmann, who may do well in early showdowns where conservative Christians dominate Republican contests.

Comments (23)
  1. junior fretting skanky's fate says:

    T-Paw maybe a long shot with minimal shot.
    The Skank has some visibilty and zero shot at anything….that includes her hubby wanting her around. lmfao

    1. jackie says:

      typical lib spouting off

      1. Lefty says:

        Probably ineloquent, but not typical for someone who is liberal. Very closed mind of you to describe half the population that way.

  2. Citizen says:

    These two are appropriately shown with their mouths open.

    1. Jason says:

      Your right, usually wcco picks the best of bachmann or pawlenty. I mean they arnt baised.

  3. WHO WHAT WHERE? says:

    So to the people that were talking about Jesse V being an embarrassment to our state, here are the real 2 that should make everyone from MN blush just to hear the names. The people that voted for her should do a lot more than just blush, like stop voting since you have no idea what the he!! you are doing.

    1. Jason says:

      Oh yeah, what makes you think your opinion holds any weight. If she was in my district I would vote for her.

      1. Lori says:

        you have got to be kidding. seriously? What has this country come to?

        1. paul says:

          They’re tired of the liberal nonsense that comes from the left

          1. Wilbur says:

            Things will shift and people in the center will be tired of the hateful people on the right. The bully tactics of the Republicans will wear thin. I give Speaker of the House John Boehner credit for turning down the rhetoric. All sides would be better if they cut the histronics and the name calling

            1. paul says:

              How is it that someone’s tired of liberal nonsense namecalling? You’re just offended because you’re a dem. Bully tactics? Please. They want a balanced budget and that is offensive to you how? Someone’s got to have their benefits cut and the democrats are great at crying “unfair” when it means their voter base will be affected. Healthcare and welfare are not free, someone’s got to pay for it and it’s the working class that has to. I’m tired of it personally and want people to take responsiblity for their “rights” to healthcare, etc. You have people not making the right decisions to maintain a healthy lifestyle or follow doctors orders and you want me to pay for those “rights” to choose what they want? I don’t think so

              1. Wilbur says:

                First off, I am not a Democrat. You could use your brain a little bit and realize that the budget should have been balanced every year. One of he reasons that this year is a problem is the budget shifts of the Pawlenty administration came due.
                You are correct that people are making wrong lifestyle choices. You may not like it, but you, I, and every other person who pays taxes or has insurance will be paying for those choices. Until you can get a law passed that does two things you will be paying. Law one would be that emergency rooms can refuse to treat people without insurance or means to pay. Law two would be if you can’t pay for a nursing home yourself, too bad. Until you get to that point it would be more prudent and in the end cost efficient to get people into primary care. If the HMOs came up with such a large excess on the state money then the HMOs must be doing something right to reduce costs.

                Did I accuse you of name calling? No. If you think about all the things people say on these boards it would be better if they cut the histronics and the name calling. It is called a thread for a reason.

  4. Zeke says:

    Let them run, it redistributes the wealth. They are either closet socialists or really blind egomaniacs.

    1. Gopher says:

      I’ll put my money on the latter.

  5. Wondering- says:

    And how will it set with the voters if Bachmann can not get her “tea party” in line to prevent the US government from closing down?? Both parties claim the tea party is what what is holding it up?

  6. Fun Guy says:

    Backman has good moments, but thet Pawlenty is a con artist. He will have trouble explaining how he made Minnesota a sanctuary state that encouraged illegal immigration

    1. TG says:

      Please tell me one “good moment that Bachmann has had?

  7. Kelli says:

    Have all the wcco viewers turned left? Personal insults are the only way to get your point across that you are a Democrat. It’s always about feelings rather than facts. Why is that?

    1. Wilbur says:

      Read the posts more often, both are equally bad. Though faulting Porky’s closing on liberals shows really the bad taste of the left. The named used on Bachman is tacky also.

      1. Wilbur says:

        Facts seem harder to come by for people even though they are sitting on a computer on the internet. It is not that hard to find something from a n unbiased point of view. It is easier to be a name calling person than it is to type a concise point why you disagree with something. Talk radio is full of it.

  8. Jake says:

    So is CNN, etc. Yeah, there are lots of biased people out there. If someone sounds over the top, they probably are. But there are good, reasonable talk radio hosts and tv hosts – they’re a little harder to find but they are here in MN. Clarence Thomas used to be democrat until he critically thought about the democrats position on matters. Lots of Republicans like that – Michael Medved, Dennis Prager. These are people who have their facts and have done much research on subjects and don’t just spout off. By the way, Wilbur, there was no name calling by Kelli. You sound emotional when you cite things that are not even there, almost biased.

  9. Pavel says:

    Both of them are dreaming if they think they will win the nomination.

  10. TG says:

    I’m really struggleing with something in the govt right now…. so the “big ticket item” that the republican’s seemed to have ran under was that we need to fix the deficit. Just this morning on 100.3 Emmer was talking about how we need to fix the deficit first and bring in jobs second… They say that We ALL need to sacrafice something to “solve” this issue.. People who want cuts in all programs but the ones that serve me need to realize that and acccept that there will be cuts (That is what Emmer said!!) But when you mention to the republican’s that if you really want to fix the deficit you need SIGNIFICANT Cuts AND a modest increase in Taxes ACROSS THE BOARD. they say Nope, we can’t increase taxes that would prevent jobs and it would hurt people? I’m a Dem and I agree 100% there need to be a great deal of cuts and from nearly every program there is to help out. And that these cuts are going to be painful to many people (INCLUDING MYSELF!!).. But when they note themselves that you can cut all discressionary spending to zero and you’ll still run a deficit, to me it says that we need more than just cuts and more than just tax increases to “solve” this issue?? why then is it that politicians can’t seem to come to this same understanding? If you compare it to a house hold budget…. I can cut out ALL discressionary spending… but if I still can’t pay for food, transportation to and from work, and my mortgage, I either need to move (which costs money) or i need to find a different higher paying job or get another job for additional income… You can only cut so much before things don’t work either… We all must deal with the cuts and taxes if we want to get out of this mess. I just don’t see why neither party can come to this conculsion and help “solve” this issue.

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