Bill Would Scrap Plan To Protect Mississippi River

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — A plan two years in the making to protect the 72-mile portion of the Mississippi River that runs through the Twin Cities could be scrapped if a legislative proposal is green-lighted.

The Department of Natural Resources worked with interest groups and local governments to draft new rules guiding development along the river. That includes the height and distance buildings must be from the river and requirements for controlling runoff and land clearing, Minnesota Public Radio reports.

But that work stopped in January when it hit a deadline. Legislators want to keep it that way by stripping the DNR of its rulemaking authority. The bill has passed in the Senate and has yet to have a hearing in the House.

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  • M B

    Strip them of their rulemaking authority? How about a little more info on this one here? Why would they do such a thing and what is their rationale for this?

    Is it because they are making excessive rules, or is it just another way to sell off our protected resources to the highest bidders? My heavily jaded side tells me it’s the latter, being as this seems to be the M.O lately.

  • MH

    One more bill for Dayton to VETO

  • Mike

    I am with M B here… Facts please?

  • Steve


  • Helper

    Hello. VETO!

  • Citizen

    Should be vetoed. The river belongs to everyone, and we all have a stake in its care and cleanliness.

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