By Peter J. Nelson, WCCO

Hey Minnesota Fans. The Twins won a game. It’s time to jump back on the Twins Wagon!

Yesterday, while noticing my hat, a young retail associate at a mall asked if I was “still rocking the Twins?”

Dumbfounded, I blankly stared at her.

She continued, ” … because they’ve been doing really bad.”

I composed myself, took a slow deep breath and explained that the Twins had won. Then I rattled off how many games there are in a baseball season and how the Twins historically start slow, especially against AL East teams.

By the time I was done, the young lady had quit listening, rung up my purchases and the purchases of three other people behind me.

I get it. The frustration started immediately in the first inning on Friday night. That’s when the blogosphere blew up with “the season’s over” tweets.

By the fifth inning I was listed as day-to-day with a bruised throwing hand after a collision with my desk chair.

But, calm down. We’ve been here before. Five years ago the Twins went 1-2 to open the season in Toronto. Then they went to Cleveland and were swept in three games. Guess who won the Central?

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