MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A Northfield man, who was an employee at Minneapolis bar, is dead after hitting his head during a confrontation with a customer.

Max Henson, 23, worked at Drink in Uptown. Police say on March 23 Henson was escorting a man out of the bar when he fell and hit his head on the concrete, suffering a brain injury.

Henson was hospitalized for six days before dying on March 29.

Two men were cited for misdemeanor assault for the confrontation. Minneapolis Police is conducting a homicide investigation.

Comments (4)
  1. Tyler says:

    I feel sorry for him but that is a hazard of working with drunks.

  2. paab says:

    I have had too much to drink and without rancor been escorted from a bar and told to “go home”, no anger on anyone’s part, some times terrible things happen without there being a scapegoat. sorry to the family of this young man, but sometimes things just happen.

    1. Barbara Burrets says:

      When a “drunk”/scapegoat pushes a person and they ultimately ends up deceased…….consequences do have to follow for the said “drunk” bar patron.

  3. Thoththebuilder says:

    Romicide? Rare?

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