ST. LOUIS PARK (WCCO) — A St. Louis Park elementary school principal has been placed on leave two weeks after complaints that she wasn’t keeping students safe from bullying.

The school district announced Monday that Aquila Elementary School principal Freida Bailey will be succeeded by Clarence Pollack, who had been the assistant principal for St. Louis Park Senior High.

While the district did not say if the move was connected to the complaints, the district did say that its “highest priority is student safety and achievement, while ensuring a comfortable and supportive educational environment.”

On the evening of March 21, more than 60 parents showed up at a St. Louis Park school board meeting to ask that the Bailey be removed as principal.

The parents argued that Bailey and others were not keeping students safe when it comes to bullying. Other parents said Bailey was showing a lack of leadership and judgment.

One person in attendance said that 16 teachers were so upset they requested transfers from the school, adding there are only 19 classroom teachers at Aquila.

Parents said changing administration would be better for both students and teachers.

A supporter of Bailey said the accusations are not fair, and that only six teachers have asked to transfer.

Comments (9)
  1. Wally oh Wally oh Waldo says:

    Hmmmmm – my guess is 1 or 2 bully types by themselves could get 60 parents there. That’s 30 families …well, used to be 30 familes. 😉
    Hearing large discrepency on number of teachers and smell a rat of a bigger nature maybe?
    stay tuned

  2. pandora says:

    Polluck is a worse principal then bailey and I feel sorry for any parent who has to deal with him over their child being bullied

    1. concered parent says:

      I would like to know more, because my kids go to that school

  3. R&D&W says:

    me and 2 frends are bullies and will keep doing it because they do not catch us too much noone is being in our ways. ha ha ha

    1. A Mom says:

      Maybe if R&D&W spent less time bullying others and more time paying attention in school they could learn to spell and write using proper English.

    2. WHO WHAT WHERE? says:

      I hope being a bully gets you a lot farther than it gets all the other bullies. You might want to start being friends with the “nerds” that you bully as you will have them for a boss for the rest of your life. Might seem like fun now but you will regret this someday, if you don’t you will most likely end up in jail as when you get to the “real world” people do not put up with this stuff. You would most likely either be arrested for being stupid enough to think you can bully people, or you will get knocked out when you spout off to the wrong person as being a bully does not mean you are strong, most times it is the opposite and you are the weak person, just picking on someone weaker.
      I agree with A Mom as well, maybe you should use some of the time you are in school to learn. I will be watching the papers for the day that I have to pay more taxes when you grow up in the jails and juvenile detention centers. Once again, hope it is worth being an a$$ now when you will pay for this the rest of your life.

  4. thumbody says:

    Let me guess if she is did exhibit this behavior, she will simply be allowed to transfer to another district. Problem solved!

  5. Ex bully says:

    @ R&D&W
    Take it from someone who was a bully in school. You will lose what friends you do have, you will start to resent everyone you knew because they will get sick of hanging out with you, you will want to take things back that you cannot, and you will have the stigma of being a bully long after you try to change. There are few things in this life that you can easily walk away from as people do not forget when you wrong them. There are things that I had done to other kids that happened more than 20 years ago that I still feel bad for from time to time. People might laugh at what you are doing now, but they will not be laughing for long as what you do has to keep getting more and more intense to keep the attention and at some point people will just get sick of you as it is not funny any longer. I know these are lessons that you will have to learn on your own as I was told this when I was young and did not take the advice, but please just think about it for a few moments and find out what you are getting from this. If it is just a laugh or two, maybe try a few jokes instead and stop with being a bully. If nothing else think of it this way. Why do you think school shootings happen? It is not because people are too nice to the others. It is because people cannot take the bully any longer and this is what they have come up with to deal with them.
    Food for thought, take it how you want to.

  6. Mariska says:

    I never knew growing up that there was access to a lake 3 blocks from my home. I NEVER went near that area because there were 2 bully girls who lived near there. I am 56 years old now and will never forget how awful those girls were.

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