Lingerie League Announces Twin Cities Tryouts

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Do you think you’ve got what it takes to take the gridiron in little more than a girdle? Are you ready to huddle along the line of scantily-clad scrimmage?

Time to break out the shoulder pads, because the Lingerie Football League is ready to give you your chance.

Open tryouts will be held this coming weekend for the Minneapolis LFL expansion team, which it was announced will be known as the Minnesota Valkyrie.

The tryouts will be held at Vadnais Sports Center in Vadnais Heights this Saturday from 7 to 11:30 p.m.

Aside from Minneapolis, other cities being included in the expansion are Cleveland, Las Vegas and Green Bay.

The sport has made a name for itself by showing scantily clad women in pads playing no-holds-barred football.

  • Mike

    This is pathetic……………….
    Football is a testosterone infused simulation of combat.
    Lingerie Football is estrogen driven desperation.

    • Curious George

      At this point of time…just be glad that there are job openings.

    • Superchik1017

      There will be plenty of testosterone. It just won’t be on the field. It’ll be in the seats.

  • carl

    Will the Green Bay Team be called the Meat Packers ??

    • Ronson K

      I had a mouth full of Mt. Dew when I was reading this one and now it’s all over my screen. LOL.. This has to be their name. :)

  • Can I be the Coach?

    I mean i guess i get it….but isnt this what Deja Vu, Dream Girls and King of Diamonds are for?

    Why suffer through watching girls play football just to get a peak at beautiful women?!

    • Tad G

      bigger question …. why not????? lol

  • Todd

    More importantly, are the tryouts open to the public?

  • Earl

    Why were they not named the Honey Badgers?

    • Tad G

      I heard the Honey Drippings was a finalist for names….but Pure Pleasure was tossed. shame

  • msche

    Minnesota already has Women’s Football, the Minnesota Vixen. Why do we need women wearing next to nothing on a playing field? Aren’t the Minnesota Viking and Timberwolves cheerleaders enough?

    • Jeff from s 'water

      you kinda answered your question ….. we need none of it. We want it !
      Like a true Republican I believe in supply and demand. I think it’s here.

      I intend to apply as a referee …. up close and personal and very involved I want to be. If a scrum breaks out I’ll head right into the pile to find the ….. ball

      • True Valkyrie

        Interesting that you say “scrum” implying that this team will be playing rugby, when in fact, the true “Minnesota Valkyries” is a women’s premier rugby league in the Twin Cities.

  • Victim Du Jour

    Minnesota “Moose Lakers”

  • Rachael thinks

    they hiring male cheerleaders — who’s applying? Come on — loin cloth is all the attire you need

  • sue


  • Sandy

    Wow, idiots who thought of it, bigger idiots who try out or play and yet bigger who pay to see it.

    • yesssireeeee - and is they hot??

      you a wee bit jealous huh
      well – they also take big and fat applicants to haul the gear Sandy. See the try-out hours above. lol

  • Ronson K

    Are we allow to watch them tryout? My bookclub has cancelled their meeting for that day and I have no where to go :)

  • Cindy

    Hah, more money for our state, another revenue producing, job producing team! GO MN!!! Woot woot, bet the funds they bring in will actually get my street plowed? Oh wait, I bet they will want a pretty pink seashell shaped stadium! Let’s jump on that- taxpayers!!

  • Pork Chop Guy

    Hope it is televised.

  • Stewie Guy

    Finally – a MN sports team that may be worth watching

  • dave

    give wally the beer man a job

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