MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Trace amounts of radioactive material have been found in air samples in St. Paul and two other locations, likely from the damaged nuclear power plants in Japan.

State health officials say the trace amounts are well below levels that would be considered a health concern.

Air samples taken in St. Paul in March detected very low concentrations of a nuclear fission byproduct called Iodine-131. Even lower concentrations were detected in Monticello and Prairie Island.

Radioactive substances exist in the air around us, the food we eat and the water we drink. The mere presence of detectable radioactivity does not necessarily imply a health risk.

The U.S. Environmental and Protection Agency also announced that slightly elevated levels of radioactive material were found in St. Paul rainwater. Those levels are also not dangerous.

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Comments (13)
  1. amber says:

    Then why tell us?

    1. Well Prepared says:

      And my neighbors made fun of me for building a bomb shelter in my back yard. I’m climbing in and I will not be sharing any of my canned potatos with any of you.

      1. Babbie says:

        O come on! I’m pretty hot, will you let me in? =D

  2. jose says:

    No kidding…..its liek saying that a band will not be playing in the Twin Cities this year

  3. stan says:

    yea just blame it on japan its not us at all nooooooooo couldnt be

    1. Clarence says:

      Hey Stan, it is Japan. It’s no illusion, it’s their nuclear fusion. Don’t be a blithering liberal and blame it on US now!

  4. broos says:

    Because in future years, after it has been proven that this event has caused a spike in the incidence of cancer in the State, they can say that we were warned.

  5. Oh yeah! says:

    Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. What makes them so sure it isn’t from any of our power plants in the area?

    1. Clarence says:

      What’s wrong with glowing in the dark??

    2. Mark2 says:

      @ Oh Yeah! The article did clearly state ” Even lower concetrations were detected at Monticello and Prairie Island.”

  6. WOW says:

    Unbelievable, fear mongering at it’s finest….you really ought to be ashamed of yourselves…this isn’t NEWS.

  7. TF says:

    Why are we wasting tax money searching for it?

  8. Greg Laden says:

    I can’t believe you people don’t want to know that we are being bombarded with tiny bits of radiation! I mean, at least, it’s amazingly cool that it can even be detected this far away. Who cares if it is not dangerous. Being cool science is worth something, right?

    Of course, when you think about it, if a detector the size of a batter charger in Saint Paul can pick up several hundred radioisotopes thousands of miles away from the source, that means it can be picked up everywhere in the US and Canada, across Europe and Asia. If you add it all up that’s a huge amount of radiation in total that left one single complex in Japan. Every day for days and days. I’m certainly glad this does not happen too often. It could add up.

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