MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Some Twin fans may be wondering why they couldn’t watch Tuesday’s game against the Yankees.

Well, this year FOX Sports North is broadcasting all Twins games — that’s 34 more games than the network used to carry. But some cable companies chose not pick up those additional games.

Consumers who have Dish Network, Charter Communications, Mediacom and Cable One will miss out on those 34 games.

In total, FOX Sports North will broadcast 150 games.

The distributors who chose not to broadcast the additional games will receive at least 105 Twins gams this season, according to a statement from FOX Sports North.

“However, their customers may miss out on one-quarter of the season” including other dates throughout the month of April, according to the statement.

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  1. Derrick says:

    Get Direct TV they have them all!!!

    1. Ken says:

      We have Charter. It SUCKS!

    2. Brian says:

      Fox Sports North is paid a fee to provide their broadcast signal to the cable and satellite providers. It appears they want an extra fee to broadcast the 34 games they picked up that were on Channel 9 and 29 last year. Why should any provider pay an extra fee? FSN gets advertising revenue from the extra games. I think the problem is that FSN is being greedy and is trying to extort extra money (that Dish, Charter and MediaCom cannot pass on to subscribers so they haven’t given in, while some cable providers and Direct appear, to have given in on). I think the Twins, who license the rights to broadcast the games, should intervene. This dispute should be resolved through mediation or arbitration, not extortion at the expense of Twins fans.

  2. J says:

    Come on DISH, quit being so cheap! LOSERS!!!

    1. WhiskeyJim says:

      dish won’t even admit that this is the case, they simply told me (after 2hrs on the phone) that it was a problem with FSN.
      I previously just had my rabbit ears and adapter to watch games, picked up Dish when I heard that suday games where not going to be on My29.
      I’m stuck with a New two year contract that they won’t let me cancel without paying $400
      I’d be ok if they just admitted what games won’t be on, so I can schedule if I want friends over or not. Their OWN WEBSITE said that the game was not blacked out!

  3. Sandra Bluem says:

    I was wondering why FSN had the Poker Tour on instead of the game & MLB showed the Boston vs. Cleveland game instead *sigh* I pay $100 per month for THAT 😦

  4. captainobvious says:

    Every provider is a joke except for Comcast, altho they are grossly overpriced you never miss 1 thing, I def. would never get any kind of dish because at least 10 times a year ul lose service due to rain hail snow. Pay the money or suffer the consequences

  5. Kate says:

    Did I misssomething in the article? What was the reason the comapnies declined? I can’t hardly think it’s all about the $ … HickoryTech in Mankato MN had the game – that’s a small cable company compared to MediaCom & Charter.

  6. Matt says:

    I spoke with a Charter tech when I called in and they are in negotiations to broadcast the extra games. Funny they don’t tell you this when you sign up with them. Lucky I don’t have a contract. Bye bye Charter.

  7. Lowell says:

    Bye Bye Charter, I beleive our six year relationship is over. I pay a lot for hundreds of channels I never watch and then come to find out I’m not going to get almost a quarter of the twins games this year becuase your in negotiations! While your negotiating, I’m calling Direct TV in the morning……
    See you around!

  8. scott golembeck says:

    WOW…that was frustrating, the one night to watch my Twins, seen them advertised all week on FSN, and then find out they were not on the lineup for Charter…plus, I am not going to get a lot more games this year. Very SAD. Been with Charter a long time, but if this is the case, it may be dish time I guess. I did email Charter, and if any cares to let them know it is umatter2charter@chartercom.com
    got a kick out of the email name….lol
    OHHHHH, and to top it off, the Twins come from behind to WIN….really bummed now….

  9. Hauenstein says:

    I get directv. Awesome. All other tv companies bow down to directv. Great nhl and college hockey games also

    1. winning says:

      comcast has all them games also, plus faster internet, and you’ll neverhave the monthly service knockouts due to weather, clearly no1 here has comcast because they cant get it or are 2 cheap. Ask any person who has left dish or directv for comcast they’ll tell u its apples and oranges, but the cost is more, ah to have money to blow

      1. Kyle misses tv says:

        Dropped Comcast like a hot turd when my last bill came – over $211/mo and my service has been down as much as on the last 3 months. bad dvr’s, blue screens, bad wire….they good when working right but I expect way more for that $$$$
        Waiting to decide on directtv or something else … and missing games in the interim

  10. NO TAX MONEY!! says:


    1. Thomas says:

      I believe in free markets and marketing but damkit – I agree with you on this.
      We paying for the stadium and infrastucture for the Boys, we accomodate almost all their needs, and the Twins network shut/Fox shut off access if they don’t grab their extra fees?
      Folks – you already are gouging the advertisers and taxpayers so come on now ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, rant done

  11. Eric says:

    I have DirecTV and have had 3 outages during severe weather in 8+ years. I had MORE outages when I had Comcast!!

    1. captainobvious says:

      Boldface lie 3 outages in 8 years, comical happens plenty , how did ur cable ever go out, is that possible even.

  12. Steve says:

    calblone one you suck. Im not even a huge baseball fan, but for my 100+ bill every month, and you cant pick up 34 more games?

    you suck.

  13. jon says:

    You all missed a good one too, who would have known they would come back from 4 runs down late in the game.

  14. Jeff Kidman says:

    I’ve had DirecTv for a year now…..and have not had one single time where weather affected my dish. The fact is….if you like sports…you will be much happier with DirecTV than any other provider. Best decision I’ve ever made was going with them!

  15. Sally Westbrook says:

    Charter Communication is so CHEAP! After 27 minutes on the phone trying to get an answer as to why I couldn’t view the Twins game last night – the representative blamed FSN and when I tried to put the blame back where it belongs (on Charter) the representative said I was wrong. My Charter bill is over $100.00 for cable TV and they can’t pick up 34 games, I’m so disappointed in Charter Communications, I think they will lost a lot of customers because of this. I’m a huge baseball fan.

    1. Matt says:

      They gave me $5 off my bill for having to call in. The tech was nice at Charter but why keep the service when I wanted it for FSN games. I don’t pay to watch soccer and poker.

  16. Roxanne says:

    I also have Dish and they tried to do the same thing and blame FSN but I knew better they said they were trying to resolve the issue. Bull. I have been with them for years and they always seem to have problems with the sports networks. Sick of it. Direct TV hear I come

  17. Paul G says:

    Let’s not leave the Twins off the blame list. They decided to go exlcusively with FSN and that allowed FSN to charge carriers more for “premium games”. It’s the same strategy they used for game tickets for “premium games” a few years ago. Greed rules the day and the Twins are starting to fall under its spell. It’s sad to say things like that about a team I love but it’s a hard reality people. Be prepared to not see some of Twin’s games against the White Sox, Red Sox, Yankees, and other “big time” teams. Bad Form, I say.

  18. Dave Albers says:

    No notice, No “sorry”, NO GAME!
    It’s been 18 years with Charter.
    Time to say GOODBY!

  19. Craig says:

    I a customer of Mediacom I pay for the service of having FSNorth as part of the programing package. With that said I expect to see the Twins games as a paying customer.

    Now Mediacom will say that FSNorth is charging too much for the Twins games and they are taking a stand for us the consumer trying to keep cost down. Fact of the matter is cost go up every year and taking this stand only causes customers to leave Mediacom.

    In 2010 Consumer Reports Magazine rated Mediacom as the 15th worst cable company out of 16 in America.

    The blame rests with the cable companies as they are not providing the service to the customers that they have promised.

    I have seen nothing to say that Mediacom is even trying to Negotiate an agreement with FSNorth. Rather I hear excuses and attempts at deflecting the blame to others.

    The 800# customer service from Mediacom would only read a prepared statement and would offer nothing more on the matter. This morning I contacted the Corporate office for Mediacom at (845) 695-2600 to voice my concerns and issues with the lack of service. The response I received is that they will mail me a list of the 34 games that Mediacom will not carry. Yes thats right mail me a list, not email, US Mail me a list of the games.

  20. CJ says:

    Integra Telecom IPTV customers will get to watch those 34 games that other providers aren’t getting. Savage, Prior Lake, Elko New Market area residents should call Integra to see if IPTV is available to their address.

  21. MAJ says:

    I called Charter today and the “nice” person on the phone said they had received many complaints and were in the process of reviewing it. For what I pay Charter I would hope to get all the games. The disgusting part was that it was the Yankees and we had no clue it would not be televised.

  22. HL says:

    Then there are the few of us that can not afford cable or anything close, so we have to go to a local sports bar to watch, (I don’t even like going to bars) , but I do it to watch my Twins, The Twins have always been a big help to their fans by letting them watch games on Tv, that was just giving back to the Community. but this an Atrosity After 40 years of giving back to their fans they turn on us like this, or Let others turn on us

    1. captainobvious says:

      do you drink water at the bar , you must spend a few dollars put it towards cable instead end of story

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