By Rachel Slavik, WCCO-TV

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A popular website lets parents get rid of their kids’ stuff they no longer need and trade it in for something they can really use.

“The joke is, if you have to sit on it to shut it, it’s a good box,” said Tirza Ludwig, a Sauk Centre daycare mother. “If you don’t have to sit on it, you probably have to put more things in it.” requires all of its members to use the same size container — a medium flat rate box from the post office.

Once someone picks your box, thredUp sends you a postage-paid mailing label and tells the post office to look for a box on your front step.

“For each box that I send, I kind of get a credit up,” explained Ludwig. “And for each box that I pick, my pick goes down, so you kind of have a swap balance. Karma.”

Ludwig has sent 18 boxes in the past 8 weeks. Of the boxes she’s received, her favorite was the one with a Tonka Truck Easter basket for her son. Purchasing a box costs $16.

“She sent some stickers and three things of clothes in a box, too,” said Ludwig, as she showed off the box.

Users who wish to build a box only need to visit the website and make a few specifications: clothes or toys, boys or girls, sizes and colors, what season is appropriate for the items inside. There are no pictures on thredUp.

“They want it to be easy for moms that just want to list a box and not deal with technology,” said Ludwig.

Those who, like Ludwig, are more tech-savvy, often share what’s inside their boxes by posting pictures on Facebook or a photo hosting site, then copying the link into their thredUp descriptions.

The resulting website has a more personal feel than Craigslist.

“It’s really about being able to stuff a bunch of things that your kids have loved into a box for another mom and another mom and their family to love,” said Ludwig.

The social messaging component lets mothers put a wish out there into the thredUp universe and then see what happens.

“Last night, I said, I just kind of put it out there: ‘My DVD player broke, does anyone have one to thred?’ And two people offered,” said Ludwig. “I bought one this morning for $16!”

Anyone can try out ThredUp for free on Earth Day — Friday, April 22nd. If you sign up, you will get an instant credit of $15.95. That’s enough to pick a box and decide if you want to start swapping your kids’ stuff.

Paula Engelking, Producer

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Comments (9)
  1. Tirza Ludwig says:

    Thank you Paula! It was great!

    If anyone wants to sign up through this link you’ll get -$5 off your first box & I’ll get $5 in my account also. Have fun!

  2. rks says:

    Shopping at Saver’s (or any other thift store) for kids clothes gives you more bang for you buck AND you get you get to see what you are buying. I’ve gone there getting a cartful clothing for my bf ‘s3 and 5 year old and paying ~$20. If buy what ever tag color is 1/2 off that week+ other promotions they have you get an insane amount of stuff for very little money.

  3. Willow says:

    Ok so what if a member can’t afford thto ship something? Can you trade it locally?

    What if you’re not a mom and want to swap things?

    There needs to be more sites like this. This is a great idea but there are problems with it.

    1. Willow says:

      Sorry that should be afford to, it should let you edit.

    2. Marco says:

      Hi, I’m working on a website for people to put needs and offers online.
      Check it out:

  4. SandraM says:

    The buyer pays for shipping. You receive a prepaid label to print out on your computer.

  5. Jennifer says:

    Do you have to wait to sign up until Earth Day to get the $16 credit?

  6. Tirza says:

    Jennifer, for that promotion yes but the site has ‘sales’ different times too or you can use my referal link & get -$5 off your first box.

  7. Marco says:

    Check this site out:
    Here people may put needs and offers online on a map.

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