MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Little-known attorney JoAnne Kloppenburg has declared victory over incumbent state Supreme Court Justice David Prosser.

According to unofficial results, Kloppenburg had 204 more votes than Prosser. With 100 percent of precincts reporting, Kloppenburg had 740,090 votes, or 50.01 percent. Prosser had 739,886 votes, or 49.99 percent. Final results could change and aren’t official until they are canvassed and certified by the Government Accountability Board.

Kloppenburg issued a statement thanking Prosser for his service and vowing to be an impartial judge. Prosser’s campaign didn’t immediately return a message seeking comment on whether he would seek a recount. The latest such a request could be made is April 20.

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Comments (21)
  1. Pronounce Koch for me says:

    The Koch brothers and the Tea Party gave a huge chunk of money at this race to get to incumbent Regressive elected.

    If, by some miracle the progressive Kloppenburg is elected – remember what the Tea Baggers said about Walker’s election – the people have spoken!!!!

    1. KM says:

      No the Dems just have George Soros’ money along with the hoodlum unions!

      1. Dr. Love says:

        Soros didn’t donate a dime and since only 12% of American workers are in unions, I’d say Big Business has a greater $$$ effect than a bunch of teachers or carpenters.

        1. george washington says:

          there weren’t many carpenters but there were thousands of goverment leaches

          1. jimmy says:

            There were hundreds of Carpenters there. Also many hard working state employees. Very few conservatives or leaches as you call them showed up.

  2. john says:

    Geez Kloppenburg uses a law passed by the GOP to help gain office? I want my judges free from politics. As a democrat, I am ashamed of the way our party has acted. First we flee the state of Wisconsin to stop the political process. Recall GOP elected officials because we are mad. I hate what the GOP is doing, but are we any better with our actions? We did not do this in Minnesota. Cut it out Wisconsin!

    1. katydid says:

      Are you kidding? Ashamed? Walker’s got a rogue government going on over there in Wisconsin. Way to go Dems for rallying against this regime full of cronies!

    2. gloria says:

      I don’t think John is really a Democrat.

  3. Ron says:

    It is too bad that the supreme court is political. They should base their decision on what is legally right or wrong. The governor is legally wrong.

    1. Tea's Law Books INC says:

      @Ron….where do you get the “idea” that the Gov of WI is “legally wrong”. I would like to see a document stating that….or is it just the “left’s” opinion?

      1. Irv says:

        Why do you think “His law” is currently under legal review by the courts? Laws put into place under normal, legal situations don’t get held up in the courts.

        1. Tea askes who's law? says:

          Wait…”His Law”? Wasn’t it voted on? And it was passed? All this shows is that the Judges that are influenced from the “left” are finding ways to hold the change up….bottom line….It was voted on..passed… comes the next wave in ways to stop it!
          Why can’t people just understand that…..
          Pass it…move on…..
          I think the deal the Govt workers received it FAIR, and isn’t that the “american way”? We are all fair?
          The second things become UNFAIR I will be HAPPY to fight the change…

      2. Mark says:

        @Tea’s Law
        Seeing as how the bill wasn’t drafted when they voted on it, and that they violated the open meetings law…I’d put it in the “Legally Wrong” category.

  4. Jake says:

    Is it ironic that the “democratization” and partisan flavor of judicial elections advocated by Republicans and decried by Democrats has its new largest litmus test with the Democrats turning a judicial election into a referendum on a political issueat the apparent expense of the conservative candidate? Shame on both sides for their short-sightedness and hypocrisy.

  5. GUM says:

    This article isn’t a clear picture of the story. It’s as though the write interviewed the Republicans and took the story from there. Prosser is on record as saying his views align with Governor Walkers–he’s the one who should recuse himself from this case. Kloppenburg is an INDEPENDENT candidate, with no connections with either party. Democrats supported her because she’s the best hope for impartiality. I’m tired of hearing that anyone who doesn’t support the Walker agenda is an outside agitator. That is absolute nonsense. I received robo-calls telling me how to vote, and how the recalls were wrong, from organizations based in DC–well outside Wisconsin’s borders. By the things said on the robo-calls, it was obvious the writer didn’t even understand Wisconsin law. I suggest the writer of this article do a little more research to get the whole story.

  6. Jake says:

    Didn’t Coleman declare victory over Franken at one point also?

  7. Ali says:

    What side you are on does not greed, money greed, me, mine, my money, my pension, my stuff.. it is all about money and greed. NOTING ELSE MATTERS! When married people seperate it all turns to who gets what money etc We need to evolve past the DEM vs GOP and other names and lables and just start saying “The Ones protecting my money etc” vs “The Ones protecting your money etc.” this is what we have become… IT IS ALL ABOUT MONEY – it has become the new god in our lives. Go ahead and make an argument for one side or the other and see if the root is not money… who gets the money.

  8. John Marshall says:

    Walker believes he was anointed, not elected. He needs a lesson in democracy and perhaps the judiciary can be his teacher

    1. Me says:

      Hmmm…that sounds like Obama doesn’t it?

  9. Tracey says:

    Funny how the votes change over night!

    Looks like the people speak again!

    Prosser looks like he’s staying!

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