ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — A new audit says the state of Minnesota overpaid as much as $3.2 million in extra unemployment benefits tied to the federal stimulus.

The legislative auditor’s report released Friday urged the Department of Employment and Economic Development to try to recover the money.

It says the agency mistakenly paid out $25 weekly supplements authorized by the stimulus to some ineligible recipients because its computer system failed to flag the overpayments.

DEED Commissioner Mark Phillips says the department struggled to keep up with internal accounting as the federal government extended unemployment benefits five times from late 2009 through 2010.

He says the agency agrees with the audit’s recommendations and is working to address the issue.

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Comments (12)
  1. l says:

    why dont they do an “audit” BEFORE the payments go out. geesh, where is the accountability in our system.

  2. Still Trying says:

    Once again we will be hurting because “government” screwed up again! How do they expect the unemployed to “pay back” what benefits we are getting or have gotten when that is what we are living on? Where do they expect us to come up with this money when we’ve used it to buy groceries, pay doctor bills and put gas in our vehicles to go looking for a job? Oh, that’s right the trees are starting to bud now, maybe the one in my backyard will start growing money!!! I doubt it. As usual — garbage into computers, still comes out garbage. What has happened to someoone having to do their job correctly?

  3. sad says:

    Alll lazy union folk, no accountability. No way we get the money back, it went in some Democrats pocket.s

    1. Orville says:

      @ sad
      The story said very little other than a mistake was made. This money went to some of the 214000 unemployed Minnesotans as the $25 a week program the feds kept renewing. I hardly think only Democrats and union workers were the only ones laid off. Nor is everyone who is unemployed lazy. It is very sad that you think that way, but it is a free country. The Republic published a little more information

      1. sad says:

        Orville the lazy union folk are the ones who have once again made a horrendous multi milllion dollar mistake, not the unemployeed. No union people ever get laid off.

        1. Look at all the stupidity!!! says:

          If I am not mistaken in the time frames they mention here this was on TPaws watch, so I fail to see where you can come up with the info that you have on Dems being the cause of this problem. Maybe if we had fewer idiots that just spew BS out without having any real facts things like this may not happen.
          Republicans killed Jesus and then started eating puppies alive. This is a tradition that continues today on the 5th of each March. See, you are not the only 1 that can make sh!t up and it still has just as much weight as your made up statement.

          1. Orville says:

            2009 and 2010 is the time frame for the majority of the money.. The department head would have been a TP appointee. If one were to believe the spew on the net lately only registered Democrats work for the government and only hard working morally consious people are Republicans

        2. Orville says:

          Pathetic that you think no union people ever get laid off. I am more than certain the commercial construction workers would know how stupid your statement is even in good times.
          Dad said that the only person who doesn’t make a mistake is the one who doesn’t do anything. Do I need to take it a step further to explain what I think of your statements?

  4. Obama 4Ever says:

    Everybody should be able to get enough money to have a home and eat. That is wat the guverment is for.

    1. j fee says:

      Nawt too menshun n ejukashin.

  5. JKB says:

    They made a serious mistake, now will attempt to get the money back from the unemployed,low income participants in UC. Do their damn jobs right and we wouldnt have stupid problems like this! They’re making the BIG bucks, now they should prove they’re smarter than the average joe. Doubt that will happen!

  6. igor says:

    Their computer system screwed up. With the push to outsource the work to the lowest bidder, expect more glitches from the state systems. No need to pay someone who knows what they are doing when you can get 10 other folks that know nothing for the same price elsewhere.

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