Authorities: 1 Confirmed Dead In Brooklyn Park Shooting

BROOKLYN PARK (WCCO) — One person is confirmed dead in a grocery store shooting in Brooklyn Park Friday evening, according to authorities.

Mary Tan, the communications director for Brooklyn Park, confirmed the shooting occurred at about 8:30 p.m. inside a Festival Foods, located on 8535 Edinburgh Ctr.

Two people, both believed to be employees of the store, were reportedly shot inside the Festival Foods’ breakroom. The second person’s condition is not known at this time.

The shooting suspect fled the scene and his status is unknown. Police have been looking for him using a helicopter.

In a statement from the store, management said, “Our highest priority at this time is the well-being of our employees. We’re doing everything we can to support them as we wait to learn more about the situation.”

  • married to the truth

    They are tracking him by his cell phone gps right now! lol stupid criminals! Driving a maroon monte carlo. This guy is in a high speed chase right now.

    • anna

      @Amanda did you find out if it was your family member I hope everything is ok

      • Amanda C

        Nothing is “official” but at this point with one person dead and believing that is a female it is my sister and that she was killed. The other victim I believe is her new boyfriend and the shooter is her ex.

        • Alison S.

          I am so very sorry…. He was a very disturbed individual with lots of issues!

        • Ven

          Praying for you all, so sorry

        • david

          They haven’t released names but from how you talk it sounds as though it is your sister and friends that have so sorry for your loss if its true

    • Joey Deans

      They have employees and witnesses in custody for questioning. They took them away in a bus.

      • Silke

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  • Victim Du Jour

    Is this the same guy who put holes in the resort hotel roof?

  • Kyle

    did they release his name or why he did it yet? MY CABLE IS EFFIN UP!!

  • julie

    No need to dis Brooklyn Park. Lots of really nice families live in Brooklyn Park and this attitude and type of comment is not appreciated and is not necessary.

    • Allie

      Thank you Julie, I agree. I am a Brooklyn Park resident and believe our town gets a bad rep just because of the news!! This could happen anywhere… always just have to be aware of your surroundings.

  • Sally

    Amanda C, I hope you hear good news on your family soon. Nobody should have to go thru what you are. Time to instill tought penaltie on this sad and sick element in our city! This is where the tax payers moeny should be going, clean this shi@# up!

  • Sally

    tough penalties, before anyone knocks my bad typing!

  • howard stern

    i’m going bed

  • Sarah

    Amanda C. Who is your family member? I might be able to help.

    • Amanda C

      Her first name s Abby. If its her the shooter is Aaron. her ex bf and I am guessing the other vistim is her new bf. I dont remember Aaron’s last name right now. My sister’s last name begins with an F

  • Sarah

    Who are you looking for, I might be able to help.

  • King

    Your great…people getting killed and all you can do is insult.


    thanks for helping solve the problem. Nice- really nice. Two people are hurt and this is what you come up to write. Amanda I hope your family is safe. Peace.

  • RachelClaire

    My love and prayers go out to Amanda C. How truly frightening this must be for you to not know what’s going on. I am praying for you and your family. Keep the faith and I hope you hear good news soon,

    To the rest of you, BE KIND TO ONE ANOTHER!

    • Alyssa

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  • Allie

    Feel free to not step in our town, we don’t need your presence anyways. The press thrives off of news articles like this and seem to love stories like this to show off our town. There are many wonderful people that live in Brooklyn Park and many wonderful things going for it. You don’t live there, you wouldn’t know. Never judge a book by its cover.

    • Jake

      Well Allie, I’ve lived here for 25+ years, paid the taxes, never been arrested, and I know ENOUGH. 3 dope dealers busted on my BLOCK in the past 20 years. Last year, my next door neighbor got burglarized. Someone tried to kick in my door a few years ago trying to evade the cops. I have people casing my place all the time when my garage door is open. There are sex offenders all over the place. BP, south of 85th Ave., is a dump, and will look like a pseudo-landfill soon if tough measures aren’t taken. Yes, there are some really good people here, but we are OUTNUMBERED, and the past mayors and city council could CARE LESS about how to fix it. BP has a bad rep, and it has earned it, because it tries to be too PC.

  • Amanda C

    They still have not been told anything. Please, if someone has a scanner and has something to tll me about MY SISTER then PLEASE, we are desperate to hear anything

    • L

      I don’t think it sounds good.

    • Alison Schwantes

      Call your dad he should know something by now! Abby lived with him, right??

      • Amanda C

        Its my step dad and they are at the store now. The police wont tell them anything. I have been on the phone with him and with our sister.

        • RachelClaire

          I’m not a religious freak, but I am praying so hard for you right now. Because of your comments, I feel so invested in this. I truly hope you are able to find out something very soon. I can’t imagine what you’re going through.

    • F

      Check KSTP

      • Amanda C

        I have been on all the news sites local and dont see anything on KSTP different. What do you see?

  • Humanist

    This site needs a monitor. It’s not helpful or constructive to make racist comments or to laugh about anyone taking their own life. It’s someone’s son, brother, friend, neighbor, etc. WCCO, please don’t allow such comments to be posted.

    • C

      WCCO has every right to filter these comments. You can say whatever you want to say, but that doesn’t mean a private company has to let them stay on their website.

  • Kyle

    did they release his name yet

  • L

    Why would you ever say something like that? You are low.

  • MN Tom

    It is the entitlement group

    • Ven

      You and your mom?

  • Alison Schwantes

    I have a few sources and Amanda you should call nearby hospitals because I really don’t think it is going to be good news for you. I am truly sorry!! My fiance used to work at the grocery store with her and he said she was the sweetest girl at the whole store and we are really good friends with her new BF Mike!! We are both truly, truly sorry and we hope Abby was only injured.

    • Amanda C

      I have tried all the local hospitals. They will only tell me that they do not have a patient there by that name but if critically injured in ER they obviously dont register them. Also they will not tell me if they have any victim(s) from the shooting. I am guessing they think I am from the news or something and will not release that information.

      • Alison S

        Maybe call the police department and ask them…My fiance lost his brother 7 years ago and he said the police were at his house within 20 mins of the car accident that killed him,. The police should’ve gotten ahold of your dad by now.

        • Amanda C

          I know that is why I am so upset and confused. They are there at the store and the police know who they are and who they are looking for and they just keep getting told that “someone will update them” That’s it. I just don’t understand why they can’t tell them something so my family can either go to the hospital or begin to greive.

          • RachelClaire

            If Josie below is right, I pray that your sister and her boyfriend survive. I am so, so, so sorry.

      • D

        My family is on the scene and nothing is confirmed yet.

    • concerned bp resident

      What is Mike’s last name?

  • J

    My thoughts and prayers go out to all those involved and to ALL my cowrkers as well.

  • Rachel

    LOL is not an appropriate thing to say. I’m sure you think you’re helping, and obviously at least one person is hoping you give her some info, but laughing about someone killing themselves? Really? If he shot some people, he most likely had mental issues. Compassion is far more appropriate for all involved.

    • Kay

      Well put Rachel. Our world needs more compassion. Peace to all and prayers to those hurt by this terrible tragedy.

    • foge1

      Not really. If he would have just shot himself in the first place, he would have removed his mentally ill genes crime the gene pool. Sorry to say that I don’t have much compassion for the coward…..

      • Eartha

        No compassion for mental illness. Hmmm.

  • adam


  • josie

    Hello I just wanted to let you know that Abby indeed was one that shot. She is currently at north memorial. No news on her condition at this time. One is in critical condition and one is in serious condition. I know this for a fact because my friend works there and she just told me on the phone. When I hear something I will continue to post. I am so sorry Amanda. All the nastyness on here please just PRAY!!

    • Amanda C

      Your friend works at the store or at the hospital? someone else just told me that they worked there and that Abby was dead. The police still have not told m family ANYTHING

      • M

        Amanda- I did hear on Channel 5 news that one person is dead along with the shooter. I believe Mike is in surgery. I am very close to the source so I think I am accurate. I could still be wrong but I am very sorry that you have to go through this on the internet no less.

        • SK

          I can’t believe they haven’t told your family anything yet. That is not right.

        • josie

          My source also works there and things can change so fast I am so sorry!

      • josie

        Yes I just got confirmation that Abby her boyfriend and her ex have all died. Omg I dont even know what to say. I am so sorry for your loss. I just want to cry for you at this point!

        • Amanda C

          where are you getting this information? My family is still there and has not been told ANYTHING AT ALL.

          • Josie

            My friend works at festival and they started a phone chain literally passing on the news. I know the news has definetly confirmed 1 at this point which would be Abby but I was told her co worker has also passed and that the ex boyfriend killed himself. Have they talked to your family yet?

            • SK

              I can’t believe they haven’t talked to your family after 3 hours. I am saying extra prayers for you tonight.

          • Jamie Carter

            I believe she must know someone at the hospital and is getting her information from that person. Your family should go to North Memorial Hospital. I am so sorry to hear this has happened, my prayers are with you and all families involved. Jamie

        • RachelClaire

          OMG. This is such a horrible story and such a tragic event. I am so sorry for everyone involved. Amanda C., if you sister has passed, she’s already in a better place and looking over you wishing she could let you know she’s OK in heaven. What a nightmare. I wish you the best and hope you are able to make it through this horrible, horrible time. I wish I could do something to help you.

        • Tuan

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    • js

      no…she’s not at North

      • Annisa

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  • worried

    is anything official yet? is anyone for sure dead?

  • SK

    I hope it is not your sister and her boyfriend. I am praying for the victims and their families. My husband saw a medicopter head toward the direction of North Memorial. Please keep us posted. I live in BP too and although this happened here is the shooter even from here. Bad things happen in all cities.

    • SK

      So sorry for to hear this and can’t imagine what you are going through and to have to be so far away. I am praying for your sister and her boyfriend.

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