By Esme Murphy, WCCO-TV

— Downtown Minneapolis is packed with Twins fans on opening day as Minnesota, indeed the region, welcoming the second season of outdoor baseball at Target field. Just how hard it was to get Target Field financed is a bit of a blurry memory. It was tough — really tough. The low point came when it looked like the Twins were going to disappear as Major League Baseball was set to “contract” and lose a few teams.

The Vikings stadium bill has been introduced in the legislature amidst the economic hangover from the Great Recession. The proposal, which calls for user fees and a Vikings lottery game to fund the public portion of the stadium, is the best shot at getting a stadium that would keep the team here. For those who doubt the team would move, I suggest you check out the daily stream of news articles like this one coming out of LA, all of which include the Vikings as one of the teams likely to pick up and move west.

The biggest piece missing in the Vikings stadium proposal is the lack of a city or county partner willing to step up and share the cost and the eventual benefits of getting a stadium. Perhaps those leaders thinking their community might be a stadium site, should venture down to Target Field and check out the scene. The thousands of people visiting and spending their money, generating tax revenue, could be coming to their community in a few years if they had a Viking stadium. They might also want to remember that not one of the Hennepin County Commissioners that voted for a special sales tax for Target Field lost a reelection bid.

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  1. Finally! says:

    This is the first time I’ve read anything that pointed out the value to a partner of having a stadium, as well as acknowledged the fact that they would leave! Thanks!

  2. Trev says:

    So, how is a bankrupt California going to pay for this?

    1. JR says:

      Tell ’em if they want to leave, leave. Don’t let the door hit you in the a** on the way out.

  3. Jon says:

    The new TWINS stadium seems to be a good investment just like the dome was back in the day because the 55 million it cost was well worth the tax revenue we got in return. The same will happen with a new VIKING stadium because big events like a possible super bowl,final four etc.will generate revenue and not to mention a ton of construction jobs for the next couple of years while it’s being built!

  4. kristi says:

    I voted for my legislators and Governor Dayton believing that they truly had the welfare of the poorest members of our society as their first priority. Now I see that Governor Dayton and some members of the legislature want to build a Vikings stadium. I believe that one rationale is that it will create jobs. If you want to create jobs, how about more teachers, policemen, firemen, or social workers.? How about putting people to work on restoring our infrastucture so that our bridges do not fall down? As to economic benefits for the host community, Twins president, Jerry Bell himself said in a magazine article, “I
    don’t think the economic argument turns it one way or another, so why go
    there? If there are side benefits, great. If not, so what? You get into
    an economic argument, and the bottom line is, ‘Do you want to build it
    or not?’” THAT WOULD BE NOT!!!!
    I receive a fixed income from social security disability. I was absolutely furious when taxes were raised on Hennepin county citizens without a referendum. Using public funds to build a stadium for a billionaire in which millionaires play games is insane when the decision took place shortly after people died on the 35W bridge. I have no objection to a stadium as long as public funds are not used. When all our children are fed, educated, and have equal access to health care. When we are safe on the streets. When those of us on social security don’t have to delay medical procedures, buy food carefully, take half doses of medications, and forgo such luxuries as live theatre, buying a book, or repairing a 12 year old car to make the money last through the month, then by all
    means build another stadium. Attending a Vikings game, if I wished to,
    is not within my budget. I am so sad that our representatives seem to
    have lost empathy with the people who most need you as advocates. I
    feel as though I went to bed in Minnesota one night and woke up in Texas
    beause the bars are open later and the libraries are open less and I can
    carry a concealed handgun while drinking until 3am in said bars. I have
    lived in Minneapolis for more that 40 years. My heroes are Hubert
    Humphrey and Walter Mondale. I was proud to say I was from Minnesota;
    now I am ashamed. Please do not make me more ashamed.

  5. Tony Rozycki says:

    I support the win-win Statewide Winona Rider compromise as explained on WCCO two minutes ago. Can’t wait to use my new swimming pool!

  6. So here is what I dont understand … I am tired of Rubes in this state that dont see the profit of a publicly funded stadium. A half a cent increase will increase the profitability of the area exponentially. It will increase team revenue, and increase the vikings experience for fans. Anyone that cant see this in minnesota needs to take their you betcha backwards flap hat wearing arse back to the iron range…. get with the program and the rest of the country

  7. Hay Kristi does the world revolve around you? Lets forget about the millions of Vikings fans and the wonderfull past time its been for kids that have stayed away from drugs because of a positive activity. Lets forget the amount of family time that is spent together because of a good family activity. The whole problem in this state is that we dont get outside of the den once and awhile and look realize there are others in our community… the Vikings have been a history, and important part of our communities. The vikings generate not only revenue for the area, they generate communal pride, but hay Kristi says shes not proud to be a Minnesotan anymore… there are 49 other states Kristi pick one !!!

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