2 Stabbed Near Light Rail Station Friday Night

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Two people were stabbed last night near the Hiawatha Light Rail Line at the Lake St./Midtown Station Friday night.

Minneapolis and Metro Transit Police were called to the scene at 10:37 p.m.

According to police, an argument broke out on the top level of the station, then moved to the street level where two young man were stabbed during the fight.

Both men were brought to the Hennepin County Medical Center where they were treated for their injuries. They are in stable condition and expected to recover.

Police said they arrested two suspects who are both being held at the Hennepin County Jail.

The light rail line and neighboring streets were closed off around the station for about 90 minutes while police investigated. Customers couldn’t get off or on the train there until 12:15 when the station reopened.

Metro Transit Police are investigating the case and have begun downloading video taken from recording devices at the station to see exactly what happened.

  • elkriverscott

    The cities are a sewer. I’d discuss the crime problems but that would be racist.

    • ThothTheBuilder

      No! It would be racist to discuss the crime problem and blame one race would be racist. Go ahead though, you’ve already showed your A$@, don’t stop now. For the majority of us African Americans, racism doesn’t faze us, now if you want to turn that racist behavior into violence…THAT we will not have, this isn’t the sixties buddy. I think you racist know this, if you don’t, go ahead and try those methods that your racist ancestors tried (Not all whites are racists the majority are not) See how that works for ya! Keep thinking ignorant, the only harm done is to you and your seeds that have to grow up in a smaller world then we did.

      • Hannah

        Thoth, You are the first person that can spell correctly! You must be educated….good for you!

    • Ven

      Aahhhhh, Ell River says it all

    • Pete

      All we need to know is that people are getting stabbed. Its not the 1st or the last. A large percentage (Not all) of the people hanging around transit stations late night are less than law abiding. Has nothing to do with race. But the IQ’s have to be extremely low.

    • Not afraid to live in a city

      Hi, I’m Scott and I’m afraid of people who aren’t like me so I generalize and stereotype and run away to the suburbs so I don’t have to deal with my fears.

    • foge1

      Dr Dork Mpls scott the city is a dump. Minneapolis is 10 in all crime. Way above the national average in violent crimes. Do your research…..

    • Rusty Shakelford

      No, you would be telling the obvious.

    • reagan

      Rusty Cornhole and his 100K suburban house, dude thinks he’s a pimp cuz he has a house in the burbs. lol

    • Eartha

      The over mortgaged do not live in the city. When gas hits $5 a gallon lets see who can’t afford their homes 25 miles from work. Many of us clear 6 figures and live below our means here in Mpls. Gasp! Minimalists! Now how bout that IQ…

      • Pete

        From what I’ve been able to gather, from looks of those fine folks who loiter late at transit centers, I dont think they clear 6 cents a week… Now how bout that IQ… And notice, I said a percentage.

  • Anna

    I hope we do not have a summer full of crime I pray that everyone no matter what field of work they are in or what they choose to do with their life tries to better themselves this year!!

  • Mike

    But Rybak says crime is down and taxes are up!

    • ThothTheBuilder

      Crime IS down in Mpls…but only because they started using public housing to shift the poorest people out into the boondocks. If you take all of those “suburbs” that now have public housing, add their crime stats together, I bet it will make up the difference that your Mayor was referring to.

      • Hannah

        I heard from a previous post that some are going to Brooklyn Center.

    • foge1

      Minneapolis is well above the national average in all crimes. Because liberals coddle criminals and explain why they are the way they are.

  • st.cloudtom

    just as much crime per capita in grand rapids mn. where i spent the last 15 yrs prior to last year

  • Amanda

    Crime is not a problem of the individual or even a racial group. It goes much deeper than that. And having an open discussion on the matter does not make one racist. However, starting a comment out with “The cities are a sewer” doesn’t exactly encourage others to be receptive to the issues you’d like to discuss.

    • Andy

      I agree. It has more to do with the poverty cycle than it does with genetics. Most people, however, would rather blame race because it makes things simpler and easier.

  • David J. Conklin

    >starting a comment out with “The cities are a sewer” doesn’t exactly encourage others to be receptive to the issues you’d like to discuss.
    You are assuming that the poster wanted an intelligent discussion of the facts in the first place. The remark itself shows that is not the case.

  • G Mason

    @Elkriverscott. I thought I would never see the day. At least you admit that if you said something, Wether it was true or not, it would be racist. May there is hope for white folk.

    • Pete

      HA!!! Hilarious!!! I like it… And I’m white as they come!

  • Anoymous Coward
    • Andy

      @anonymous coward
      Your chart shows that the crime rates are fairly even between whites and blacks -but that the incarceration rates are slanted towards blacks. Surprise, surprise.

  • UrbanDweller

    I’m just happy I don’t live in Elk River.

    • ThothTheBuilder

      Yeah! All you have to worry about out there are Meth addicts and dudes that sleep with Farm Animals. I’ll take the cities thank you very much. IAfter reading these comments, how in the heck did the term “MN nice” come about? Oh! MN Nice, as long as you’re one of the white or asians…I get it!

    • stillalive

      If you HAD to choose where to go shopping with your family in tow where would you rather shop Elk River or Mpls? That should answer your question on which city you feel safe in.

      • nicole

        Much better fashion in Minneapolis, so definitely Minneapolis. :)

        • Kenni

          Well being that the fashionable people don’t wear mom jeans and holiday sweaters I think I’d like to shop in Minneapolis.

        • stillalive

          Gotta look good for the mugshot(or coroner)

          • Kenni

            You have to look good for your mugshot for having sex with your students or your animals. :-)

      • Eartha

        Huh? Dangerous shopping? You need to come downtown and buy an open mind.

        • stillalive

          A open mind is like a parachute, only works when it’s used.seems the stabbers weren’t very “open minded”. I heard they are for sale because no one uses them.

  • Rob Hultman

    I totally agree can we all please be helpful and kind to each other,we don’t want to be like the middle east, change is more than welcome

    • Rusty Shakelford

      Man, they really got to you. You must be easily fooled Rob.

  • StreetWiseJoe

    In a “free” democratic society, the poor, minority classes–of course–will always commit more crimes. So what, that largest minority class of people just happens to be black. No big news here… It isn’t about COLOR; it’s about ECONOMICS! However, ANYONE can better themselves and get an education. One has to be aware of it’s value and be willing to work for it…

  • Allan

    Inner city blues. Make me wanna holler.

  • SS Deathstar Supergalactik

    Anyone who honestly believes that it isn’t a race issue is clearly quite ignorant and living in a dream world.

    • Andy

      @SS Deathstar
      …or is aware of the complexities of being a marginalized member of society. Racism is the cause and caretaker of violence in the black community. It has nothing to do with genetic differences- but it has everything to do with American history.

  • Dale

    it’s a drug thing, not a race thing

    • fred

      more of an attitude thing

  • Cracker Joe

    I’d love to see all “those peoples” kill each other this summer. That’s “keepin it real”.

  • Ralph

    Sorry, but the cities ARE getting to be a sewer. I’ve worked in Minneapolis, had friends all over Minneapolis and even almost all of them have moved several times because the crime was getting bad in each area. In this difficult economic situation things are only getting worse. I’m sickened by people who keep their thick heads buried in the sand, denying the situation and ignoring reality. My friend had his vehicle stolen in broad daylight while he was at work. It was parked right outside the window.
    In the ’80’s you could walk around a lot of Minneapolis neighborhoods at night. I sure wouldn’t do it now.
    Look at all the empty houses in North Minneapolis. The crime has made the values plummet even further so no one even wants to buy anything there. When you see businesses posting signs saying “No gang colors allowed here” that’s a sign that tells me I want no part of the city. I applaud the business for taking a stand against gangs but it tells me this is an area with problems I don’t need. Even the U of M is facing far more crime than it used to… and violent crimes at that.
    Crime is a fact of life everywhere these days but don’t tell me Minneapolis is just fine. It isn’t fine and it’s getting to be a real pit. Why go there and deal with it’s problems when I can go to more desirable places in the metro for my needs.
    Would love to know how many offenders have been living in our city for less than three years (i.e. fresh from Chicago or Detroit’s most toilet like neighborhoods). They should face triple the sentence for their crimes.

    • Malph

      Ralph, you don’t even know what your talking about. Generalizing the entire city of Minneapolis based on what happens in one neighborhood is like saying Maple Grove is dangerous because of what happens in Brooklyn Park (which is quite a lot lately). Your intimate knowledge of the north side suggests you spend a lot of time here, no doubt looking for prostitutes or drugs, you suburbanites tend to do most of your sinning in our neighborhoods.

      As for Detroit and Chicago’s finest, start looking for them in your neck of the woods, the last two censuses have made it clear that poverty is moving out of the city into the scumburbs. In fact the 2000 census showed that the poor now overwhelmingly live outside the city, so you can buy your pills and hookers on your own turf instead of coming to mine. :-)

      • Kenni

        To those who don’t like Minneapolis, I guess its a good thing you don’t live in Minneapolis then.

      • swerver

        Why does this mean your mother will be headed our way

    • Jake

      Minneapolis was an incredibly nice place to live – 40 years ago.

  • Bob

    Very well said.

  • jason

    Time to start profiling. If it walks and talks like a duck, its a duck

  • Amazed

    Its amazing to me how many people still believe that sitting around and talking about a problem will help fix it. If you want to see change, get up and do something about it. There is more to this story, as with any other, than ‘just a stabbing’. These are human beings. Black? White? That is not always the issue. Lack of knowledge. Lack of understanding. Lack of purpose.These are the issues. Get to the heart of the issue and do something about it.

  • Cache

    I hear that the fools now want parity in the prison populations…they say there are too many minorities in jail…DUH 90% of the jail is made up of minorities because they are the criminals. It is a government stupid misguided program that breeds and feeds these thugs thru fatherless homes…You want it to stop? Then the government as the husband in homes program must stop. If these women know there is no free ride for having out of wed lock children it will stop. It’s called Personal Responsibility and NO money for them…IT”S TIME!

    • Rusty Shakelford

      “I hear that the fools now want parity in the prison populations”
      Yes good point. They correct this by giving lighter sentences to blacks and hispanics and allowing early paroles.

  • Crank

    It is a race thing. Take care of your people.

  • Rusty Shakelford

    Who voted for more immigration, who voted for light rail?
    If you voted Demoocrat, YOU are responsible for these issues.

  • Rusty Shakelford

    HOPE= Hoping for light rail across the country.
    CHANGE through open immigration.

  • Ven

    Boo! Enjoy hades my snobbish mate

  • Laura Smith

    You said it. People don’t want to hear this but you’re right.

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